Sunday, June 26, 2011

I liked it

I passed a very important milestone as a runner.

I ran with other talented, passionate, energetic runners.

And thank goodness Enrique Iglesias invented this phrase, because I wouldn't know how to express myself without him.  "Baby I liked it."

Aron, I'm sure you knew it was fair game that we would all be swiping this picture?
Alisyn, Naomi, Page, Kristen, ME, Kerry, Layla, Beth, Courtney
Alyssa, Tara, Audrey, Jana, Katie, Megan and Aron.

It was an excellent way to top off my running tank before leaving for Yellowstone/Montana.

I left buzzing with happiness after meeting so many uniquely cool ladies.  Before the meet-up, I only knew Katie and Aron (one brief meet-up in real life) and Page (merely friends through blog-stalking).

But I met women who live in Oakland and shared hella good knowledge of places to run in our city (Jana!); I met another running lawyer who just passed the Bar (Kristen!); I met this lady who loves running hills so much that she has earned this nickname of "mountain goat" (Alyssa!); and someone in the group (It's true, I didn't even have time to officially meet everyone) was a bad-ass and brought homemade baked goods for the after party.

Page, Alisyn and I ran a tad over 8 miles, but the only thing I remember is chit-catting away. 

It's true what everyone says about running being easier when you have company.  I had to check my pits for proof that I actually ran....and yeah, my pits said that I had.  In a feminine, floral way.

Followed by 2 hours of mingling at Peet's Coffee = my idea of a blissful morning. 


my heavy week milage that I warned you about.  I have no explanation for why my legs felt fresh all week, but they weren't begging for a day off every other day like they normally do.  So:

Monday: 13.1
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 13.1
Thursday: 17-18 (my Garmin died, this is a guess based on 2 hours 35 min of running)
Friday: 13.5
Saturday: 17.7
Sunday: 8.?

Total: around 84 miles?

I think the heat is helping my legs feel loose and warm.  I don't expect to have the time or the energy to replicate a week like this too often...

Off to Yellowstone through Friday, then Montana through Sunday for my dearest friend's wedding.  I am excited beyond words, I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!  Hope to get one or two posts up while I'm there to share my public diary of thoughts.

Hoping to replicate the amazing time I had at this national park (Grand Canyon)

See you on the flipside!


  1. Wow! that sounds so fun! Both the group running and your upcoming trip :) I am looking forward to meeting Alyssa soon... we are going to try some runs together and are doing Hood to Coast together.

    84 miles... AWESOME!!!

  2. So awesome meeting you today! You are hardcore with the mileage - I bow down! Have a great vacation!

  3. Just got back from the Grand Canyon. Next time you head this way, let me know. I just moved to Phoenix two weeks ago.

  4. Yes, if you run with the right people, it was be wonderful.

  5. That sounds like the perfect morning to me :) !

  6. Fun! Fun with the meet-up!

    Wish you could swing by Yuma on the way to the Grand Canyon! (Even though it's nowhere near it... Have a great trip!

  7. So happy you had the opportunity to run with a great group of girls!!

    Nice weekly mileage!! :)

    Have a great time @ Yellowstone and the wedding! Sounds like a lot of fun!! Watch out for the bears and I hope you catch the bouquet!!

  8. Ahhhhhh how fun!! That is a big group of awesome lady runners. You gals rock!

    Girl, you are amazing! 84 miles is FANTASTIC!

    Have a blast on your trip! Can't wait to see pics!

  9. Glad that the meetup was good! 84 miles is insane!

    Have fun at Yellowstone!

  10. Ummm what the hell you got to run with an Alyssa who wasn't me?? She is clearly not as cool as me.

    84 miles is RIDIC. Good for you.

    Running groups are my favorite thing ever.

  11. Awesome meet-up! Yes: running, coffee, and chatting is the way to go. That mileage is just ridiculous, amazing!

  12. Have so much fun in Yellowstone! Don't feed the buffalo!

  13. It was so nice meeting you Sunday!! Maybe we can chat law after your vacation. I hope you have a wonderful time! Awesome week in running!

  14. that's some amazing mileage in a week! we didn't get to chat much at the meet-up but i hope we do next time and i'm looking forward to following your blog!

  15. Hey! Have a great vacation :). And nice job with that cray cray mileage.

  16. Oh my gosh I am so jealous right now. Your trip sounds amazing, and I bet you are so excited to see Jennie get hitched! Have fun!

  17. I got tired just reading that you read 84 miles. I bow down to you.

  18. I love running with a buddy. I have yet to find a buddy who can run at a similar speed as me, and who wants to run at the same time as me. Thus, I'm usually a loner when it comes to running. How awesome that you found great running buddies though!

    And wow. You run roughly 7 times as much as I do!

  19. Holy cow! That is some serious mileage!

    As much as I love a good, solitary, mind-clearing run, running with buddies is really awesome! I'm envious of your awesome meet-up!

  20. OMG. That is a pretty big runner's meetup. Glad you had fun. Or...glad you


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