Monday, May 23, 2011

A peek at this, A peek at that

Vegas was great.

Except for the part when my flight was delayed two hours.

And the part where I woke up with a cold on Saturday morning.

And the part where I came home and found out my car had been broken into.  I live in Oakland, it was only a matter of time.

And the part where I came home and found out my laptop was dead.  It seems to be permanent.  I guess the ole HP was saved during the rapture on May 21st.  So long laptop.

I'll share a couple Vegas pics, but should consult with the rest of the ladies before I post anything else...

First off: take a peek into our indescribably rad suite, booked by the best Maid of Honor in the world, and a complete surprise to us all.

The generous Maid of Honor, on the floor of the Bellagio

Our suite was in the Planet Hollywood hotel.  The theme of our suite was Batman & Robin

This creepy ensemble, worn by Jim Carrey as the Riddler, prevented me from falling asleep for over an hour the first night, because I was so creeped out by it.  It was watching me while I slept.

Try sleeping with that at the foot of your bed!

And this lovely portrait greeted me when I stepped into the bathroom in the middle of the night

Our delicious beds, strewn with lady clothes

And now, a peek into our adventures

Giving the thumbs-down to these man sandals

This should just never happen.

At Blush in the Wynn...we all disapproved of the music, and the douche who knocked a drink out of one of our hands, leaving glass all over the dance floor.

pre-partying in our fantastic suite

me somehow looking as greasy as if I had already danced for hours.  I had not.

Posing before a 1:00 a.m. meal at Cafe Bellagio


look at those free spirits

My butterfly, soon to be a bride.

On to Saturday...we spent much of the day poolside, eating frozen grapes.

The girls reading mags, wearing sunscreen

Saturday Night...a special night -- I'm not sharing any details, except for this moment at the bar in our suite.
I had such a memorable time, even though we all felt a little distant (ahem...too old?) from the sluttiness that was dripping everywhere.

It's not the same as it was in our young, college, single days.  Now that none of us are single, when we hit the clubs looking our finest, we spend the night practicing our karate to fend off any flirtatious men.  

Moving on.  Hear ye Hear ye: YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE that you have less than 24 hours to enter the SUPER-SECRET GIVE AWAY.

And here is a peek at what the winner shall recieve

Oh, not close enough?  Ok, here's a better peek

  • Huge ass jar of pure pumpkin.  Some bloggers love this stuff.  I don't (except for in baking recipes).  My loss is your gain.  It is HUGE, so if it costs me $10 in S&H to send this to the winner, I may just do a drop kick and let the nearest homeless guy gnaw on the metal.
  • Two boxes of Panda black licorice.  These have fueled many-a-morning run.  They are delicious, with a short and natural ingredient list, and we were gifted two pallets of these boxes (read: about 24 boxes in all), so I'm sharing the wealth.
  • Chopsticks.  A gift to me that I don't want, so hopefully you do.
  • A book that you have most definitely heard of.  I won this by brilliantly answering a trivia question correctly.  However, I already own a copy.  A fresh copy is yours, hoping the winner does not already own this book like 80% of the population.
  • Four See's lollypops.  I think I made it clear that I'm obsessed with these.  You get one of each flavor so you can begin to grow your obsession: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cafe Latte, and BUTTERSCOTCH.
  • One no-caffeine package of Orange flavored Gu Chomps.  I like these better than Shot Blocks, and regularly eat them before runs and races.
  • Anything else I choose at my discretion to throw in the bag.

Oh, and it will all arrive in this San Francisco zippered canvas bag.  It is less fuzzy in real life.

I will pick a winner at random within 24 hours, and I'm sorry but to be fair to those who have entered, I cannot tell you how to enter :(  mwuhahaha.  It is a SECRET.  But the answer for how to enter is discoverable.  So Tick-Tock, the Clock Begins...


  1. Whoa, weird giveaway! LOL! And looks like you had tons of fun! :) And lol @ your laptop getting saved.

  2. I'm hoping that by leaving a comment I am entered in to the giveaway, but if not ces la vie because I'm not going to go to too much effort (ie friend you on facebook, vote for your brother in a cutest baby contest or re-post the giveaway on my blog). But I will tell you that I'm glad you had a nice time in Vegas and that it sucks that your laptop is dead.

