Friday, June 17, 2011

Pete and Repeat

oh bliggity bloggety.

It's too early in my blogging career (Month 6!? 75 posts!) to have a slump.  But I really have no idea what to talk about.

And you know what? It seems like no one else in this blogworld knows what to talk about either.

Exhibit A:  I've been noticing a lot of "repeat" posts lately.

Repetitive.  In more ways than one....I've used this picture before

Posts where a blogger waxes on about something that I SWEAR they already talked about, in an almost identical post.

Maybe I read too closely or have too strong of a memory.

My hunch is that some bloggers either a) have been blogging for too long to remember what they have already posted about, or b) reallllly love the repeated topic and just want to milk it for all it's worth.

I'm not referring to the repetition of a "general" topic, like daily recaps that are similar to other days....

or how I repeatedly explain that Natalie Portman ruins all movies

(let me take this moment to highlight the Natalie Portman-Ruined Movie of the Week:

Closer, in which she totally and absolutely failed to convince me that she was a purple-wigged stripper).

Natalie, no.  Clive Owen, yes.
I'm not buying what your selling

 It's nice to see I'm about one tassel away from posting porn on my blog, hm.

Anyway, an entirely hypothetical example of what I mean by repeating posts, is sharing your passionate thoughts about vegetarianism in a grand post...and then 2 months later, doing it again.

I have no reason to be bothered by the repetitiveness...I'm reading for free, at my own choice, the words of unprofessional writers.  But I wonder, why do we persist on slapping up a post when we have nothing at all to say?

Would readers prefer to read something, anything, than to wait a week of zero posts until the blogger is inspired again?

I freaking have nothing else to say.

Let's to fill this awkward silence...

Running! ah yes, running.  there will always be that!

  • Monday: none
  • Tuesday: 13.25 miles.  3 of the miles with the Gentleman, 10 with the poop geese that have officially conquered Lake Merritt.  The lake path is 80% geese crap, 20% concrete.
  • Wednesday: shoot hoops with the Gentleman after work...get a ratio of 3 mosquito bites for every shot I make.  I made about 1 shot.  It was pathetic
  • Thursday: 19 miles. 3 of the miles with the Gentleman.
  • Friday: none


Gross and constantly pooping.  Jealous Allison Marie? ;)

This is a semi-joke, so don't attack me for insensitivity towards the homeless...but the Gentleman and I have this incredible plan that we hope to address with the city government in the near future:

Have the city's hungry homeless hunt for fresh Geese.  It will solve the geese overpopulation, and the hungry homeless in one swoop.  And may even make for excellent entertainment?

Alas, the homeless here probably do a little too well, between pan-handling and breaking in to my car, to be hungry.

So that is my post about nothing...and I expect you can read a similar version of this in a couple months.  So there's that to look forward to.

What do you do when you have nothing novel to share?

Let's play improv here: throw me a topic!! Give me an idea -- what should I post about?


  1. Holy crap I hate Natalie Portman too. I thought i was the only one! Although I actually liked her in Closer...that's like the only time :).

    Ah Hastings! I know someone else who went there. Good school too. UCLA was good - beautiful campus- the MBA social aspect kinda sucked. I made like zero friends and was in a bad relationship.

    I wish the bruins would return to their past life of sports domination!!!

  2. girl, you could talk about snot and I think i'd be amused. Its your style that I like and your realness. I don't see a repeat, but maybe I'ma a repeat. haha.

  3. I dig thru old photos or just look a little more closely at the world around me. But then again I am twice as old as you and have 4 kids and 6 stepkids…lots of material!
    Those geese…no kidding. Imagine also having to warn and then clean your kids of goose poop in the grass!

  4. I definitely see the dilemma--skip the post or verge on being repetitive? I'm so guilty of posting food pics that are the same meal after meal. I'd rather skip the photo than show the same stinking bowl of oatmeal one more time. People know what oats look like!

  5. Great post! I feel the same way about the repeated posts. When I don't have a good idea to post, I just don't post. Mainly I blog to keep my family up to date with what I'm doing- since they don't live close by. and to keep track of my training feelings and thoughts, injuries etc.

    Ah the geese. I am not a fan of them too. I got chased by those poop machines a few times and feared I would be pecked to death. Your idea about serving them to the homeless is going to start happening in new York. I just read an article this week how they will start trapping the ones at the major NYC area airports (so they dont get sucked into any more jet engines) and give them to shelters for food.

  6. So my uncle took my little cousin (who is now in high school) to work with him one day for some reason or another. He worked in a big office building downtown. Some homeless guy came up to them and asked for money for food. When my uncle said he didn't have any cash, my cute little five-year-old cousin told him he could eat the dead rooster over there (not sure what kind of bird it really was - whatever flew into the building and fell).

