Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biting the Hand that Feeds You

See the title?  I'll tell you why it's there.  Here's what's about to happen.

I'm going to express some thoughts that to some, may seem unkind, towards a certain amazing blogger.

A blogger who I owe an inordinate amount of gratitude, as she has without a doubt helped me connect with a large portion of other bloggers and readers.

I promise, I do not mean to be unkind or ungrateful.  This is just something that has been on my mind.  Freedom of speech, etc etc, so I'm using this open forum to bounce a few ideas around.

I swear I'm mostly sweet, so don't throw anything at me after reading this :/

The Topic:   
The Las Vegas Blogger Summit being Organized by SkinnyRunner and the Squires Group.

My Beef, in a Nutshell: 
Is this Summit just High School Hierarchy mixed with the ever-present Blogger Product Pimping?

Let's backtrack a moment.

As far as I understand it, the Squires Group is a company that makes running clothes, and their primary advertising technique is by affiliating with bloggers.  Strictly bloggers with big enough reader numbers for it to be worth it, of course.

The Company has teamed up with SkinnyRunner to produce a Blogger Summit the weekend of the Las Vegas Marathon, in Las Vegas of course.  

There is little information about this event as of date, so I am not yet able to form a solid opinion about whether it is something I am interested in forking over the money to attend.

However, that won't prevent me from preaching here the reasons why, with the information at my hands, I am turned off by this event.

If a facial expression had to represent my feelings about it, this might suffice

Or maybe this

The event seems to be centered around speakers.  Specifically, blogger speakers. 

A few select bloggers will get to speak at all the non-select bloggers who adoringly show up to learn the wisdom that the select bloggers have to share.

I don't know how the line-up of speakers was selected, but the existence of it makes me want to give the whole situation the stink-eye (see pictures above).

Reasoning: Bloggers are ordinary folk, almost by definition (obviously not including celebrities who have a celebrity blog).  Bloggers are your every-day joe-schmoe runner who shares their thoughts and happenings and some other joe-schmoe people tune in.

What I'm getting at here is, in the blog world, it is a level playing field.  We are all just average people.  None of us are necessarily experts, nor do we have to be in order to have a successful blog.

Yet for this Blogger Summit, a few blogs have been singled out as especially worthy of talking to me about running. 

I wonder what they can teach me?

Browsing through the list of speakers, I admittedly do not know a number of them, so perhaps they are incredible inspirations.

Perhaps they run sub-3 hour marathons and will teach me their training tricks, or explain how to balance family with marathon training with being a lawyer, etc.

But a couple of speakers that I DO recognize.... are not, in my reader experience, running sensei's.
I certainly won't buck up $, fly out to Vegas, to hear instructions (for the 400th time) on how to put a sliver of muenster cheese on a bagel thin

(ah haha, I kid.  But seriously, blogs documenting daily eats make me want to cry with boredom.  I don't even care to remember what I ate this morning, let alone see 18 close-ups of someone else's very average looking breakfast)

OK so what else can I learn then from the blogger elite? 

How much they looooove the Squires Group running clothing line?  How soft and amazing the shirts are?  Well NEWSFLASH product pimpers: until it is $10 per piece at my local Target, I'm not biting.  I'm perfectly content with my cheapie brand running shirts, or running in a $1 wife beater.

What else can I learn...aha.  How to be a popular blogger.  How to climb the ranks of the interweb hierarchy, and become cool enough to be invited to be a guest speaker at a running summit, where I will stand on a podium and speak to my minions! my sweet fans, you really love me!  Well yes, I do think the speakers invited could school me in this category.

In Summary

Ideally this summit would be about meeting other bloggers.  

There are so many bloggers and runners I want so badly to meet! Page, and Alyssa, and HauteRunningMama, and Diana, and Pam, and SkinnyRunner, and Nelly, and Janae, and Caitlin R, and (bikini) Katie, and TheRunnersKitchen, and....I could go on.  If you've ever read this blog and even liked it a little, I want to meet you. 

BUT I WANT TO MEET THESE ROCKSTARS without the status announcement!

