Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Just Heard Amy Winehouse Died, and I Don't Care

Re: the title of this post, unless it was death by murder, I'm lacking any sympathy.  I'm sure a few dozen people made money off her death, as it was a pretty easy one to bet on.

Now that I've momentarily been heartless, I'll get lovey and mushy on you. 

Within twelve hours after publishing my last post -- which was full of random thoughts, one of which was excitement about my older sister nearing her birth due-date -- my niece Gemma was born.

Gemma was born at 7:19 a.m. on Wednesday, July 20.  7 pounds, 21 inches.

I got a text from my mom at 5:00 a.m. that my sister was in labor.  Then a text at 7:30 a.m. with a picture of Gemma, minutes old.

My heart soared! She looked so familiar to me.  She looked exactly like family.

Then all day at work on Wednesday, and all day at work on Thursday, and ALL day at work on Friday, I felt suffocated and stifled that I was 90 minutes away from my newest family member and I was missing her first few days on earth.

My mom continued to send me text pictures [see: the poor quality pictures above] and my jealousy flared.

Fuck work.  Seriously.  My boss left at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday to go to his dad's birthday.  But because I was assigned the task of drafting several hundred discovery responses under a deadline, I had to miss the action during an incredibly significant day(s) of my family's life.

My parents are first time grandparents, and obviously over the moon.  My sister is a mother.  I want to be THERE!

So now I am heading to Napa to meet her.  I almost couldn't fall asleep last night I was so excited.  I hope she will be my best friend.

Tuesday: 12.3
Wednesday: 14
Thursday: 12.5
Friday: none
Saturday: 17.6

nothing notable to share about these runs.  I took them pretty easy. 

I got sick of running in circles around Lake Merritt, which is normally where I do my flat fast running, so these four runs were all in hillier neighborhoods.  And slow.

I am slowly devouring "Born to Run" by Christopher MacDougal.  When I really love a book, I savor it.  No you don't know what I mean -- I've been reading this book since Christmas of 2010.  I'm on page 72.  I read 5-10 pages every couple weeks. 

Another book I LOVE, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass," has been on my nightstand for 2.5 years.  I'm less than halfway through.

Anyway, point is I wanted to mention an excerpt from "Born to Run" that really caught my attention. 

I admittedly never pay attention to the professional sport of running (I've heard of Ryan Hall, but frankly don't really care to learn about him -- and I wouldn't know Kara Goucher if Runners World didn't plaster her on every issue), but a woman was mentioned in the book.  I was shocked by her feats, and shocked I had never heard more about her.

Ann Trason.

"One Saturday, Ann got up early and ran twenty miles.  She relaxed over breakfast, then headed back out for twenty more.  She had some plumbing chores around the house, so after finishing run No. 2, she hauled out her toolbox and got to work.  By the end of the day, she was pretty pleased with herself; she'd run forty miles and taken care of a messy job on her own.  So as a reward, she treated herself to another fifteen miles."  [p.68, Born to Run]

I'm pulling up the Ann Trason card next time someone tells me I'm crazy for running 20 miles before work. 

By the way: she ran sixty-two miles at a 6:44 pace.  Is your mind blown?

Would you be able to skip work if a sibling had just given birth?

Do you pay attention to professional runners, and have you heard of Ann Trason?


  1. whoa, who is this woman? What is she eating, smoking, etc?? I want in on it. Impressive!!

    You better skip work for family, much more important.

  2. My sister gave birth on Tuesday..... I had dr. Appointments Wednesday and Thursday that I couldn't skip..... I hopped in my car with my hubby and kids right after the Thursday appointment for a 5 hour trip to meet my gorgeous nephew! Congrats on being an aunt!

  3. I don't pay attention to current pro runners…but Ann Trason is old school. I remember her from 'back in the day'. She is pretty incredible, I agree.
    Congrats on the auntiness! So exciting! She is a super cute baby :) Hope you get some good loving on her :)

  4. Your niece is precious! Hope you get some quality time with her this weekend.

    The only pro runners I'm really interested in are Meb Keflegzhi and Des Davila. For me, Kara is over exposed and gets a lot of press because she is attractive. I need to research more about Ann.

  5. Congratulations Auntie!!!! She is precious!!! Enjoy every moment.

    That blows about worl. I would be outta my office if my sibling delivered a baby- but my job is so different from yours. I'd pack up my laptop and celly and I'd be out.

    I have been reading Born To Run since Christmas too....yikes. I just need to read it.

