Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wet Hair is so Hot Right Now

Recently, I was reminiscing about the good ole days of Law School 2007-2010, when the Gentleman and I didn't work, and instead got to spend all day together studying, or grabbing lunch, or holding hands under the desk in class.  (That's not all we did hidden under the desks.  I'm kidding.  Am I?)

So I said to the Gentleman: hey, remember when we were in Law School?

Gentleman: yea.

Me: remember how we got to spend all day together?

Gentleman: yea

Me: What is a memory that you have of law school?

Gentleman: sitting in class everyday with 10 seconds until class starts, and then you running in the door with wet hair.

Me: hahahaha.  Wow that's your number one memory?  I can't deny it.  I was the wet-haired slacker.

WAY TMI for this blog...but this wet hair is too good not to share

More wet hair on a mysterious shadowy person.  Due to thunderstorm.

So now that we were already on the topic of hair (See: last post), I'm going to address the wet hair issue.

I prioritize my life in this order:

1) Family and the Gentleman
2) Running (and other physical activities)
3) Friends (ok ok, maybe this is tied with running)
4) Puppies
5) Career and Education
6) Frozen Yogurt

See where Career/Education ranks?  Not very high.

I was "type A" when it came to my education until I was about 22.  I used to be all about 4.0's (or in the case of high school with their honors class menu, a 4.5) and straight A's and obsessive test preparation.

Then the closer I got to realizing the end point of all the education -- a job -- the less I gave a crap.  And the more I cared about the more selfish things in life: sleeping, running, getting a nice lunch, reading blogs...

wai-wai-wait a second.  Let me clarify.  I worked by butt off in law school.  Easily 80+ hours a week devoted to studying, attending classes, writing papers.  Wearing PJ's for 4 weeks straight during finals.  Completing every single assignment in full instead of relying on outlines (think "Cliffs Notes").

See, I graduated.  And I have a "great" job.

But when it comes to law school, the majority of the people in my school were probably devoting 100+ hours a week.  And not sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night.  And not running 60+ miles per week.  Which is what I was doing. 

My point:  compared to the many hardcore students who competing for the $160,000/year job (which, ahem, translates to $10/hour when you work 2 billion hours per year), I was a relative slacker.

I would choose a morning run over reviewing my prep for class.  I would choose hanging out in my dorm room with the Gentleman over schmoozing at the latest networking event. 

goodness I miss this little dorm room.  The Gentleman is eating Trix while closing a business deal.

This is where the wet hair comes in.

I learned to maximize the possible number of minutes of sleep with the maximal possible number of minutes running/ellipticaling, while minimizing the number of minutes grooming and minimizing (to a safe degree) the amount of time I devoted to law school.

This was a recipe for a 2 minute shower, 5 minutes before class started...and a barely-on-time arrival with wet hair.

I still arrive to work two days a week with semi-wet hair (the 30 minute commute helps dry it) and wonder if it comes off as unprofessional.

Presentable enough

If it is unprofessional, I don't think anyone in my office is brave enough to tell me that the drowned rat look is scaring our clients away.

Is your career high on your list of life priorities? 

Does running -- or any other hobby -- impair your devotion to an elaborate grooming schedule?


  1. Hey, I walk into the office with wet hair once every two days, because that's how often I wash my hair. No time to blow-dry! I maximize every minute I got too.

    My career...is definitely high in my life priority. But life comes first. I want to enjoy my life and make the most use of it, and having my dream career plays a role in that.

  2. My career....went down the toilet after I had kids. I did not plan it that way. I have a degree in chemichal engineering and I always thought I would be a "working " mom...until I moved to the US. So that career not high. My new career is very high ....raising kids is hard and raising good people is at the top of my list.

    running comes before any grooming....hey see my career, it does not require to be looking perfect at any momemnt of the day!!!

  3. I switched to a 3-times-a-week hair washing schedule a couple of years ago and never have looked back. Washing hair is a waste of time. It's just gonna get sweaty again anyway.