As the Summit currently stands, I have too much pride to attend and be spoken at by people that I simply doubt have anything novel to share about running to someone (like me) who has been running for 15 years.

The ball is in your court: I know this is a controversial stance so I welcome your diverse opinions with an open mind.  Convince me why I should attend.  I also know that the Squires Group googles their name often enough that this will likely lead to a personal e-mail from them.

Anyone already planning on attending?  If so, why? and of course, if you've ruled out attending, why? 

And if anyone wants to attend the "all-running-bloggers-are-equal summit" I'm throwing, it will be held outside your front door or at your nearest treadmill, any day and every day.  Just put yo running shoes on, stride a few steps, and you're in!  :)


  1. You are my new blogging hero. I now officially want to meet you. I'll see you at the equality summit tomorrow.

  2. "Newsflash product pimpers" ... Ha ha I love you. If you speak like you write and were a speaker at this conference, I would seriously consider going. Or watch it on YouTube.

    But I am not really interested in the conference, either. I do read the blogs of some of the speakers listed, and I enjoy their blogs so much. But you're right, there isn't anything these bloggers can tell me that would justify the expense. Running is already a very expensive hobby. Why would I fork over more $$$ to listen to a blogger when I can just read her blog for free?

  3. Have I told you lately that I love you?

    Have I told you there's no one else above you?


    Seriously though. You rock. Ballsy post, and I love it! I'm feelin' ya! I thought it sounded like fun for about 15 minutes, and then yes... kind of turned into a high schoolish scene. Thing is... I'm a 30-something mom of 3, a grad school student and a part-time teacher. Dude, I'm lucky to even eat breakfast, let alone post a picture of it. I honestly feel like most of the speakers, while LOVELY girls, are just not in my "phase" of life, KWIM? Plus, my baby turns 3 that weekend, and what kind of shitty mom skips out on that for a blogfest? PASS. I still really do love reading the blog of many of the speakers, so I don't mean to offend. Just probably wouldn't get much out of it except feeling OLDER and SLOWER than I already am. And you know what? I don't *want* to feel like that.

    I'm in for the equality summit though! Sign me up!

  4. I agree with Sesa...Why would I fork over more $$$ to listen to a blogger when I can just read her blog for free? Besides, if I was in Vegas...I wouldn't want to be at a bloggers summit. I'd rather be at the Bellagio. Have you ever eaten at their buffet!!!! OMG it's AMAZING!!

  5. I love this. I feel the same way about the other blog summits too. Like I'm going to spend money/travel just for a chance to MEET a BLOGGER? Oh sweet joy. It's not like I don't already feel like I'm there when they have post identical blog posts about how much fun they are having at fill-in-the-blank blog meet up and what exactly they are eating.

  6. LOL! I just love your style. I can see your point of view for sure. I think I'd just want to go to run and hang out with cool people. Oh and race! I really don't have the money $$ so unless I got paid, I cannot go. I think a lot of other bloggers would enjoy it. Whatever is your cuppa a tea.

  7. Hah - an interesting take. Your blog certainly has a unique style to it.
    Anyways, I get where you're coming from. I'm new to blogging but sometimes it does feel like a cool kid's race. However ultimately the girls who are speakers ARE the best at what the conference is about - blogging.

    And I think what separates the Janae's and SRs from the rest of us their ability to generate traffic from people who don't have their own blogs or know us personally. Whether through excellent SEO, marketing themselves, or the pure time they put into it, they ARE currently the most successful at generating interest in their lives (not for being good runners, having great life advice, great jobs etc).

    Will I go to the conference? Probably not - but mostly just cuz I don't like Vegas. But as a girl with 56 followers, I'd be shocked if anyone would want to hear me talk about my blogging success...and as much as I'd like to rule the blogging world...that's cool with me.

