Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celebrity Lookalikes

Time to have some fun!

For absolutely no reason other than entertainment, I've decided to expose the celebrity that resembles the people in my life + the bloggers that I read.

If anyone is offended that I posted a picture of them, please email ASAP at and I will take it down immediately.  I apologize for being too lazy to e-mail each of you to ask.

This first one knocked me across the head the very first time I read her blog.

1) While Janae is pretty much the most beautiful thing on the internet, she's also a goof and reminds me SO much of Kristen Wiig.

Which one is Kristin, which one is Janae?

2) To the non-delight of Cutie Pie-Panini, he gets told all the time that he looks like so-and-so.  One of the most common these days now that he's sporting some scruff is Mr. Ggyylleennhhaall.

3) My dearest most incredibly talented and stunning friend who I met at the mature age of zero-years-old, Allison, has her own unique look going on.  But out of desperation to include her pretty picture here, I must announce she has been compared to Mandy Moore.

4) One of the best blogs I've stumbled across in a long time is authored by the model-worthy AJ, who's sparkly smile reminds me of Natalie Imbruglia.  She's also rocking a little bit of Angelina.

5) Jenna has the refreshing girl-next-door look, a combination of that OC chic and Kate Middleton...if you are as mesmerized by the resemblance as I am, Jenna is the one below and center.

6) My handsome and hilarious Dad often gets compared to the handsome and hilarious Alec Baldwin.

7) Lastly, my older sister Ariana stole all the pretty genes before I got a turn at them.  The brunette in the photo on the right, she's about 75% Zooey Daschenal and 25% Reese Witherspoon.

If you have a celebrity lookalike, please share!  If you send me or direct me towards a picture, I'll include it in round two.


  1. This post rules!! I may have some pics to email you- let me do some digging!!!

  2. Those are awesome! Unfortunately, I can't think of a celebrity I resemble. What I usually get is, "you look so much like my old roommate's sister!" or something similar.

    Oh, and Red Bull was freaking miraculous this morning! Thanks for your help :)

  3. ahhhh...I love this!! Yay!! Shout out to Janae! Love that speedy, sweet gal!! :)
    Look forward 2 Round 2!!

    Have a Happy Easter!! :)

  4. What a fun post! I used to get told that I looked like Lori Loughlin (aunt Becky from Full House) but I haven't heard that in a while...maybe I lost it?

  5. I love these :)

    I get that I look like Rachael Bilson a lot...

  6. Wow I would have never noticed that but a lot of them do look a lot alike! Do more!!

  7. AHHHH YOU MADE MY DAY!! Thank you so much gorgeous girl!! I love your cute dad!! SO SO FUN and I can't wait for round two!

  8. This post is too awesome! I don't think I look like anyone, but you are spot on with these.

  9. Great post! I see the similarities!

    A lot of people have told me I look very similar to Jena Malone, the girl who played alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko!

    And someone once told my boyfriend he looked like "a young Brad Pitt". I laughed. Maybe if I look really quick??

  10. bhahah you stalker, do these bloggers know you posted photos of them on your blog?? Loved this though...oh next time post my pic and say charlyne yi (google her). Thx.

  11. Yay! This post just made my day. I'll take Mandy Moore any day of the week. And that photo of your Dad is the best. Is that at Costco? If yes, it makes it even 110% cooler. And no, Ari did not steal all the pretty genes, even though she is drop dead beautiful, but you are extremely stunning yourself.

    Which leads me to the obvious... Which celebrity do you resemble and why is it not included here?? I would ponder a guess or two, but I do not have the knack for celebrity comparisons like you do.

  12. I have one to send you, I'll go rifling through my photos tonight to see if I can find one that catches the resemblance.

    Love this post!

  13. @mymarblerye ah, NO, I didn't ask ANYONE'S permission...mwuahahaha. And then my boyfriend got mad. :(

  14. The jenna one is ridiculously spot on!

  15. I've been told I look like America Ferrera, but that's probably 'cause (at one point) we were both chubby Latinas. (me)

    My dad is often told he looks like César Chávez (comparison)

  16. these are great!
    what a fun idea!
    for me...maybe 8 yrs ago I was in a grocery store here in CA but NOT in LA and a guy came up to me and started talked really loud " you are Kirsten Dunst aren't you?" I kept saying no and that I am way way way older then she is and he would not listen, he went to get his wife, it was really funny and bizarre.
    That happened twice since I live here. I don;t see it. :)


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