  6. So glad you are finally getting to see your niece! What a beautiful baby. I would be out in a heartbeat for that!

    I don't know much about professional runners, but that lady is incredible. Part inspiring, but also just a little demoralizing because that will NEVER be me!

  7. What a sweet lil' baby girl! Congrats, Auntie RoseRunner!

    When my sister had a baby in 2005, I was on deployment in Indonesia. So nope. No getting off of work for me either!

    So many running books I need to be reading. Will add this one to my list too!

  8. Re: Amy Winehouse Obit- It is Sad when anyone meet's an untimely demise. I didn't listen to her Music, as I'm from a older Era, but hopefully those who did follow her, will realize hoe Dangerous DRUGS can be. Perhap's, more than her Music, this was in the Mater Plan, a message through Amy. She did not Die in Vain. If we had all this Money & Fame, at a Young Age, how would we Handle it ???

  9. 1. that is one beautiful baby. really. congrats to your sister! when my brother's wife gave birth I did not get time off. It took a whole month before I could see my godchild. it sucked. for the second I was living here so too far to go, the first time I saw her she was 4 mos old.

    2 I dont really follow top runners. I know of some. I have met one and he was extremely nice and humble and I liked him. I dont know this Ann Trason she is impressive!

    3. Amy Winehouse. I think it is sad. A waste of life and talent, I think she was talented. She made stupid choices and she paid for it. I have also no sympathy in me for people who play with their life like this. Got the LA Times this morning and they used the word Icon for her...really? no.

  10. It's amazing how much she really does look like you and your family!!! I am in love with her already and can't wait to meet her. I'm glad you finally got to yesterday!

  11. Holy crap! Why aren't we hearing more about this woman??? That is freaking amazing.

    Yay for your family's new addition! Congrats to you all!!

  12. I did get out of the parking ticket, that foolish cop had misread the sign and ticketed me in error.

    Congrats on your new neice!!

    I'm enjoying looking at the new design(s) of the blaaag.

    Imagine how much that woman must have to eat in order to fuel for a "treat" run of 15 miles!

  13. "treated herself" I understand loving running but do you think that borders obsessive/addiction to it? maybe it's the jealousy talking but that's alot and the thought that she thinks it's a reward...

  14. I totally can be slow about reading books - I'm usually fast, but some just take forever. Took me way too long to get through Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell. Good book; own it, goodness knows if I'll ever read it again.

    And yes - I was amazed by Ann when I read Born to Run. Forget barefoot running - I want to understand her!

  15. About Amy Winehouse - she was an insanely talented musician. I saw her at Coachella 2007 right around when she exploded, and it was one of my favorite performances at Coachella ever. She just couldn't stay clean. It did seem like it was only a matter of time before she imploded.

    That is too bad to hear that you weren't able to attend the birth of your niece. Congrats on being an aunt! As long as it wasn't tax season (and even if it was tax season), my boss likely would have allowed me to go to something like that, I'm not sure though.

    Born to Run is the next book that I'm going to read, I just read Unbroken which was an awesome book.

    I didn't know about Ann Trason, she sounds very impressive! She sounds somewhat like you!

    I do like following professional runners, my favotite is Meb Keflezighi, I watched him run the entire 2004 Olympic marathon to get the silver medal, an inspiring performance. I like following Ryan Hall and etc. I agree with Xaarlin, Kara Goucher seems over exposed to me. Desiree Davila beats her at Boston and all we heard about was Kara.

  16. AWE! Welcome to the family, little baby Gemma! I'm assuming you are going to get her her very first pair or tennis shoes? I think it's mandatory...

    Congrats to you, your sis and her hubs!

    Oh, and your boss? Not cool. Seriously, not cool.

  17. I honestly don't pay much attention to pro runners at all either. This women is insane - awesome - but insane. I can't even imagine.

    In my old job I would have left in a heartbeat but understand things will be different now. *sigh*

    Thanks again so much for today!

  18. What a BEAUTIFUL baby <3 Ugh, this week I would not have been able to skip work but usually I can be flexible. All the good stuff seems to happen during quarter end close though :-/ lame!

  19. She will be your best friend because you love her so much. :) She is an adorable newborn. {most just look sorta squishy and alienish...Gemma is a gem}

  20. Okay. Now that I devoured Born to Run I can understand how you'd want to only read a chapter or so every couple of weeks. I'm sad it's over.

    I like Meb (go Bruins!) and Desi Davila too (go Latinas!).


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