  8. Sorry for all the all caps words in my post. Oops.

  9. Here is the deal, I get that people are going to be opposed to this idea but I also think it would be a cool thing to attend if you happen to be in Vegas and running. I have an infant so unless it just magically happens that I can attend, I would like to but more than likely I can't. I read those blogs and I like what they have to say for the most part. I think each one can talk about pretty generalized topics which is what bloggers do at any other blogging convention on the planet. As far as learning something, I feel like I learn something from the blogs each time I read but I have not been a runner or blogger for long. At the end of the day, I don't want it to be a popularity contest but it is that way with anything in life and everyone is going to feel left out. Running is an individual sport but there are huge marathons centered around it, which is another type of gathering so why not try to celebrate bloggers in the mean time??? I think the reason they chose Vegas is because it is easy to get to, usually cheaper to travel to, and there are probably quite a few bloggers who might be there anyway so why not???

    I think this is a post that was coming from one person or another in the blogger world and honestly I am not shocked that it has received opposition. If it is an event that is for you, go for it, if it isn't, then don't go....I think it is unfair to call it a popularity contest. I mean look at some of the most popular bloggers on the planet Dooce, Pioneer Woman, KathEats, CarrotsnCake, I mean these people are juggernauts of the blogosphere and they didn't get their on their own. So some runners are trying to get in on the action because they are popular and have a voice people like to listen to....they have the followers to do it so let them organize it, in the end they will have more success than a person with 3-150 followers any day.

  10. Wow, I totally agree with everything you wrote. Thank you.

  11. Haha this was a great read to start off my day.

    I don't really know where I stand with the whole summit thing. I can tell you I'm not going because I'd rather run the Houston marathon in January and spend my hard-earned money running a race that falls in my back yard than go to Vegas where I'd have to buy plane tickets, etc.

    I adore the bloggers that I've heard are speaking, but I do agree that, while they are exceptional blog marketers and runners, I don't necessarily know that I'd want to hear them give speeches. I think it'd be fun to do some sort of blog get together-meet and greet-let's all be BFF's and get to know each other-kind of thing versus something where certain people are singled out to speak.

    But, kinda like Margs said, this is coming from someone that has 30ish followers, not a million.

  12. When SR put her first questionnaire out about this and asked who should speak, I wrote "None of those annoying 'here is what I ate today' foodie bloggers." They seem so fake to me.

    That being said, I would go if I was running the race and it was not expensive to go to the sumimt. I guess I didn't realize you have to pay!

    I did see the line up of speakers and I would love to hear some of them, but others, I have tried to read their blogs and don't care for them. Probably because you can tell that their popularity is really important to them, even though they try to pretend it isn't.

    Really, it would be fun to go just to meet other bloggers though!

  13. I totally agree with ya Rose.
    And I also hate comparing my eats to those that eat bagel thins with a tiny bit of jam on them. Gag me.
    I ate cereal, yogurt, a banana with pb, and an English muffin with pb for breakfast this morning.. I seem like a fatty, ha.
    Anywho, you're right about the fact that we are all equal. Just cuz people read someone's blog doesn't mean they are an expert or some sort of idol for the rest of us. That's the problem with today's society. Instead of worshipping God we put so much of our time into idolizing normal people and things that really don't matter in the long run.

    Anyway, sorry that I haven't commented in a while! Haven't had internet :/
    P.s. I want to meet YOU! Just because you're a super sweet, smart, and amazing fast lady!
    <3 Haley

  14. I commend you on being so honest in your post! I'll save my two cents for another time because I'm technically supposed to be working right now (ssshhh...), but I just wanted to say WE CAN MEET! We friggin' live in the same area. Want to go for a run sometime? I'm down :)

  15. If you're ever in SD, give me a holler. I'll probably be cruising through Norcal in late August on a massive road trip to go drink massive amounts of vino in Eastern Washington.

    And ditto to everything you said.

  16. I love the Nine Inch Nails shoutout in the subject line! haha And thanks for mentioning me above, haha

    Posts like these are why I read your blog, because I never know what I'm going to read when I click on your page. It makes it exciting to read what you write! No way I would have the courage to write something like this!

    I follow some of the people that are going to be speaking at the event, I do like reading their blogs (EMZ, Runners Rambles, Skinnyrunner, etc). I didn't have much interest in going, simply because I'd rather meet other bloggers at a race rather than at a specific conference. Though hearing EMZ's story about her 24 treadmill run would be pretty awesome.

