Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bloggers School Me

Back to the grind.  I was dreaming about running and reading running blogs all day while working and sitting.

or standing in the bathroom, stealthily taking a phone-photo

You know, there are a couple other things I did at Sundays race that I have never done before.

1) Wore a Garmin Watch.

I received it in December, have trained with it since, and this was my first race with it.

I've wanted one forever, but my law student budget prevented me from owning one -- and from entering many races.

I heart my Garmin, and wear it while hiking....spot it?  It's the hideous watch that takes up my whole forearm
EatDrinkRun and her cohorts of commenters shat all over runner-bloggers who dare to type out their "Garmin recorded" time/distance.  

Apparently I made a rookie mistake by publicly noticing that my watch clocked the race at 13.36 miles (as The Running Wifle also observed on her GPS while running Oakland.  We both noticed it was mainly the 1st mile that was off).

So lesson learned.  Now I know not to trust the ole GPS watch, and to remember that bloggers like to rip on things that other bloggers do.  For instance, I'm ripping on bloggers who rip on other bloggers.

2) I was a blogger.

I think most of you already know this secret.  The inspiration of other bloggers (every single running blog that I read inspires me) and the confidence-building of every single comment is an immeasurable source of assistance while running.  IMMEASURABLE!

I learn new things from the blogging community all the time.  I learned to take more iron.  I learned that treadmills are great at teaching you how to pace yourself or do sprints.  I learned to stop comparing myself to others and focus on my own goals.

What have you learned from the running blog community?

I've also learned a lot of things which I have failed to absorb....you know, stretching (oops.  never do it), foam rolling (don't know where to buy one), icing (I never volunteer to be freezing), and all those things that make for a less-injury-prone-runner.

And as you may have read already, I did a billion things wrong (read: unfamiliar things) on race day, a runner faux pas.

Repeat Pic.  Sorry

I'm pretty convinced it's all superstition now.  While running, I wasn't even noticing how my shoes/shorts/shirts felt, or how my breakfast/dinner the night before was sitting.

I Wore new pants and shirt at this race too.  BRIGHT GREEN AGAIN!?!?!

I don't know if anyone caught this, but I actually did NOT wear new shorts.  I changed my mind at the last minute, and low and behold absolutely no chafing anywhere on race day.   phew.

But RoseRunner, why did you wear new shoes, in a design you'd never worn before? WHY?

I signed up for the race a little over 1 week beforehand.  I realized my primary running shoes were wearing thin, and that they wouldn't suffice for race day.

I went to my local Sports Authority the weekend before the race, tried on the Saucony Pro Guide 3's and the Asics Cumulus 12, loved them both but hated the prices.

brand new pro guide 3's.

So I went home, checked all over Amazon and Ebay, and rush ordered a pair of the Saucony's because they were cheapest ($45).   They arrived on Thursday.  It rained all Friday and Saturday so I didn't want to wear them.  And that is how it came to be that the shoes never once met my feet until race day.

Lastly, I deeply appreciate all the kind words on my Oakland Half recap.  The only thing more exciting than having a great race is that is digs up some new commenters.

last week
monday:      none
tuesday:      18.3
wednesday: none
thursday:    20.7
friday:         none
saturday:    5
sunday:      13.1

Year Total: 857.5 miles

This week: so far too sore to do anything but crack my knuckles.

Be honest, did that make you start cracking your knuckles?


  1. I definitely don't try anything new on race day... but mostly because I have such a set routine that I stick with what works. In tris though, I'll definitely switch up the type of nutrition on the bike, like energy chomps, or different flavor gels, but I always take in the same amount.

    No way I could do new shoes either! It takes me forever to break in a new pair... maybe I'm weird

  2. I'm a crazy psychopath and I will never do anything new on race WEEKEND, aka try a bite of my husband's dinner if it's a dish I've never had. I know it's all mental but it gets me through, so far anyway. I'm a total sucker at expos though. Also I have never cracked my knuckles and I HATE when others do! Just freaks me out for some reason!

