Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Photographers LOVED me

I got my MarathonFoto e-mail yesterday.  When I clicked over to see my pictures, I giggled.

There were OVER 30 pictures of me.  Is that an obscene amount for just 13 miles? Cause that seems pretty crazy to me.  There were practically 3 pictures per mile.

After realizing that if I purchased the download-all-pics option, each picture would be only $2 -- and also really appreciating how many Oakland landmarks were captured in the pics (it's my home for now, but won't be forever, so the landmarks will be nice)...I decided to buy.

So sit back and enjoy the show. (Seriously go get popcorn, there are A LOT).

(Note: I possess the discretion to avoid posting any pictures in which my thighs look like they will explode into the pavement.  You know that kind of shot...the "landing" shot).

Finish line...I have absolutely no recollection of running through a ring of Raider Girls

This might be my fave.  Got the Lake and the Fish church behind me.  (This is the lake I always write about running around)

Cheekbones of steel!  Lake in background.

Some of these are like a flipbook, they are a millisecond away from the previous picture.  You'll see what I mean

hahahaha,  look at all those men I'm passing.  This was mile 10-ish.

Showin a little more leg

I love this.  I only look at my watch when it "beeps" at a mile mark, so this was a mile mark.

This was the 13th mile, about to go up a mini-hill.  This is an example of a thigh explosion pic.

breathing hard, huh?

I think this is the last 0.36.  I love mid-air shots.

Let's just be honest here, I look like a dying turtle.

See that yellow tag? The infamous Third Place Woman tag.  Look how proud I erroneously was.

OK GET READY, HERE IS THE AWESOME FLIP-BOOK PART.  These are ALL different pictures, look carefully.

one inch later

2 inches later

and UGH.  the landing.

Calf almighty!!

Mid-air.  I'm running out of captions...

This is GREAT!  I'm laughing at the "You Go Girl!!" that adorable tubby dude gave me

And here I'm laughing because as I swung around the corner for the homestretch, I almost whacked my boyfriend who was trying to extend his arm to take a picture.

Sorry to put you through all that.  Which picture is your favorite?  Careful, I might silk-screen it onto a pillowcase and send it to you.

I want to say a quick word about my last post -- I hope everyone knows that "ripping on bloggers" is all in jest.  I was making fun of myself, and of the pickiness of some of the comments on eatliverun's post.

Plus, isn't everyone a little bit bitchier on the internet?? Have you ever READ comments to YouTube videos?

Lastly -- I think we all saw this coming -- I am semi-injured.  With my lovely stance of "I'm too busy to strech, blah blah blah", I failed to stretch after Sundays race.

I tried to run Wednesday morning, and literally 2 minutes out my front door, my hamstring just gave out on me.  Kind of snapped.  Oddly enough, I wasn't even sore in my hamstrings from the race.

So no runs so far this week.  I'm hoping to get one in on Saturday by resting it until then.  I've been putting an ice-water-bottle under my hamstring at work, which seems to be doing nothing except making my foot fall asleep.

in the words of cheaperthantherapy, Have a Thpeedy Thursday!!


  1. I love, love, love, love the thigh explosion picture! You look so strong and have great form! You kick butt girl!

  2. totally love the amazing oakland scenery behind you on one of those first couple pictures. it amazes me that there is any beautiful parts of oakland!

  3. that is a lot of pictures!
    I like the 2nd one the best...

    I got curious about your whole bitchiness Garmin me this is a little sad. who cares if someone is happier with their Garmin time? even if they are in the last coral.

  4. Promise you'll send me a pillow?! Because I need at least 4 for my guest room!

  5. I love determined you look in the first picture! My problme is that I always wear a race belt so my number is in the back and I have to manually go throw and search all the pictures and look for me lol

  6. is it wrong i like the dying turtle photo...damn you look all focused in all of them! when i "run" I wanna I'm panting like a fish out of water...btw if readers don't get your jokes then they obviously need to find other blogs. sorry. it's true.

  7. I had a thshitty Thursday last night!

  8. I have to say I like the last pic, where you are smiling coming down the home stretch. You look so darn cute, even after running 13.36 miles at a fantastic pace! All of my race photos seem to capture all my interesting faces. I always look like I have a terminator-type expression going.

  9. great pics! My favorite is yours as well - the 2nd one with the Oakland building in the background. I also like photo #5 - looks like you are powering up that hill, haha And the last one is also good, always nice to crack a smile!

  10. You're making me nostalgic for Lake Merritt. I used to run there four times a week!

    $2 per pic is a sweet deal. MarathonFoto only has six pics of me from the Twilight 5K, and while I like all of them I'm not going to pay $10 per picture. But 30 pics for $60? I would have snapped up that deal too.

  11. I like all the pictures but my favorite is the 2nd one too. I think they did love you. I've never had that many pictures taken in a race. They are good ones too :)

  12. Hahaha, don't hate me, but I think out of all these pictures I like "tubby guy" best. Reminds me of Oakland, and makes me miss it!

    Love seeing all these pics! Makes me feel like I was there with you, even though in reality I was probably in my bed sleeping...

  13. your arms look amazing and you look nothing like a turtle. i would have bought them all too :)

  14. #6 is my favourite (I'm Canadian this is spelled correctly), you look like you're running really fast and it's a neat picture.

    haven't read your last post, but making my way there. No matter what type of blog you write at some point there always seems to le dramz.

    Most educational part of this post:

    "I possess the discretion to avoid posting any pictures in which my thighs look like they will explode into the pavement. You know that kind of shot...the "landing" shot."

    Note to self, when making a facebook album of marathon photos, exercise discretion in picture selection!

    ~ H

  15. Can't believe how much air you catch. That must be the secret to running long and hard...stay off the ground. You looked fabulous!

  16. Wow! All of the photos are great! That is awesome that they got so many. I love the running through the mud ones. Hard core ;)

  17. I meant to comment on this a long time ago lol. These are all freaking awesome and I am envious of your ability to take such rocking running pics. Also I am envious of your arms. I know thigh explosion all too well. . .


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