Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yellowstone Fever

I'm in a tiny little cabin -- with internet!! -- but tiny enough that taking out the laptop is a big enough struggle that I haven't done it until now... the evening of our third day on vacation.

There's another reason I haven't pulled out the laptop:

Within 10 minutes of our taxi ride to the airport, I came down with the flu.

Stomach cramps while waiting for our plane turned into drowsiness and cold sweats during our layover in Salt Lake City, which turned into nausea and pure torture during the final leg of our (tiny, 30-person plane, extra-turbulent) flight.

Things have been rough.  Definitely not how I envisioned our vacation.  We've had a couple other bummerific incidents stemming from our cabin (example: mosquito attacks that kept us up most of Tuesday night).

After the plane flight...I collapsed

But even when I've felt like all I have the energy to do is lie down in a bed, it is easy to buck up as soon as we see the sights.

After my post-plane nap...walking this 0.5 mile boardwalk was hard.  But awesome.

This National park blows my mind! It's incredible.  To hike, drive, and wander through a living volcano makes no sense to me, but it sure makes for incomprehnsible beauty and wonder.

And can you believe that I kind of enjoy the smell of sulfur??

I have a million bug bites, dirt under all my nails, and I don't know what is going on with my hair, but I'm still hoping not to scare the wedding attendees on Saturday. 

My shower situation here is questionable (it's more of a leaking rust circle), so hopefully everyone likes the smell of sulfur as much as I do.

Accomplishments so far:

Spotted: 2 black bears (AAHHHH! both within the first 24 hours here), a gazillion bison, 2 bison walking straight on the road forever as if they were a car (rude), 3,000 elk, 2 wolves (the Gentleman really savored this one), and 2 humans wearing vibrams while hiking/walking the boardwalks.

Hiked: over 20 miles.  Lot's of thermal boardwalk features, Bunson and Osprey trails in the Mammoth area, North and South Rim in Canyon area (Mt. Washburn is closed due to snow...)

Wednesday, beginning to feel OK.  South Rim of Canyon

who knew my tiny non-smart phone could do a panorama?

South Rim

Canyon Wall, "artist's point"

some lake

Eaten: once I could keep food down, it was hard to find any that didn't include meat.  I think every waiter here hates mostly trail mix for me.  Trail mix and the butterscotch-dipped Dairy Queen cone I just enjoyed.

Ran: heck no.  Having the flu is humbling, as it makes 1 mile sound like eternity.

I've got many more pictures to share, but am having trouble with blogger, so next time.

What's the most inappropriate time you have gotten the flu or another illness?


  1. Ah crap so sorry you got so sick
    it sucks!

    last 2 time I got it - the flu - : 1. when my best friends came to visit for the 1st time in California, I had planned a lot of stuff for us to do and well...she ended up being my babysitter/nurse. and this last Christmas..I got really sick and missed both my kids christmas programs at school, it broke my heart.

    beautiful pics, makes me want to go there!

    take good care and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. Oh no, boooo flu!

    It is beautiful there!

  3. oh I have been there! its amazing and i swear its a healing place. Rest up and enjoy the beauty.
    watch out for bear poo. EEK!

  4. I feel your pain. The worst "flu timing" for me was last Christmas. I flew to the boyfriends home town in Florida. We stayed with his brother, sister-inlaw and their 2 kids. The day after I arrived, I came down hard with the flu. For 5 days, I couldn't leave my room. I was so embarrassed. Worst thing was, after I left, both kids got sick. I guess I made a GREAT impression!

  5. Oh, what a bummer that you came down with the flu right as you were leaving on your trip! I got food poisoning on my birthday one year and my boyfriend at the time and I were going to San Diego two days later. I was still pretty icky on the flight there.

  6. Sorry about you getting the flu right when you get there!

    Yellowstone looks amazing!

    You may have already seen it, but one of the coolest things just in looking at pictures of Yellowstone is Morning Glory Pool - the vibrant colors look amazing.

  7. Glad you're feeling better! All the pics are so beautiful! One day... :)

    okay...When my family and I were living in Okinawa I flew to Michigan by myself to spend the summer with my grandparents. I was prob. 14 y/o. Well, I got air-sick while I was sitting between a couple of strangers. Pretty embarrasing! Thankfully, they were very nice! Most embarrasing moment for sure!! :(

  8. So sorry! I got swine flu in the middle of an observation by my administrator. Like, literally started fine, then lost my voice and felt like crap and told her I couldn't finish the lesson because I couldn't talk. Gorgeous pics.

  9. Oh my god that sounds so awful!! I'm soooo sorry. I am a nightmare when I have the flu. Whiny and complaining and I cry when I puke, so yeah, it's pretty obnoxious to be around me when that happens. I really hope you are feeling better by the wedding though, and it sounds like you have gotten in some great adventures already!

  10. So sorry you got sick! But it sounds like you're making the best of it. I would love to visit Yellowstone some day.

    Worst timing for me was getting sick on Halloween 2009 in New Orleans. Tried to be a trooper, but I was miserable.

  11. Hiking 20 miles after just getting over the flu? I'm dutifully impressed. Gorgeous views, too! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  12. Those photos are beautiful!

    I hope you continue to feel better.

  13. omg. I hope you feel better. at least you are sucking it up and going and trying to enjoy yourself!! Stop being so outdoorsy and nature-y! Jk. I threw up on my bday cause I was sick! Chunks of fries came out

  14. I like the image of that kid stopping up old faithful hahaha.

    I went to yellowstone a few years back--- loved all the natural beauty. Didn't love the crowds, wish I had the park all to myself, but that would have been selfish.

  15. so sad to hear that you were down and out at the start, but it sounds like you are rallying back! hate bug bites, perhaps we should lend you the huge dragonfly that flew into our kitchen.....Hope the wedding was lovely and you felt and looked as lovely as well. Give Jenny my best and enjoy your time with nature....

  16. I have come across your blog and have to say I love your candid humor! I was reading several of your posts below and you really call it like it is. And, holy mileage +80?! wow!

    I do hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the rest of your travels.


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