    Dripping-wet hair can look rather unprofessional when left down, IMO, but pulled back in a bun or ponytail it's fine. But I work in pajamas or running clothes most of the time, so what do I know? :)

  4. Interesting post. My "career" is not high, but my *job* is, because I'm the only source of income. After Gab's diagnosis, one of us had to stay home to care for her, and I earned more and held the insurance. I'm pretty indifferent to my job, but it's fine and it pays the bills, so it's important. If that makes sense.

    My grooming is challenged. Which is tough when I work in rbe beauty industry. But it's super low on my priority list, so. Meh.

  5. As a current grad student who cares mucho about grades, this was nice to read! I think your perspective just helped me re-think mine. :)

  6. My career is definitely up there, but nothing will ever be more important than my family, boyfriend, and running! I think it's great that you took the extra time for yourself during law school. If you didn't dedicate that time towards running you would have gone crazy. Even during really busy times, I feel like I need at least 1-2 hours a day for myself. Working up a sweat definitely helps to relieve stress and help you get on with your day!

  7. Here I was thinking wet hair was totally ok! I don't even own a blow dryer, so....I have wet hair a lot. I exercise every day, shower, and then go to work. Sometimes the curls dry before I get there, sometimes I show up with a wet ponytail. I would rather have time with hubs, running, sleep, all before grooming!

  8. Wait, I'm supposed to dry my hair before leaving the house? Huh? Once or twice a week I show up at the office after a swim, smelling of chlorine AND with wet hair. Like your co-workers, no one I work with has said anything, so I'm thinking I'm good...

  9. I either walk into work unshowered (because I figure I have to do it at lunch after my run) or with wet hair. I'd rather do a billion other things than blowdry my hair.

  10. Considering I walked into work with wet hair this morning, I think that gives you your answer. Running/Working out > drying my hair. Fixing my hair takes wayyy too much time. And it would be a complete and total lie if I said I washed my hair every day before work. Because lets be honest, some days that just doesn't happen...

  11. Ahhh thank you for this post. I have been so done with work lately that I am ready to walk away. The only thing that keeps me here is my 2 little peeps. I go to work with wet hair most of the time. What do they expect when I run at 5 am and then have a family to get out the door, lol.

    The only time I make sure that I don't go to work with wet hair is when I have a meeting with my big bosses (from NY) who are old school. Old school = I do my hair and make up. Otherwise I rock wavy, unruly soaking wet hair. Yeah, great example of a boss I am. Whatevs. Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care!

  12. Even when I have all the time in the world, my hair is not a priority. I usually forget to brush it on good days, and only end up finger combing it in the bathroom if someone makes a rude comment. I'm pretty sure when they invent holographic hair, I'll be the first one to shave my head and get in line.

  13. Ha! I have never been a big groomer :P But 6 stepkids and 4 kids were the end... except for shaving my legs :) I always, always air-dry my hair. You look great! And your priorities are in good order :)

  14. My hair is totally wet right now because I ran during lunch then took a shower.

    Career is NOT high on my importance list, unfortunately. I just want to have fun!

  15. I have short, curly hair. I am also incompetent with a blow dryer (seriously - I burned myself on the chest with one when I was a kid). So - I wash my hair after my workout before workout, towel dry, gel/spray and go. Often times I have no clue how it looks, because I have no real control on how it curls once dry. Know what? I don't care. It is what it is.

    My work is...well, I think I've calmed down a bit about it since I was in my twenties. I still care too much about it, but now have an inherent sense of humor. I've seen too much silliness to take it too seriously. And if you worked where I do, you'd laugh too.

  16. Yeah I'm the queen of wet hair. On another note...you went to UCLA right? We were actually there at the same time. I was at UCLA Anderson (graduated 2010...uhhh go MBAs?). We probably know a couple people in common who were doing joint programs! More importantly, we shoulda gone on a run then.
    Now I have a crapload of debt. But that's cool I guess.

  17. Oh wait...maybe you meant you went to UCLA undergrad? Can't tell :)

  18. I used to be a combat helicopter pilot in the Navy. Before heading off to flight school, I graduated with honors from the United States Naval Academy.

