Monday, February 28, 2011

Planning a Fabulous Symposium

My work for a law professor at my alma mater culminated in an amazing, full day symposium on Women's Health that gathered 25 of the most brilliant doctors and legal minds from across the U.S.

This is my frazzled look at the end of the day, after running around since before 7:00 a.m. taking care of behind-the-scenes-details.

I'm not actually that flat-chested.  This is a deception!  I went for an unflattering bra, since my shirt was pretty low cut.  In my defense, I present exhibit A:

Cleavage.  Proven.

The behind-the-scenes details included making this sign with my childish handwriting

Handing out gift bags to our amazing panelists, such as these accomplished women.

Replenishing bottled waters on the stage, making name-cards for panelists, and buying one panelist a Diet Coke, because that's what she wanted and her wish is my command

I also selected a florist, ordered and transported 30 of these gorgeous flower arrangements

As well as ordered the lighting that lit up the panelist stage

Another view of the flower arrangements and the lighting.  Tables and tablecloths also ordered by RoseRunner

And another awesome picture of the dank auditorium turned into a beautiful room filled with the interested public

This image below shows the symposium artwork on our program -- I absolutely adored it.

And lastly, a few of the lovely law students on the Women's Law Journal who helped the entire day.

I apologize if that recap was not remotely interesting to you -- this is mostly for my own documentation, so I can remember the incredible event years down the road.  It was my first experience as an "event planner" of sorts, and it was quite thrilling.  

Yes, I have a law degree...why was I event planning? It's complicated.  At least it was a legal event...


Today was one of those days where the treadmill was friendly to me instead of my brutal enemy.

I've grown fond of the treadmill for speedwork, so even though my first foray onto the machine was merely less than a month ago (can you believe it!?), I've actually been choosing it despite cooperative weather (today was a sunny 50 degrees).

8.26 miles in one hour.

10 minute warm up (all 1.0 incline, my default).
5 minutes each at 8.0 through 8.5
10 minutes at 8.6
10 minutes working my way up to 9.0, where I stayed for about 4 minutes.

While running, I watched a bit of TV.  The consensus this morning was that Anne Hathaway and James Franco failed as Oscar hosts.  

I think James Franco needs to get himself some sleep, and drop about 8 of his 29 jobs so he doesn't appear quite so lost and dazed.  

Anne just needs to remember her life is not a Disney movie, and to cheer the EFF down! TOO CHEERFUL ANNE! There really is such a thing.

I have no questions.  How was your weekend? Oscars viewing? Run?


  1. good for you! when i planned our symposium, i hated it and wanted to throw diet coke on unassuming lecturers :) james franco also needs to share some of that booze with me

  2. hahaah f*ck it. If you love the legal event then post it. It's YOUR blog...and plus you gave us a cleavage photo to glare at if we get bored. I find it interesting cause you are all smarts and shitssss. Anyways, Anne sucked (not funny and some of the fashion was a miss) and franco? I'll still hit it after I smoke a bong.

  3. Nice job on the symposium, it is pretty cool to be able to say you planned a big event like that :)

  4. Looks like a seriously successful event, also, nice speedy run!

    I'm not sure exactly what firm my sister works for. She clerked for them for a few summers during law school and then was hired full-time after graduation. She really just started working in January after passing the Bar. Sorry I can't be of more help! Good luck on your hunt!

  5. I can't believe you are now friends with the treadmill! :) hehe!
    I LOVEEEEE your dress!!! dresses are my favorite thing to shop for!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  6. great workout! I love that dress!!!

  7. Nice work on putting together all that! I know how difficult it is and I've only put on smaller scale events. Lookin' good too!

    Solid run too! I have a hard time staying on the treadmill that long- I usually do 40-50 minutes, then do a spin class or something and some back to the treadmill for a while.

  8. I've never actually been to a symposium before, but yours looks fabulous!! Don't you love when you end up working on something at your job that was totally not what you were hired to do? I find myself feeling that way all the time. Keeps things interesting though!


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