  3. I LOVE the butterscotch see's candy lollipops!

  4. Yuck I hate Mandals (man sandals). I feel like that is a word people use, but it is also possible I just made it up.

  5. Wow that is a rough way to come home! So sorry all that crap had to happen to you. But it looks like you guys had a great time in Vegas. My friend and I were just saying how the bars here had gotten so slutty and trashy and the guys were like "uh, no, they are exactly the same, you guys are just older". Ooops. Although I don't do karate chops I put my left hand in my pocket and work on free drinks - those are expensive these days!

  6. Thos sandals are so ugly. haha I don't know any guy that would wear those.

    Looks like you had a great time in Las Vegas. I'm going next month and looking at your pictures got me so excited!! yay!

  7. TOO funny that your friend is posing with a butterfly when she's the one who shared the butterfly prom outfit with you.

    Uhm yes good bag, I like the neon, obvi!

  8. Are you kidding me with those sandals?

    You can fuel with black licorice?!?!?! I. LOVE. IT. I need me that bag, baby.

    BTW, got my cherry juice at TJ's. Yum! Tried it after a long run (if 8 miles can be considered long...). I'm a fan! Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. VEGAS BABY!!! I'm glad you had a good time, minus the D-bag!

    And oh man, damn Oakland - sorry to hear about your car!

    P.S. My parents like to scare me as to why my childhood nickname is Nuni - I tell that it's gross and stop talking. ;)

  10. Your giveaway items made me laugh. So random! I hope I win!!1!

  11. I went to Vegas with my best friend and we didn't go to one single club so you were more of a party animal than me. (I was there to run a marathon so I have an excuse) Love the Bellagio! You should see how they decorate it at Christmas. Sorry about your car.

  12. First of all. No. Just NO to lady-man footwear.

    Second of all. Licorice is the best! I used to hate it as a kid. Now, I love it. I fueled many Ragnar Relay hours with licorice bears. Clearly I am 85 years old. I knit, I like licorice, and I still have a check register (just for accounting, I don't write many actual checks).

  13. Hahaha~ I just read the comment about MANDALS! I love it and I am totally using it from now on. I think you may have inspired me to do a giveaway of things already in my house. Best idea ever.

  14. okay stop being the RIDDLER with your give away...either way I can't enter...just got rid of shit for the big move...first of all I would not be able to sleep with the pic of the arnold near me...scared of getting prego or raped. Glad you had fun...honestly, for my bachelorette party I was yawning by 12...LAME. Now I wanna go to vegas..only to eat though. Sorry about your car getting broken into. :( I would feel violated

  15. So sorry to hear about your car!!..."What comes around goes around!!"

    LOVE, LOVE See's lollipops!! Butterscotch is my fav.!! Have you tried the cinnamon ones that they distribute around Christmas time?? Sooo goood!!

    Looks like you ladies had a great time in Vegas!! Woohoo!! :)


  16. This is my first time commenting, but I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a few weeks now, I just wanted to tell you what an inspir . . .Wait, those sandals are for a man?! WTF!

    Also, I can't have caffeine so those GU Chomps are my favorite.

  17. @Amy LOL Amy. Touche. I am also a non-caffeiner

  18. Yep, those sandals are totally awful. It looks and sounds like you had a great time on your trip with the ladies!

  19. So glad to hear you had a fun trip! That suite sounds awesome, and that poster of Arnold reminds me that I've got a story to tell you about him next time I see you.

    Hahaha, I am so glad your computer was saved by the rapture. At least we know something made it. Sorry to hear about your car though :( Perhaps whatever items were stolen from it were also taken by the rapture?

    So should I become a follower or answer a question or what, because I really want that jumbo-ass sized can of pumpkin. Don't you dare huck it at a homeless person. I'll do whatever it takes. ;)

  20. Oh and p.s. I had that comment all queued up since yesterday, but blogger was being douchy and wouldn't let me post it yesterday for some reason :(

  21. I love your vacation pics! That hotel room totally cracks me up. And you do, for including pumpkin in your giveaway. Ha ha ha. I saw some in the sore the other day and remembered how all the foodie bloggers went nuts over it in the fall like they would never be able to buy it again.


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