    I kind of liken the conference to college and trying to get into a sorority/fraternity. It is a popularity contest it seems like. I have nothing against anyone speaking at the event, its just that I'm not sure I want to hear some speeches from bloggers who I already follow. I guess it might be boring for me - since I can just follow their blog to hear what they have to say. The main benefit of going is probably to meet other bloggers, but I'd rather meet them at a race like I said above.

    I'm in for your equality summit! After I get healthy hopefully I will see you at a race around the bay area soon!

  17. Great post and you definitely bring up some awesome points. I think that's one of the best things in the blog community is being able to express all sides and opinions.

    As one of the speakers at the conferense, I am just excited to get to combine a few of my favorite passions: running, blogging, friends and races! I am not 100% fulfilled in my accounting day job, so blogging and running are my outlets and where I find my passion. So I am verrry excited for the opportunity. I totally understand not wanting to go, but for me I am just excited to be able to meet a bunch of friends, have a fun girl's weekend and do a lot of running while I am there. If one person finds use out of something I say while I am there, then I will be happy :) I just want to share my love of running!

    AND yes can we please have a big bay area blogger meet up RUN? Although I don't think I can keep up with you ;)

  18. I was already planning to run the Las Vegas 1/2 (because clearly the other 5 trips to Las Vegas this year aren't going to cut it & I'm obsessed with the city). I am not much of a "summit/sit around and listen to other runners talk", but I'm totally up for meeting up with people and grabbing a cup of FroYo and hanging out.

  19. I'm going to meet you one day!! We're going to talk, run and eat frozen yogurt together!! :)

    In regards to the summitt...I'm registered to run in the Vegas Marathon. If the summitt is FREE I'll attend. If if have to pay $$ I may reconsider. I read your post last night and was thinking about it as I went to sleep. Interesting point of view! You're a smart girl (that's why you're an attorney)!! And I feel you put your words together in a way that wasn't offensive. I'm not a blogger (yet) so, I don't know what I personally would get out of the "summitt." I'm more interested in the "running" side of it.

    So, we'll see as more details of the substance of the "summitt" evolves.


  20. Aww I want to meet you too :D, if I am correctly assuming I am (bikini) Katie, if not. . . :P

    I'm on the same page with you and while I think it would be cool to go, meet and hang out with everyone, any extra trip money we have needs to be used as a family. I don't think my 5 year old would appreciate Vegas as much as me.

    I think I might pay to hear you rant ;)

  21. Hey Rose,
    I loved the post! I am not going to the summit either. I think it does put the blogs in hierarchy where once they seemed equal.

  22. I think you should save your money and just read all their recaps which basically are just copy and pasting one another's experiences...maybe I'm just bitter, but I get annoyed every time there is a summit...I can basically tell you whats going to happen.

    annnnnnnnnd I'm a bitch.

  23. Ok. I read every bit.

    I am not too worried about my following, or my blog would look a LOT different. And I would have a phone that can translate my voice into text...but, no. Not in my present life is that happening.
    On the lighter side, this smacks of rebellion AND communism!! ;)

  24. My favorite part is, the Vegas marathon has a 4.5 hour cut off.

    Maybe they will teach me how to be able to run a marathon fast enough to be able to sign up for it.

    As far as I can tell from the emails, pre-registration for the summit is $110. Um, what?

  25. I love your honesty! I don't have anything real original to say, except that I agree with the others that said it's a big, fat waste of money. I mean, I can read their blogs to get their running tips, not to mention the redundant recaps of the weekend. I'll save my money and stick with that, thanks.

    I read some of those blogs (some of them I've never heard of), and I like them. But I don't know what else they could tell me in person that would be worth $110. Besides, I'm poor.

  26. WOW you made my day because you said you wanted to meet me :).
    It would be really fun to meet up with all the running bloggers out there - but the cost of flying to Vegas, paying for accomodations, and the race fee, really don't motivate me to go! I would so be in if there was a running conference titled "How to be a damn good teacher, while keeping your husband and corgi happy and healthy, and running sub-3 hour marathons."

