Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not Boring

My favorite part of blogging so far, is growing close to people very far away.

The beautiful, speedy, generous Pam

Pam, who is over 300 miles away in southern California, brightened my weekend by sending this to my door:

Ding Ding Ding!  See's Lollypops, in my TWO FAVORITE flavors: butterscotch and vanilla.

Along with a sweet card, and these rich, dense, chewy and above all DIVINE chocolate-covered-caramels.  I ate one within 15 minutes of receiving the package, and immediately remembered why See's is so stellar.

See's really excels in all things caramely/ butterschotch-y/ maple-y.  So good.  THANK YOU PAM!!!

I don't have anything great planned to discuss today, so it's going to end up being kind of a blah weekend recap -- which is sad because recently, when Page was asking for reader advice on how to keep her blog excellent, I recommended she stay away from daily recaps.  They are usually pretty take-it-or-leave-it.

So you can take this post or leave it, I won't mind.

Friday night, the Gentleman and I threw food into our mouths as fast as possible after work in order to make it to the 7:00 p.m. showing of Super 8 at our neighborhood theatre.

Wish I lived through the 70's.

Sidenote: our neighborhood theater, the Grand Lake Theater, is the best one to exist, ever.  A guy plays an organ for new movies on the big screen.  It looks like an opera-house inside.  It is such a rad place.

I live 2 blocks from this!

And this is the inside.  See the organ down there!?

We both went to the movie not knowing ANYTHING about it.  We just trusted that with J.J. Abrams name, it would be worth the trip.

I advise everyone to do the same.  Close your ears to anything about this movie -- in fact, do this for all movies -- and then go see it.  Having no expectations is SO good.

All I will say is I don't remember ever screaming in a movie theater before.  That evening, I think I screamed 3 or 4 times.

Saturday, I ran 18.15 miles, and decided I am the only person in Northern California who really loves that it doesn't feel like Summer.  I hate long runs in warm weather.  It can stay 65 the whole summer and I will be very happy.

My run felt great, I am a huge fan of the Asic Cumulus 12's.  I hope they are called that because it is like running on a cloud.

Then we went to the City (San Francisco) where my mom was having an open house for an apartment she is renting (that she inherited) in the Noe Valley neighborhood.  It's very San Francisco, with long hallways and old fashioned everything.

BART-ing to the City.  The freakin arm pose rears it's ever-present head

After spending some time in the City in Noe Valley and then in SoMa to stop at Costco, I remembered immediately why I hate the city.

It is just so, unbearably, suffocatingly crowded.  It makes Oakland feel like a small quaint town in comparison.

Too many people, too many strollers, too many cars, too many lines, too many beggars....

I obviously wouldn't survive in India or China.  The only times I am cool with crowds is when I'm at Disneyland or a race expo, in which case the crowds are party of the excitement.

Oh wait, did you need extra proof that I'm a boring old lady besides my aversion to crowded, stimulating cities? Well read ahead.

After watching a couple of Mad Men episodes (we are starting over with the 1st season, because it is that worth it), we did the unthinkable.

We spent Saturday night.  At a laundromat.

Our apartment, the one time a year ago we didn't have enough quarters for the dryer

hahaha.  the life of poor law students.

It's ok.  I'm comfortable with my loser-essness.

Sunday: 4 miles of sprint intervals

They felt sooooooo sweet today.  Just one of those runs where you feel like you are flying, having an out of body experience because you feel no pain.  It felt effortless.  I had to make myself stop after 13 sprints because I wasn't reaching a point of exhaustion like I normally do after the 10th sprint or so.

Then lunch with the Gentleman's family at this Mac & Cheese place I mentioned before.

the Gentleman declared this the best milkshake in the history of the world (maybe).  It was strawberry flavored. He has had many-a-milkshake in his day, so his milkshake opinion is worth considering.

Thick blob of fresh whipped cream

I shared a few sips, and agreed that it was stellar -- it was clearly made with actual fresh strawberries, and tasted like strawberries instead of the artificial strawberry flavor that we are used to ice cream tasting like.

And now, at this moment Sunday evening, I'm dying my dark-brown roots blond with a $2.50 dye box (Clairol or something).  I'll never understand women who spend $100+, several times a year, on hair.  It's HAIR.  So boring.  My hair bores me at least.

I kind of half-assed the application process because I was so bored with touching my hair (really, 12 seconds of brushing per day is enough for me), and decided this is the last time I'm dying it blonde.

