Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 8: My Most Satisfying Moment

This is a hike-less Saturday, thanks to the rain that just won't quit.  Do I talk about weather too much on this blog? Am I turning into awkward-elevator-conversation blog girl? I'll try to cool it on the weather talk.

No Hike Today :(
Although I think runners must all be obsessed with weather unless they are a treadmill kind of person.

I'm stuck inside, anticipating a fun double-date tonight with my sister at an Ethiopian restaurant in Oakland, while my boyfriend records some music (his music is awesome, but he's super-shy about sharing it, so one day we have to convince him to do a private concert).

(sidenote: he just came up to me and gave me a private concert of like 2 lyrics.  'Twas good).

Me and my older sis, at Ubuntu restaurant in Napa

If you have never experienced Ethiopian food, it is rather unique and fun.  I'll try to take a picture tonight.  It involves spongy, yeasty tasting injera wraps, which you use as your eating utensil to grab mushy delicious dishes (this is a lazy definition, based on my past experience and not wikipedia or some other fine source).


This topic is literally impossible to tackle.  Can you do it? Anyone? Just ONE moment? Gimme a break.

Satisfaction.  Hm.  I mean, there are physically satisfying moments -- a great run, getting to pee after having to hold it for hours, falling into bed after a long day, a big delicious meal that had been highly anticipated.
Ahhh.  This was a big diner meal after a 3 hour run
Emotionally satisfying moments -- making a loved one proud, being told that you are loved, seeing someone receive a gift from you that they love.
Pure bliss, on vacation with Panini

I will take the leap and say that emotional satisfaction is more powerful.

In that case, one of the most satisfying moments of my life (ONE OF -- I can't pick a top), was at whatever point it was during my 23rd or 24th year when I finally grew up and had a "truce" of sorts with my Dad.

My Dad and me

Our relationship was a battlefield of power and pride throughout my teenage years, which kind of puttered out in college, but was never fully healed until we really addressed the problem during a law internship at my hometown which resulted in me living at home for 2.5 months.

Having a mature, adult, loving, relationship with him means the world to me.  It is indescribably satisfying.  I used to have trouble falling asleep sometimes, thinking about the guilt and regret I stored about not being able to express my love for him.  It's a relief to not have those concerns anymore.

He is the most brilliant, hard-working, accomplished person I know (he played football AND completed Med school at Harvard), and in addition has a great sense of humor that can put anyone at ease (he has like 50 million friends at the gym, whereas I consider myself a humanitarian for so much as smiling at someone at the gym).
My Dad, the lovely camera-man for his high-estrogen family of 4 daughters

I am so bloody thankful I have been able to know this side of him, instead of just the authoritative figure he used to be to me.  And for that, I am Most Satisfied.


Another treadmill rainy workout yesterday.  8.3 miles in one hour, 7:15 mile pace, more or less like this:

Minutes                    Pace MPH
1-5                           7.7
5-10                         8.0
10-15                       8.1
15-20                       8.2
20-25                       8.3
25-30                       8.4
30-35                       8.5
35-50                       8.6
50-60                       8.5

Felt OK.  I think my body is quickly getting used to the treadmill.

I won't beckon you with a question here, but please, comment away!


  1. My husband and I stumbled into an Ethiopian place by accident while we were out of town on our last anniversary and since then our it has been our mission to find a local place. We are obsessed. Food + eating the utensils = paradise. Great job on the run, have fun at dinner!

  2. Never had Ethiopian food. I don't even think there's a restaurant around here that serves it!

    That picture of you after running does look like you're satisfied! Haha!

    I don't have much of a relationship with my dad. Even when I saw him regularly for a couple of my teenage years, we weren't that close. I regret not having a bond with him. You're so lucky to have that! Cherish it! :)

  3. heck yeah I love ethiopian food...too bad when I eat it I'm all "american"..aka OVEREATING IT. Thank Gawd it's full of lentils and stuff...ya move it along. Anyways, I have a love/hate relationship with my parents as well...the older I get the more I realize that as long I don't EXPECT our relationship to be something I WANT and just ACCEPT what it is, then I am emotionally okay/satisfied.

  4. Oh, man, I looooooooooooove Ethiopian food!

    And I like your name, too. hahaha

  5. Thanks for reading my Blog! You are so funny. Okay, so I think you will DEFINITELY break 3:30. That is a REALLY fast treadmill workout. What race are you doing? I think it would be totally fine to just incorporate some of the Daniels workouts into your normal running routine. He basically lets you pick how much mileage you want to run, and has two workouts each week. You get to pick how much you run on all the days, which isn't as restrictive as some plans I have tried (AND HATED!) before. You should try it out!

    Finally, another Caitlin that spells her name the right way :) .

  6. I'm so happy to hear that you and your dad have something special now...sweet of you to share :)

    Also, NICE work on the treadmill. DANG GIRL!


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