  27. Hmmm, I never even really thought about all that stuff until you wrote it all out for me to read! And, I just want to say, I completely agree with you. If I'm going to pay big bucks for someone to talk to me about running it better be an Olympic athlete....NOT a blogger that runs just for kicks.

  28. Yeah.... I thought I might wanna, but... $110 plus that room rate, no thanks. NO. Thanks. It'd be fun to meet a bunch of runner bloggers, and hang out, and I know a bunch of friends will be there, but. Meh. It's markedly less interesting now at $110.

  29. HAHA! are you bitter or what?!

  30. you probably wont post this cuz youll be too embarrassed but wasnt this what you said on SkinnyRunner's site when she was talking about the summit..??

    RoseRunner Says:

    May 5, 2011 at 6:39 PM
    WHO is a bigger blogger than you? Answer: none. Trust me, I scout out the numbers of subscribers to blogs on Google Reader cause I’m superficial like that, and you are the head blogger by miles literally miles!

    If you need to to have a speaker for the very important (ok, not at all important) legal side of blogs, I’m all over it

    so im guessing they didnt ask you to speak??

  31. Yikes... :-\ a bit hypocritical

  32. huh? hypocritical? I love SR, I think that's pretty clear. I've also been pretty clear about how blogging is often a comparison game of numbers and popularity.

    If you can't tell from my comment to her that I was being silly, then you may not be a regular reader. Of course I did not seriously expect to speak, IT WAS A JOKE. Speaking about the legal side of blogs? really? does that sound like an honest candidacy plug?

    And lastly, I comment on other people's blogs in a matter of about 0.2 seconds, because I don't have much time during the work week. Don't take my spitfire comments as my well articulated thoughts. That comment doesn't make much sense to me, except perhaps that it says that SR, and she alone, is qualified to speak at her own summit.

    It's kind of cool that you dug that up though. And funny! I'm an SR suck up, I admit it. I LOVE HER! go tell her that!

  33. i just stumbled on your blog for the first time, and i'm sorry, but i feel like i need to put in my two cents... Regardless of if you keep this posted or not.
    Honestly, it sounds to me like your simply upset that you weren't included in this little get together (whether thats the case or not, which i'm sure you'll tell me IS NOT THE CASE) i'm not sure why you feel the need to bash on other bloggers/events.
    If you don't want to go, then don't go. simple as that. I'm not entirely sure why you put so much effort into writing this ridiculously long post about your high-school-feel-bad-for-me-because-i-feel-left-out nonsense.
    Its a waste of time and energy putting people down. Adults know that.

    And in regards to your response to reader Heather... you can dish it out but not take it? ... good luck with that RoseRunner.

  34. Awww RR! If I wanted to see hate, I'd turn on the news! Too bad...

  35. I don't think RoseRunner did anything wrong -- she was simply stating an opinion obviously shared by a number of people here.

    Many of us are bloggers. We express what we like and what we don't like. That includes shoes, gear, food, races, and yes events like this summit. If so-and-so was sunshine and rainbows over everything, I could not trust that blogger. Some of the speakers for this very summit have written both positive and negative reviews and opinions. I don't see why RR's post is anything outrageous.

    The thing is, the organizers of this event most likely value posts like this. They want to know what everyday runners find appealing AND unappealing, because this kind of feedback will help them build better events.

    I work for a publishing company, and our editors hold focus groups for new products. Do they want 100 percent favorable reviews? No! That sort of feedback would be disappointing. They want the nitty-gritty, because they want to create better work!

    How can one improve without some criticism?

  36. I'm not planning on attending. I'm not a big fan of Las Vegas. The location doesn't attract me much and, frankly, neither do most of the speakers. I wasn't interested in the summit before I saw the speakers. I tried out a couple and the 3xs daily posts of just food bored me... and the writing was bad. If your craft is blogging, which includes writing, then at least write well!