  7. i want to know about those running shoe stores that analyze your steps and tell you where you put all your weight when you land and step and all that stuff.

    have you ever done one of those test things to find "the perfect shoe" or do you pick your shoes just by trial and error?

    take a picture of all of your shoes.

    what do you do with your shoes when they get old and you don't wear them anymore?

    do you ever put dr scholls inserts into your shoes?

    what do you do for blisters if you get them?

    what do you do for calluses? do you ever get pedicures.

    oh i am such a running novice and I don't read any other running bloggers blogs so I have so many questions I could go on for days...

  8. With three kids I usually don't have time to post even 10% of what's in my head...and most of the other 90% might not make great public material. :) Certain bloggers just want to send their blog back to the top for reading/hits- so post whatever comes to mind- or ask questions.

    You asked in Raina's Races about showering before a race.
    I do it as a warm-up (in place of running to warm up for a half or longer); but I also will do it just to make myself alert/feel better going into a shorter race, where I would run for warm up.

    My turn:
    How did you get the comment/reply thing in your page in a blogger blog?

  9. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Does that still work if you replace 'nice' with 'interesting'? The poop geese ruined one of my bike trails... they are an evil spawn.

  10. I initially started my blog just to document my running for myself. I try to remember that was my original goal, and that there isn't any real need to fill empty space. Still, I sometimes feel oddly obligated to post if I feel like it's been too long.

    I love your homeless/geese idea! Why shouldn't they (both) be more useful?? ;)

  11. I'm in a slump too, I feel bad about it, but I can't just make shit up, ya know? PS: our blog lives are almost identical in length. Twinsies! Also, I think your homeless/geese idea is fantastic, but I think you're right: they make far too much money panhandling.

  12. I'm with you on the Natalie Portman disdain. And, when I have nothing to say, I generally skip. And/or find photos to post, because it doesn't require too much mental brainpower, and they are (somewhat? hopefully? probably not with my photo skills) marginally interesting to look at.

  13. You are so funny. I'm with whoever said that you could talk about your sink and it would be great.

    Yeah, I'm kinda quiet on my blog if I have nothing to say.

    Is it sad that it took me 5 days to do the mileage that you did in 2 runs? Bahahahaha!

  14. Oh wait, they said you could talk about snot not your sink. HA!

    I am certain you could make either one interesting though. ;-)

  15. Hhahaha, ok, that geese idea might be the best ever. How about you write about the most ridiculous things you've ever done while running. Or how about a day in the life. Or how about how blogging sucks up so much time but is totally worth all the creeping and friend. Or just about pumpkin pie. Because it's awesome.

  16. "things you don't know about lawyers"....GO!

  17. I think it all depends on what blog it is. Some I enjoy reading more than others (yours, for example) and those ones I would rather see pop up on my google reader even if it is a version of something already said, or something about nothing. So please don't deprive me of my Roserunner!

  18. lol, your blog is hilarious. I wouldn't say that I notice too much repetitiveness from bloggers in terms of post topics, but I probably just don't pay enough attention, haha

    Why is Natalie Portman in so many movies recently? Seems like there was a time when every other preview I saw in the theatre was a movie that she was in! Is it because she is pregnant, so she is trying to do as many movies as possible now before she has the baby?

    That sucks about the geese poop, that does not sound fun! Your plan about the homeless hunting them sounds like a good plan!

    I generally post about once per week or so, I just don't have that much to talk about, and I don't want to invent a topic unless I have something to say.

    As for topics for you - this is a repeat topic I think, but I never get tired of you talking about how you hate SF, haha

  19. I effing hate geese.


  20. repeats....I guess I am guilty of that...I repeat I love and or miss my hometown many times in the same week. I have repeated about my kids and their LOVE for a famous singer. not always the same exact thing but still nothing new. I talk about my health once in while, it is the same problem that repeats....when I know it is repetitive I try to just send the readers to a previous link. I started writting that blong thinking nobody would read. now I got a few who do and I write to get advice, encouragements, kick in the rear..(maybe sometimes).

    If people I follow repeat themselves and it is not interesting to me, I scroll down...and move the the next post. I follow people who post a lot about eating and have a zillion pics of food I cannot even eat so I pass on all of that.

    I just saw on the plane a movie with your fav. it is medium crap...cannot even remember the name of it now..with Kutcher..super predictible
    but ok for the plane I guess since I was disturbed by my 5 yrs old 37 times during the movie. She was good in one movie: Beautiful girls.

  21. wowhooozy...that was long....sorry.

  22. I am super repetitive on my blog. I think it's because I have been trying to change things about myself for so long and continue to struggle with them... so I continue to write about them.

    And I hope that geese thing is a joke :P


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