Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deep Thoughts, By Rose Handy.

I don't know if you realize this or not, but there are a lot of folks out there who are very angry about the fact that grape flavored things do not taste like grape at all. I was thinking about this while eating an apple that was so sour and juicy and crisp, it actually tasted like an apple Jolly Rancher. Then I realized something. Something PROFOUND. All these artificially flavored grape and apple and cherry things (by things I mean Candy) are based on the flavor of the fruit's JUICE. The Juices really do taste different than the whole fruit!

So there you have it. Grape flavored Charms lollipops are not a fraud, they taste like grape juice.

This is me pondering my profound realization. OK seriously, recycled pictures for infinity until I get my act together and figure out how to be a real blogger.

Today I tried to make a quiche. I think the recipe was in Redbook or some other classy mag I swiped from the gym. I love reading magazines at the gym, it is on my top 5 favorite most relaxing things to do. On my top 5 least favorite things to do is cook. I'm so lazy, but more importantly, I take all kinds of shortcuts and cheats (ahem, lazy) so my cooking is truly horrendous. So one step was to whisk egg whites for 30 seconds. Being too frakkin lazy to move my hand in a spinning motion for 30 seconds, and not wanting to ask the BF where a whisker was, I grabbed this little frothing stick we got for christmas. I whirred the egg whites til they were all frothy on top, and continued with the recipe.

It turns out that frothing your egg whites makes your quiche look like lemon meringue pie, and taste like coffee since someone (me) was so bad and cleaning the frother the first time it was used. I ate most of it anyway.

I'm off to see the King's Speech. We need to be prepared for the Oscar's you know? Colin Firth is nominated for prom king this year in the strange pageantry that is movie industry award season. So far, I'm pretty enamored with Mark Zuckerburg (which is what I now call Jesse Eisenberg).

What's that you say? Another outdated picture? ok.

Ah yeahhhh, Toon Town.


  1. Ooooh, am loving the new wallpaper. How was the King's Speech? It's coming to St. Helena in a few weeks and I hope I'll get to see it before the Oscars, i.e. one of my favorite tv nights of the year. Am I stupid for enjoying them so much? I think it's just because I grew up watching them with my parents and we always made it into a special event. I'm hoping it's Social Network for the win.

  2. get this: Kings speech was SOLD OUT!? so we saw 127 hours. My thoughts on that are spastic and hard to write, but it made me sob uncontrollably, something I've NEVER done in a theater! go Oscars! go Zuckerberg!

  3. Saw the King's Speech last night, I'm embarrassed to say this, but I've been super tired and unable to stay up late lately and I sort of dozed in and out during the last half hour or so... I've never done that in a movie!! I'm going to use the excuse that there is something physically wrong with me, because I've always been really judgmental of people who fall asleep at the movies.

    Saw 127 Hours last week. I really enjoyed it (if it's alright to say you enjoyed a movie with an intense dismemberment sequence), but I also really like James Franco which may have something to do with it. I was not as big a fan of Danny Boyle's film style in Slumdog Millionaire (although I did enjoy the film overall), but I thought it worked really well for a movie where a guy is stuck in one place for the majority of it. Wait, I'm blabbering on and on in a comment. I'm sorry. I could talk about movies all day though.


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