    I would be interested in a local meet up before a race or something similar. I'd prefer an informal setting where I didn't feel like I was being talked at by new bloggers when I've been blogging for nearly 10 years. As for running advice, I don't go to blogs for that, more for commiserating. I do admit I think SR's race reviews are quite useful.

  37. I'm not going but that's completely because I can't afford to go. Period, the end. If I could afford to go.. I'd go but only for the opportunity to meet bloggers, whether they be speaking or just there for the meeting. :)

  38. I blog because I love documenting all my life stuff like the OCD fool that I am!

    I am not interested in going to a blogging conference because (as much as I am a fan of some of those people), I don't need to learn how to write about my life, because it is MINE and I wouldn't want to try to change it for an outside influence.

    Maybe it's just because I am still new to the blogging world and I haven't reached the level of trying to be refined?! Unknown, but it's not going to cause me any stress whatsoever.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I have always loved being a little off the beaten path in my life and you seem to be as well and you carry that well in your blog.

    I love reading

  39. (oops, I cut off my post, but I was trying to say "I love reading your blog, don't change.")

  40. I'm all for freedom of speech. And amen to you sister for speaking your mind but it sounds to me like your just bitter... and isn't the saying DON'T bite that hand that feeds you?

  41. Just came across your blog and LOVE this post. New follower here.

    I cant agree more with you. Between the flights, hotel, race entry and fee for the conference, it would add up to $$$$ fast for a weekend in Vegas.

    I'm sure the chosen speakers are going to be fab, but I'm also turned off Sitting for a conference or going for an organized tour of anything when there is so many fun things to do in Vegas. I'm not convinced I would get what I want out of hearing popular bloggers talk about (whatever they want) whether it be running, food etc that I couldn't get from reading blogs or doing my own research.

    That being said, maybe I'll regret not going and be hoping they do it again next year. But until then, I like your idea of an every blogger is equal meetup. . If you are ever in Chicago, look me up and we can have our own "conference" over coffee or a run along the lake.

  42. I love and admire so much how you just put your thoughts out there on your blog and don't care if you piss someone off, because its ultimately for you. So basically the conference is saying that bloggers who have the most followers are also, by default, amazing runners and good at everything else. I'm not saying I don't have a little celebrity blogger fever, but I totally see your point. Of course, most of them are already faster than me but for a superstar elite 3:08 marathoners I think you have it figured out. Your shoutout made my day so much I posted it on my blog. I wish I could hang out with you so bad! One of my good friends lives in Oakland and is getting married next watch out, 2012 is our meetup year!

  43. I think the summit is a neat "extra" to tack onto a race weekend, but if anybody was planning to go JUST for the summit, I'd say they're off their rocker.

    If I do decide to run RnRLV, I'll attend. I'd wind up spending $110 on lunch/drinks/gambling in that time on the strip, anyhow.

    Or maybe I'll bandit the race and offset the cost that way ;)

  44. Remember how I said before that I don't read the comments on blogs? Well I did on this post and you definitely got a variety of responses to this one! I think the only opinion I can really give on this particular topic, is that the commercial side of the blogging world does not appeal to me. It makes me wonder why people start blogging in the first place... I look at it as a creative space to talk about whatever you want. If people follow and leave comments then that's wonderful - especially if the comments lead to more discussion like they did in this post, but I don't think it should be the driving force behind what you choose to write about. So while I like the idea of meeting up with other bloggers, especially those whose blogs I read and enjoy, I would be turned off if it was to include tips on how to turn my blog into a money-maker, advertising tips, etc.

  45. "a few select bloggers will get to speak at all the non-select bloggers who adoringly show up to learn the wisdom that the select bloggers have to share."

    bahahah this is WAYYY too true. and i HATED middle and high school and i completely agree that it's kind of leaning toward "who's more popular."

  46. Wow, look at all of the controversy! Love it! This is exactly what blogging is about. Expressing YOUR OWN opinion and letting others voice theirs. NICE WORK GIRL! I love good dialog!

    We will meet up fo sho because I am a Nor Cal girl and I make my way up there frequently!!! Good times will be had!