  3. Very random, but when I was at Best Buy I wandered over to an area where they had tons of workout equipment! Like kettlebells, and even a FOAM ROLLER! It seemed beyond out of place, but they do have them. Also, I know Target does as well but do you really want to spend $40 on a piece of foam?!

  4. You crack me up!! Why does anyone care if you posted your Garmin vs. Official? I see bloggers do it all of the time and it doesn't bother me one bit....life is too short! Keep on rockin' girl- sub 7 min miles for a half is INCREDIBLE!

    I too learn a lot from other running blogs- like, it's ok to rest, lol. I am terrible at that and it comes with still being a newbie. one day I'll get it :)

  5. your blog always cracks me up, haha
    loved this comment "I'm ripping on bloggers who rip on other bloggers."

    For your Garmin GPS comment, here is something that I found that explains it well: that I found in a forum - there are probably better explanations out there, but this one is decent:

    "That's about a 1.5% discrepancy. That's not huge, that's reasonable accuracy.

    Race course are measured based on the tangents, the shortest straight-line distances between curves. Unless you were on the absolute inside of every curve and took the shortest possible path when crossing from one side of the street to the other, you ran longer than the course. It's like if the race were on a track, the only way to run the exact distance would be to run on the inside of lane 1 the whole way. Anything else is adding distance.


  6. Did you know...that I don't think I can crack my knuckles?? I've never done it. I'm not sure if it's one of those things that some people can do, and others cannot.

    I'm glad you call out other bloggers. I find it so funny all the things that are kind of silent rules amongst the blogging community. I admit I probably follow most of them because I'm a bit of a sheep, "baa", but it doesn't mean I'm oblivious to them.

  7. Hey, I'm sorry you felt "ripped" on! That definitely wasn't my intention, and if you've followed my blog at all, you probably know that I can be pretty blunt and snarky at times. Please don't take it personally.

    Anyway, it sounds like you're experienced enough to know what's what, and from what you've written it does sound like your course was effed up. Which totally sucks, but obviously does happen occasionally. (And you managed to run a wicked fast PR in spite of it, which is pretty damn awesome in my book.)

    Honestly, my post was directed more at people who start in the last corral at, like, NYCM. And then weave their way around for 26.2 miles, stopping at every water stop and porta-potty and to do yoga on the side of the road, and then complain at the end that their Garmin has a higher number. Um, DER.

    Anyway, I really didn't mean to single anyone out, I'm sorry you felt the way you did. Congrats again on your PR!

  8. Reading running blogs is extremely motivational and I have learned SEVERAL things about all my rookie running mistakes. For example, doing speed workouts will make you faster. To think I trained all the way to my first 26.2 without doing a single structured speed workout. Wow, no wonder it took me FOREVER to finish that race. I've since done the speed thing and noticed a HUGE improvement in my long distance pace. I actually am in the middle of a blog post about that!

    AND I tried Gu Chomps or whatever they are called during a race for the first time.. and ran my fastest race ever, so it worked for me!

  9. Honey, I can crack every bone in my body. Everyone cringes when I crack my back and neck. Haha!

    I'm not a runner, but I learned that training for a marathon is possible. One day!

  10. I'm not a runner (i have major feet issues...think SURGERY) but I love reading running blogs! From gels to shoes to foam rolling I know it all!! I'll just be a coach or some sh*t.

  11. I hope you love the new shoes! Awesome price!

    At first I thought you were saying that other blogger said not to record your stats on your blog... then I clicked over and realized she was talking about course tangents. Yeah, I ran 26.5 at Chicago. Oops! That was all me. But I did run a 5K that was 2.6 miles or something lame like that. That was NOT all me. :P

  12. I follow running blogs for some of the same reason's as you, my main one being learning all the ins & outs of running. I enjoy reading your blog because you're still learning (and doing KICK @ss I must say) and your posts are encouraging (and funny).

    Overall (and this is probably because I don't have a strictly "running" blog) I find the running community to be cliquey and scary. I usually refrain from leaving comments for the reason mentioned above, I might make some running faux paus and get shat on by expert runner-bloggers :/ On the flip side there are a handful of non-pompous bloggers who are helpful.

    You win some you lose some :)

    ~ H

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