Thursday, January 13, 2011

Allow me to Explain

When I read blogs, I skim, scroll down, and generally pay very poor attention until something fun catches my eye -- usually some sort of race re-cap, or most importantly A PICTURE OF THE BLOGGER. I suppose I'm like a 2nd grader who picks their books based on the high picture-to-word ratio, but that's what I like.

So to satisfy myself and any future one day readers of this blog who are like myself, I'm just going to keep on posting pictures of myself until I figure something else to talk about. (Also, I don't have a camera, so I just swipe these from my live-in boyfriend's computer and therefore don't have any documentation of things that don't involve hanging out with him).

I would love to eventually talk about my love for running (loooong. 3 miles? get outta here. I want all or nothing, usually 14+ satisfies my itch), and my hate for law school (which I kicked in the nuts/graduated in May 2010), and my super cool awesome boyfriend who you already know has a camera....but I don't even know where to start. So until then, pictures of me. And maybe also of this.


  1. I agree, I love looking at pictures!!!

  2. Pictures are very pleasing :) I don't think I read any blogs that don't have pictures or that I've never seen the blogger's face.

  3. Ummm yes please. More pictures of chihuahuas dressed like humans. Oh and the one of you is quite nice as well ;)


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