Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super Secret Giveaway Winner

This giveaway was announced, and instructions for entering it were given, in the "Cake Pushers" post.

It was announced very quietly, in the middle of a dense paragraph.

I did that because I was very curious how carefully readers read blogs.

One reason for my curiosity is that I often skim (as I mentioned before); another reason is that it is typical for comments to refer to something written at the very beginning or end of a post, so I wondered if the middle parts were read.

I was not trying to "hide" the giveaway from anyone, so nobody get upset. 

However, I do think it is nice to limit the entry field to those who actually read the full post -- and because they wanted to -- not because I titled the post "Giveaway!!!".

Altogether, there were 45 comments on that post.  38 of them saw the subtle giveaway mention, and entered the giveaway.

remote controls may or may not be included

I used a random generator, and if the random number picked was not one that entered the contest, I picked again (which happened once).


#12, Stephanie a la My Thorns Have Roses From one Rose blog to another, congratulations.

COME on Down!!!  You know the drill.  Email me at roserunnerblog@gmail.com with your address.  I will make it to a fedex office this weekend.

I have a post brewing in my mind -- something that I have been thinking about for a few days now -- that is surely going to make some of you hate me.  So now you know.  See you then!


  1. Ha ha that was pretty clever! In my defense... I must've missed that post. Seriously!

    I do unfortunately skim at times with blogs, but I try not to because I Hate when people skim on my blog posts. And it's obvious because they'll leave a comment about something like you said, that refers to the beginning or the end of the post and might even miss the whole point of the post to begin with.

  2. I saw the movies of all the Steig Larson books, all were great. Watch the versions with the subtitles before seeing the new ones that are going to be made in the near future at some point (I think.)

    Just don't go see them with your parents, they're a bit on the graphic side. Ok, VERY on the graphic side.

  3. My coworkers and I chose "Dragon Tattoo" for our first book in our book club, but I couldn't get through it. I cheated by renting the movie, but fast-forwarded to the ending! The story didn't grab me.

    No matter how controversial your next post is, I will never hate you! Well, unless you talk about what a waste of time running is, or how runners are all hairy man-repellers.

  4. You're officially my hero. Your weekly mileage is just amazing (year round, nonetheless)! I've been running a little less than 30 miles/week during this "off-season". Damn, I wish I won the giveaway! I should do a giveaway of some of my FAVORITE things! Who doesn't like giving stuff to their fabulous readers?

  5. Dammit. No pumpkin for me. Oh well.

  6. Your secret giveaway was awesome, love it, haha

    And you are right, I probably should not count each individual track event in high school as a separate event, haha If each track MEET is a separate event then I would probably have 68 track/XC races and 29 road races, haha

  7. I read it! I saw it! But I HATE black licorice, and don't want to read that book, so I didn't enter. I don't want stuff just cause it's free, figured I'd keep myself out and let someone who is really stoked have a better shot! I always read your blogs posts, there too good to skim!!!!!


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