Can I get some support or disapproval?  Keep it blonde or go a new route?  My natural color is a darker brown.  I think.  I haven't seen my real color since my early teens (red --> brown with blonde highlights --> black --> red --> blonde).

17 years old, long jumping, as close to my natural color as it gets
Talk to me: can you handle big city crowds? does hair maintenance bore you? Did you have any awesome runs this weekend or see a good movie?


  1. Stock up on the Cumulus 12s if you love them! They just came out with the Cumulus 13, so the 12s should be on sale!

  2. The brown is really cute on you But blonde is flattering on you as well. I get tired of maintaining the blonde highlights. We may eventually see a transition to Neon Brunette Runner.

    We have a similar theater in Richmond VA called the Byrd theater. A man on an organ plays before movies on Saturday nights and it's very old-timey and such. Seats aren't the most comfortable, but the place has a great ambiance.

    I like the photo of you on the escalator!

  3. Hi there!!!
    I do not like big city crowds. I like quiet towns with a cultural side. I live in a boring town, a really boring town. I come from a GREAT town. It has everything, good food, history, not too many people, things to do every day alone or with friends, it is perfect plus you dont even need a car to live there. I did not have one until I was 25 (same for a driver's license!) and I got one only because of my work.

    Hair: I am like you. I could not care less. That is my real hair color on my head. I have never used any color in it so far. I say go back to the original!

    Good movie: yep but it was in French: Incendies.
    Now going to watch the King's speech..if I can stay awake.

  4. Every time I get a pedicure or get my eyebrows waxed, I'm reminded by the ladies at the nail salon that I have way too many grays for my age. I'm bad about regular dyeing and touching up my roots. I only dye because of the grays. I still think I'm too young to be worrying about this. Now, I have a salt and pepper look going, or natural highlights.

  5. haha, you can come here. my long run was at 7:30am and it was already 80F freakin degrees!!! But no crowds. Take it or leave it.
    how can I get to know pam? She's everywhere! we need a pam in our lives!


  6. I do the spend the money on my hair a few times a year because I change my style a lot. I used to do it on my own, but my hair was getting really damaged so I started going to Aveda. It works for me.

    Your local theater is awesome! I want to see Super 8!!

  7. Great workouts this weekend! I ran 7 Saturday night and 10 last night. Neither run was great, but I'm getting back my endurance!

    You're a cute blond. I'd really like to see your natural color! I started going gray at 19, but I can't see myself keeping up with my roots if I were to dye my hair.

  8. Normally I tell people to embrace their natural hair color....but I really like you as a blonde!
    Hair in general bores me. I don't own a blow dryer anymore, let's put it that way. When I lived in Hong Kong I got dressed up every day for work, straightened my hair, put on make-up, etc. (oh, and battled with crazy crowds--don't love that!) Now in Georgia, I do none of it and I love it!

  9. I was a loser on Saturday night too. I went to TJMaxx and then hung out on the couch watching bad stand-up.

    I'm one of those people that spends way too much money to get highlights. I really like the way it looks though, and I don't spend money on things like manicures, make-up or massages, so I figure I can splurge on my hair. :)

  10. I'm not a fan of big city crowds, especially here in Chicago where people don't follow any particular walking traffic pattern. It's just one side of the street vs other side at cross walks. Ugh.

    I've been dyeing my hair since high school and never got it done professionally except for cuts. I rarely brush my hair either. It's boring like you said. Most days it's in a pony tail.

    I want your cool weather! Please sent it here!! :)

  11. You look good with both shades of hair, but I think you should go brown for a while! I think it would look really purdy and the maintenance would be sooo nice. I wish I could give up the upkeep of dying my hair. It is seriously such a pain in the ass. I guess I've kind of convinced myself that I can't really do it on my own which is why I am one of those girls that shells out the money for it. On a hair related note - I found a white/gray hair in my eyebrow the other day. What the hell is that about... Does it mean that I'm going to have gray eyebrows and I'll have to dye those too??! The horror!!

  12. I'm amazed that you visited SF, I know you hate that place! haha

    That theatre that has the live organ playing would be awesome!

    Nice high school track pic!

  13. I love homeroom. The Vermont white cheddar, baked with broccoli is my favorite, but the exchange student with pecorino is a close second. I thought I was a city person until I realized that by most definitions, the part of Boston I lived in was not a city. Now that I live in the Bay area and have my own backyard I'm totally sold. No more apartments or crowded apartment elevators for this girl :)

  14. You should go natural! (So I'll have company on my journey to have my hair all one color. It's all about me, you know. ;-)) I actually do like it blonde, so I say go for it - sounds like you have an easy and low-maintenance way to keep it up.