    Now I use my degree to teach developmental English at a community college in Armpit, AZ.

    You could say my career has taken a nose dive. Eh, whatever.

    I rock wet hair all the time. Rocked it this morning at Disneyland with my boys (after my morning run, of course!)

  19. I literally had this thought when I walked into work yesterday with wet hair. I thought to myself, "is this awful? am I the only person in the world who goes to work with their hair wet?" thankfully, no i'm not. Its you. My doppleganger - if you ignore you like to practice law and run :)

  20. I wash my hair every three or four days (sorry if that's gross, but it dries out if I don't do that, and it doesn't tend to get greasy). Part of the reason is the one I just explained, and the other reason is so that 3 or so days out of the week I can wake up, and get dressed and to work in no time flat. I hate doing my hair and the time it takes. I definitely don't put any effort in for work, and I probably never will. Viva la wet hair!

  21. I love this post. We are a lot alike. Throughout college, I obsessed about keeping straight A's and got very anxious if I would get a 91% on any given test. It helped me do well in school, but I am much different today. I work hard and care when I am at work, but my real life is my time spent at home with friends and family AND my time spent running. Too many people work so many hours and are in such poor physical and mental health. I think our priorities are totally right! Puppies might be a little higher on my list since Penny is basically my child. haha.

  22. Awwww, that's such a cute memory. So sweet! And personally, I think you have your priorities right.

  23. ever pull your hair back for work? Nobody could really tell if your hair is still damp if it's up! Or back in a low messy (neatly messy) bun type.

    I can remember ONE TIME in my life that I did the whole start-from-scratch take a shower, get out and actually blow dry and do my hair, and THEN make up, and THEN get dressed (this was for going to a wedding and we were at the beach that whole morning) and I remember thinking "this is INSANE that some women do this routine every.single.day. It took forever!!

    although i did look quite nice by the end of it...

  24. thank you for your comment today
    you are too nice..really. made me smile after a crappy day...are you sure my husband did not pay you to write these nice things?!!
    my only secret for the aging thing goes with this post of yours...little grooming! no make up!

  25. Hah. YES I am really bad at this, I have been better lately, but my hair often goes in a wet ponytail if I don't have time. Sadly I can't just let it air dry down :(

  26. Probably shouldn't admit this on a public forum, but these days I only shower after I exercise (which, fortunately I do 3-4 times a week).

    Otherwise I just splash some water on my face, run my straightening iron through my hair, slap some makeup and throw on anything that still smells fresh.

    Only do laundry when I run out of running clothes.

    When I do shower, half the time I'll go out with wet hair. I figure this is good for my mane in the long run, even if I do look sloppy in the present.

    I used to invest so much time in my appearance, but now that I'm in serious running mode and moved to a more casual department at work, I put in the bare minimum. I can't even remember the last time I wore heels!

    The only time I put in some effort is when I have a work meeting or a first date. And even then, no heels. :)

  27. haha I love this post simply because I live my LIFE with wet hair! haha
    Now that it's so short it dries quickly, though :)
    I also love your list of priorities. It looks like you've got this thing down. Family, friends, running > money.

  28. As a future senior in high school, currently career (as a student) ranks pretty low on the list! This year it was pretty important to me though because it was all about what college is going to accept me, SATs, etc. etc.
    I definitely do not groom myself as much as the average person! When running became more prominent in my life, I gave up long showers, make up, and hair straightening. It's probably better for my skin and hair anyway!

  29. My motto is "work to live" not "live to work" although my current job is making that harder. I am pretty cynical about my profession, but I am working on not being that way.

    As for the hair, I have curly hair and it does what it wants most days. I go to work with wet hair about 3 days a week. I get there around 7 though, so by the time anyone important sees me its mostly dry.

  30. honestly i was a "slacker" in pharmacy school too...but graduated with a 4.0....hence we are efficient studiers. New restaurants, trips > sucky job


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