Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you Ask, I will Answer

Let it be known that anything that is asked by any of the hot, incredible, genius people who read this blog, will be answered.  

If I ever don't answer something, call me out and I'll get on it.

I was asked a couple Qs lately, so here goes:

Q:  hot thing Briana was like, "Dearest RoseRunner, do you cross train? What do you do for exercise besides running? Yours truly, Briana"

I kind of spiced that up, but you get the point.

A: Yes ma'am!

I have a love/hate relationship with going to the gym instead of running outdoors.

The love is for NICE, awesome, clean gyms with new equipment.

The Hate is for my stanky, crowded, dirty, muggy gym with old equipment.

Despite my gross gym, I will hit the elliptical when:
1) I don't feel like running but still want endorphins
2) when I'm feeling an injury coming on
3) the day after a long run.

I sent this pic of me on the elliptical to my boyfriend so he would know I wasn't kidnapped when I walked there in the dark

During law school, I got a shit ton of reading done on the elliptical.  I sacrificed running for the elliptical because I could not figure out how to study while running (although I did try listening to this douche law student on a podcast while running for a while).

Nowadays, I read a quatrillion magazines.  I now associate the wonderful feelings of reading magazines with the elliptical, and so I love ellipticallizing.

To sum up, I nix a run for an elliptical session about 2 times a week.

For instance, I ran long today (see details below), so I will probably ellipticalize for an hour tomorrow morning.  With the December issue of Oprah (I don't want to let go of the holidays!! I'm hangin on!!)

As for other exercise, I also go on long hikes with cutie-pie-panini on the weekends when we can (a few of my very first posts talk about this).

Hiking in Joshua Tree Nat'l Park

But I never, ever bike or swim, and I have about zero interest in it.

Q:  Kelly kindly inquired, "Did you read the People magazine article that Brad and Emily were interviewed for?"

A: NOOoooo, I didn't know about it, pray tell me the details!?!

Are they claiming they are madly in love and that the fighting is so Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of them and it just shows their passion?

Will you fight with me til death do us part?

Gossip up.  I'm not ready to let the Bachelor go quite yet.

(p.s. Kelly, I spent a semester in DC as an undergrad, and I totally understand why it swept you away...)

Q: Diana spastically talked about hugging/farting her fiance (don't ask), and then further spastically asked what I think about while running -- perhaps Bananas? 

A:  Besides thinking about how Diana's comments make me laugh for 6 hours straight, I usually think about the day ahead of me.

If my headphones are on, I think about the podcast/song I'm listening too.

And a lot of the time I think "hurry the eff up, or you will be late to work!!"

Gotta get to work on time! Lots of winking to do!

I'm constantly stressed that I won't make it home in time.

Now if you want to be called a spaz -- or alternatively, hot -- ask me some q's.


My run this Thursday a.m. started in the blackness of the night, with me defying the weather forecast and believing it wouldn't rain too hard.

Forecast 1, RoseRunner 0.

Within 20 minutes of my run I ceased to run and instead was swimming (read: drenched), so I ran home.

Then I changed clothes, packed my gym bag, and hit the treadmill instead.

16 miles, 2 hours 3 minutes.  

my treadmill was parked right in front of a mirror, so I watched my face jiggle with each step, in between watching the news.  jiggle, jiggle, jiggle.

watch the news, or watch this jiggle? Easy decision.

And then I bought a boat so I could drive to work.  Seriously, California needs to get it's act together.  


  1. Try being in Cincinnati where it was 76 yesterday and 34 today... I mean, seriously??

  2. I want to be called hot! Don't have any questions for you at this moment though that wouldn't be considered awfully stupid. I did wonder what you thought about while running though, so I'm glad you answered that. Part of my problem with exercise (haha what a great statement to make on a blog that talks about running), is that while I'm doing it, I'm constantly thinking about something else I could be doing. Like cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc. I'd much rather be doing those things, so even when I'm just going for a hike or a walk, I can't enjoy it because I'm too busy thinking about all the other stuff I could be doing. I just wish there were more hours in the day!!

  3. Aww, I'm blushing. Thanks for answering my question! And yes, I love to read and ellipticallize, best way to get work done!

    Podcasts?! I never thought of running to one. Genius idea!

  4. Ah! Just seeing this .. long story short the title of the article is "This time he proposed. But then the trouble started. After calling off one wedding - and breaking up more than once - the couple reveal the struggle to salvage their romance." So dramatic! Sounds to me like he chose the wrong girl..

    (Yes I shamelessly found the People issue and directly quoted that ;) )

  5. sometimes i forget whose blog I'm reading till I see yo face 6x...LOVE. hahaha thanks for the shout out once again! Anyways, it's sick...when my magazines start piling up then I know it's elliptical efficient..haven't tried studying on it though...I may do that...Seen some dumb A$$es running while about TURNING JAPANESE I THINK I'M TURNING JAPANESE..get it...CROSS.EYED.?


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