Friday, April 22, 2011

Work it

It's kind of strange that I write so much about running -- something that takes up about 10% of my day -- but I never say much about work, which consumes over 50% of my (awake) day.

Casual Friday...I'm allowed to have messy hair.

I am a fairly new lawyer.  I've been working at my firm for 7-8 weeks now, and by the graces of some incredible luck and a boss who really trusts me, I have already been able to do many things that an associate at a huge firm might wait years to have a shot at doing.

My 2nd day of how things have changed!! (Not.  I still sit at that desk taking pictures of myself with my phone).

The following is a list of a few of the tasks I've conquered thus far:

  • represented a client twice (all by myself!) at a Case Management Conference in Federal Court.
  • Attended a site inspection (this included hiking to a beautiful part of Sunol to view the location of an oil pipe burst).
  • Drafted a Request For Production of Documents; a Motion for Dismissal; multiple Declarations of Custodian of Record; an Amended Cross-Complaint
  • Done some sleuthing at the San Francisco Department of Building Inspections, and the San Francisco Planning Department
  • Attended a meeting with another firm to take over their client (due to conflict of interest)
  • Prepared for a Deposition (in the process of this)
  • Become the office weirdo who doesn't eat meat, doesn't drink coffee, turns downs donuts at 9:00 a.m., and runs 20 miles before arriving in the morning 
    • there is now a running joke in the office where when someone has to step out, they say "I'll be back, just going for a quick 20 miler.
  • Become the office supplier of tootsie-pops.  
    • I stuck a couple of my spare stash in the front-desk candy bowl, and they went like hot cakes.  So I bought a 100-count box at Costco, and that lasted about 2 weeks.  This is a high-sugar office.
  • Apparently learned to think/write/blog in bullet points
  • Made my blog readers fall asleep while reading what is basically a resume.
I feel really lucky that I'm not just pushing papers behind the scene, and that I'm actually getting to see a courtroom or a client so early in my career.

This job was very unexpected.  At the time that I landed it, I had been searching for work for over 3 months after passing the Bar exam, and was seriously considering stepping outside the legal field--it just seemed to be such a dead career in the Bay Area.

I had an opportunity for a non-legal government job in my hometown of Napa that I pondered over for a hot minute.  I was also thinking about jumping ship and getting into the fitness industry somehow. 

I wonder if this is the job for me.  I doubt I'll every know what the PERFECT job for me is.  At various times in my life I thought the perfect job for me was:

  • Astronaut
  • CIA agent
  • Soccer player
  • Movie or Restaurant Critic
  • Journalist
  • Physical Trainer
  • Lobbyist
  • Grand Canyon Park Ranger
Who here has the PERFECT job for them?  If you don't, what is your dream job?


I ran on the treadmill this morning, because it is the only way I know how to really pace myself, and I wanted to run at a steady pace to prep myself for what my marathon goal pace should feel like.

1.0 incline (I always do this)
5 minutes warmup
10 minutes at 8.0 mph
40 minutes at 8.3 mph
5 minutes at 8.8 mph

I thought the 8.3 pace felt really comfortable, which was encouraging.  I think that was somewhere near a 7:15 pace.

My left hip felt tight again near the end...this seems to be happening when I run at a faster range.  Any suggestions? I will continue to stretch it.


  1. So glad you're able to do so much so quickly with a new job!
    I can't help with the hip, sorry...but I'm impressed by the pace!

  2. So great that you've got a job full of opportunity that you enjoy :).

    I totally wanted to be a CIA agent for awhile. But I'm pretty sure only because I was watching Alias and wanted a Vaughn all of my own.

    I do yoga once a week, seems to help with general achiness and flexibility.

  3. Stretch and ice! The ice bath is my best friend. ;)
    And I feel the same way. Running only takes up like two hours of my day on average *practice, not literal running*, yet it's such a big part of my life, and I always talk about it :P
    I'm glad that you found the job! I hope that you begin to get more confidence in the fact that it's the one for you! Or else find something that is!

    Anyway, thanks for the sweet post on my last blog. You flatter me too much. :P
    I hope you have a great Easter weekend!
    When is your next marathon??

  4. Hey there,
    Your hip might be tight because your psoas (really small muscle near your groin.. aka super awkward place for a muscle to be tight)might be tight/pulled. This happened to me, and my hip got really tight from it, because the muscles are all connected. A massage and yoga usually helps!

    P.S. Love your blog- your 20 milers every morning make my workouts pale in comparison!

  5. Hey lady! Girl, that is an impressive list! :)

    In regards to your hip...I was experiencing that along with tight hamstrings. What helped me were leg swings(20 on ea. leg) and side leg swings(20 on ea. leg). Might help!

    You are going to do so awesome in your marathon! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

    BTW I'll e-mail you soon k! I'm away from MY computer...I can't access my e-mail!! frustrating...:(

  6. I am glad you have such an awesome job! It sounds like your IT band is tight. I would Google stretches you can do for your IT Band. I have had injuries there before, but if you stretch them good (and in mine cause, did lunges to build some muscle) you will be fine. I am looking forward to seeing how fast you run May 1st!

  7. I'm pretty sure that you are talking in code to most non-lawyers, but I get ya and that is great. There are definite advantages to working in smaller firms, and getting to do real work is one of them.

    Three months into my job, I took my first party deposition. Turned out the guy got shot 9 times (hello, 50 cent) and one the bullets hit his right testicle. You can't make this stuff up.

  8. Nice list of stuff you've done so far, that's way impressive for just having started there this year...

    My coworkers at the hospital all think of me as the nutty runner girl and I don't even run like 1/4 of what you do haha.

  9. My dream job would be a Wedding Planner or a Detective. I love planning and organizing things. I also love investigating and putting things together. I am not at my dream job ;)

  10. I remember when you wanted to be an astronaut. I used to think.... "wow- if anyone could do it- she could."

  11. plus I still think that- but I know you are and will continue to be a great lawyer

  12. Oh girl I can't wait to find the perfect day! At least you are getting out of the office!!! Love that you are Rose Runner PI in the city!!

  13. I love hearing about this part of your life! And I see you are very successful! Like you, I am good at my job, but don't know if it's for me. Forever. I don't know what is.

    Do you get nervous defending clients by yourself? I just wonder. I still get nervous chairing meetings! :)

  14. It sounds like you have a great first job as a lawyer!

    Random correction: it'd be a CIA officer, not agent. Agents are for the FBI :)

  15. Wow I am so impressed! You did not mention any of those job descriptions the last time I saw you!! I wish I could have gushed to you in person about how happy I am that this job is affording you such cool opportunities. That's so frickin awesome.

    I feel like I'll never really know what the perfect job for me is. I do know that it most likely would involve a few things: 1) working for myself which means setting my own hours (I would be a late riser and it would be amazing), 2) working from a home office which would mean getting to work in sweats all day if I felt like it 3) doing something creative where I would get to come up with new ideas all the time.


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