    Hate big cities. Hate.

    No runs this weekend (boo), but hoping to swim today & get a little energy flowing into my body. It's been a few days without a workout, & I can feel it!

  15. Pam is AWESOME. Seriously, one of the nicest peope I have never met IRL and love her!

    Soo feeling you with this weather. I love it. High 60s and cloudy. Keep the June gloom!! AZ can keep the heat to themselves :)

    I say go natural. You can always change it if you hate it. I went brunette in 2010 and loved it. My sister is a hair stylist so I am spoiled in getting to change it and I cook her dinner or bring her gifts as payment. If I had to pay $150 I would never color it. Ever.

    Crowds are not my forte.

  16. Can't believe I went to the Grand Lake Theatre only one time! I watched "Inception." Loved the whole look and feel of the place.

    I like big cities, and I would like to move to S.F. later this year. Ideally I would live in Oakland (I lived near Lake Merritt for a year, and it was perfect for me), but the commute to work would be too hard on my wallet and patience.

    The only thing I don't like about S.F. is driving. I try to take the BART whenever I go to the city or East Bay, but its reach is so limited. Tonight I'm meeting friends in Inner Richmond for dinner, and I know I'm going to have a bitch of a time with parking.

    P.S. Even though I do my laundry for free at my current place, I still line-dry my clothes. Old habits, you know.

  17. Ok, I'm one of those NoCal'ers who has been fussing about the cold temps. But now that we have us some sun shine, I can handle the temps being a bit colder. What was really dragging me down was the doom and gloom and cold.

    I went to see Water for Elephants this weekend (finally) and it was good. Not the book but really good nonetheless.

  18. I have the toughest time with crowded places. I hate hate hate malls around the holidays (or ever). I hate the feeling of everyone bumping into me and I just end up needing to GET OUT.

    I vote for Go Red! I'm a natural light brown nothing color, and I've never been happier since I became a redhead. I like the brown, too, on you though. I'm partial to darker colors.

  19. Ok, I am a hairstylist and I have often thought of your hair every time I read your blog. If only you could visit me in Northwest Arkansas, I would totally hook you up!
    Yes, blonde is so high maintenance. (BUT BEAUTIFUL!!!)
    And yes, to make blonde actually beautiful you have to have somebody do it for you, and add in pieces of whites and golds and honeys and creams but, like you said, sooo pricey.

    Brown would be more practical, I think. But once you've been blonde and then you go brown I think you kind of start to miss it. So don't do a crazy, harsh, permanent super dark, or going back blonde will be a nightmare with lots and lots of orangey-gold phases. I think you'd look great brunette. It REALLY stinks that to have a pretty blend of medium (without having to choose the drastic BLONDE or BROWN) you have to pay an arm and a leg.

    On a slightly different note...have you ever though about putting layers in your hair? maybe some side swept bangs? That would TOTALLY change the look of your hair for way cheaper. I WISH I COULD DO YOUR HAIR FOR YOU!!!

  20. I like the natural hair color - it almost looks auburn!

    I went college in NYC so big crowds don't bug me. Much. Or maybe I became numb to it after a while.

    So, you're just a natural athlete, huh? That stride length in the pic is ridiculous.

  21. Ahhh...YOUR WELCOME!! I'm happy that you enjoyed your treats!! :)

    We'll cross paths soon! Maybe for SF marathon. One day I hope to run as fast as you girl! day!! :)

    You look good as a brunette! We watched "Kung Fu Panda 2" this weekend with the kids. We all loved it! I think my husband n I laughed more than the kids! Soo good!! The week before my hubby n I saw "Hangover 2"...very funny!! Our kids won't be watching that for a very looong time tho! I even blushed during some parts! :)

    "Have a good evening and a Have a Happy Tuesday!!"

  22. i love the thought of living in nyc but i hate the idea of the cramped living space...i don't mind people all around as long as i can go home and decompress. I don't run but I want Pam as my friend!! i want packages!!!

  23. Oooooooh, presents!!! YAY!

    Also, I've never been to that theater and now I must go! And given that you don't like to color your hair, I say go with something as close to your natural color as possible - no dying = money saved = happy you!

  24. I like the brown. probably since mines brown and I kind of like it :)

    I'm a low maintenance girl. No dying for me, just too laze and cheap for it. And I only manage about two cuts a year. I should work on that


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