    So I am running the RNR Vegas Marathon but I am not attending the conference. Like someone else posted I would love to hear EMZ talk about the 24 hour marathon! However, I am not flying into Vegas until Saturday and by the time I get there the thing will be half over. I would rather spend $110 going to the Michael Jackson experience that night. YES I AM! LOL! That doesn't mean that I dislike any of the bloggers speaking or attending! It's just not in the plans.

    I am surprised at the cost. Maybe it will change, I don't know. I have attended many conferences in my lifetime (not running related), but for $110 it better be informative and come with a sweet swag bag, etc. If its going to be bloggers sharing their story we already get that for free on the blogs right? I mean I have heard elite runners speak for free on many occasions so I guess I would just need more info on what everyone is getting for the money. Just my opinion and we all know MY OPINION MEANS NOTHING.

    Anyway, have you decided what race you are going to sign up for on June 1st? I am still wavering!

  47. I love you for having the guts to write this. I, too, am a big Skinny Runner fan. She seems to have a great personality and surely would be an entertaining speaker, but I don't think hearing her words is worth $110, especially considering I can read lots of great material on her blog for free. Thanks for making us all think!

  48. I appreciate the honesty of your post. I didn't even know about this summit until I read this. And it's still 6 months away! and $110 is a lot.

    I don't blog for popularity reasons, I just started blogging to be accountable to my training plan and to share reviews as I use stuff. I'm not sure I'd ever aspire to speak in front of a large group either, I hate public speaking! But bring on a blogger meet up for running or fro yo :)

  49. and that is why i don't go to the other healthy blogging festivals. The only one I would think of attending is the foodbuzz festival just so I can eat food in san francisco. Honestly I dont want to be a bitch either but these bloggers barely have their bachelor degrees and they want to talk to ME about nutrition and vitamins? If they are RDs or do PT or some sh*t then I'll listen! But some bloggers even post about WRONG dietary information...but I'm too much of a "let me be a happy blogger" to confront them. Either way I agree with you...I would only go to meet people but you can't help but feel "bitch, you run slower than me" I'm sure. rock on on being honest

  50. @Heather
    Wow. someone went back to a post to find your damn comment?

  51. Ha. I just found this after seeing the comment you left me.

    I lol'd.

    A lot.

    And I'm glad SOMEONE brought up "the other side" for once.

  52. so i, uh, guess i shouldn't ask to speak at the next one, huh?

  53. I think this "summit" would be a neat idea if there were no speakers. It's VEGAS. WHO WANTS TO SIT AROUND AND LISTEN TO BLOGGERS TALK?

  54. AGREE. I have chatted with a few friends about this summit and we agreed it's a huge waste of time and money. Plus who wants to sit in a stuffy hotel banquet hall all day WHEN YOU'RE IN VEGAS? Basically just a bunch of mediocre bloggers all stroking each other and talking about how fantastic they are. PASS.

    And don't even get me started on that OTHER summit...

  55. @Erin

    Wait, what? Dooce, PW, KathEats and CarrotsnCake are the most popular bloggers on the planet? You're kidding, right?

  56. Really gutsy post, I like it! And next time I head out West, we can meet up. No blogging conference required :)

  57. I deleted my blog shortly after the Blogger Summit event was announced. First, I started noticing everyone advertising the 26.2 clothes line (including some bloggers who haven't even ran a marathon...bizarre). It just seemed like a massive marketing scheme to me.

    How is it "unfair" to say it is a popularity contest?! Of course it is! 26.2 apparel wants as many people as possible to be conned into coming and buy their shit! Product pimping, for sure.

  58. late to the party, but i just wanted to nod with everything you said, rose.

  59. Thank you for saying what I didn't have the guts to say. I'll be in Vegas for the half. I'm running with Team Challenge for the CCFA. I had contemplated going to this when I first heard about it, but I don't know if I can justify spending $$ to hear non-experts talk about running.

  60. Well I don't blog...but you just earned a new reader. Adding you to my RSS feed now. Kudos for a great post, that I couldn't possibly agree more with.

  61. Word RR. You're blog is amazing because you aren't a sell out douche.


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