Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Like, So Totally Random

I'm Tired.  Here are my Disorganized Thoughts Today
  • Bikers, get the eff off the sidewalk
  • Radio is becoming a real issue.  Do DJ's even TRY?! 
  • My two favorite actors at the moment are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig, and I think Ben Affleck is more handsome than almost any other actor, but I say that in a very neutral observational way (rather than I have the hots for him kind of way). 

  • the Gentleman had to make a name for his trivia team at work.  We collaborated to create the team name "Otrivia Newton John Triviolta."  If you're not impressed, than that is just sad.
  • I'm about to have a niece named Gemma Grace P________.  I love her name.  She is stewing in my sisters stomach for a few more days, but should pop out annny minute.
  • I can't believe how hard chopsticks are to use, even when I try with all my might
  • I don't get Lil Wayne.  And I really don't get the appeal of his new love song.
  • I didn't go to a Giants baseball game tonight (we had a free tix offer) because of the burden of figuring out how to get into the city.  (Driving = bridge traffic, bridge toll, parking fee, jam of cars trying to get to the stadium and find parking.  BART = one hour of walking including from home and then to stadium, still expensive, huge baseball game crowds, my constant fear of sitting on a wet chair thanks Page). 
  • So to reiterate, I turned down free tickets to see an incredibly talented and entertaining baseball team play at one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world, because I STILL HATE SAN FRANCISCO.  
  • I still love the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, and I wonder if the soundtrack to The Social Network is worth buying.
  • The Black Keys "Brothers" album makes a work commute much more endurable.  Volume way up for extra soul.

  • My insomnia kicked in Sunday night (or my caffiene intolerance...I had a diet coke at 4:00 p.m.) and I didn't sleep a wink.  Monday and Tuesday were brutal at work, thanks for nothing brain.
  • I almost think Emma Stone is the coolest, but something is holding me back.

  • If you search for the most viewed videos on youtube, you may not be surprised to see Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga at the top; however, you may be perplexed as to why a baby-bathtub song and a bland chic in knee socks made it to the top 20. 
  • Soccer was my life for a few years, and I played ages 5 through 18.  I didn't watch any of the women's world cup.  Sorry :(
  • I did, however, happen to notice that the goalie is a hunk.  (I'm making that word gender neutral).

  • How come Axe Cop isn't more famous?  It's the only comic strip I've ever read that is actually entertaining (not counting Archie, which I thought was entertaining when I was 10).


Member how I won a pair of Asics shoes for placing 1st in my division at the See Jane Run half?

Well I went to pick up my shoes at the local See Jane Run store...and instead got a $100 gift card for Asics shoes. 

And a pair of Asics technical socks. 

And a big waterbottle. 

And a tin of chocolates. 

SWEET!! Thank you See Jane Run! Your store is cool, your race sucked.  But now that I got my race fee back in running shoe $$, we're cool.

My least favorite logo ever

YOU are lovely right now.  Yes, you.


  1. Hmmph! My work gives Giants tickets away every week and I never win. We are treated to a game every summer, but I wish we went more often because I love AT&T Park's garlic fries. The last time we went I drank too much beer and fell asleep before the final inning, my employers were soooo impressed.

    And I too wish bicyclists stayed off the sidewalk. They are supposed to use the street! I wish more people knew this, especially those fortunate enough to live in bike-friendly cities in the Bay Area.

  2. I hate, hate, hate bikers who bike on the sidewalks. USE THE STREET and stop trying to run over me!

    I get work induced insomnia. I see cases in my dreams. It totally sucks.

  3. omg. I heart JGL but something about Ben Affleck's teeth/gum ratio turns me off. Anyways hope you aren't delirious at work today! And now that i live in a biking town...THEY CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS...either obey car laws or be a biker...you can't do both!

  4. Love this post. I'm glad your prize ended up being even better than you expected. That almost never happens.

    I don't blame you for not going to the game. That sounds like a nightmare.

    Work-related insomnia happens to me a lot. I also often blame caffeine, but I think it's mostly anxiety.

    I like Emma Stone a lot. Is there something I'm missing?

  5. Truth: Once some woman screamed at me for riding my bike on the road and told me I needed to get on the sidewalk. Idiots abound. I cannot stand any of the djs here; they say the most inane crap, so whenever I hear them talk, I change the station immediately.

  6. I'm a daft punk fan, but have not listened to the Tron soundtrack yet. You recommend though? I also really enjoyed the social network score (at least while watching the movie that is) and wonder if it's worth getting too. And Brothers is an awesome jam album while driving in your car.

    Oh, and I have never watched soccer in my life (sorry) but I had friends over Sunday who wanted to watch the world cup game and I could not take my eyes off the goalie for Japan. She reminded me of a cartoon character, and then somebody called her Sonic the Hedgehog and I think that's a perfect fit. I found her fascinating.

  7. Yay I'm lovely! Thanks. ;-)
    I watched "The Social Network" about 5 times within 2 weeks. Yes, get the track!

    I sometimes hate bikers, especially in school because there is always a swarm of bikers charging at me in MY territory of the sidewalk. Also, some of them wobbles and makes me even more insecure because I don't know which way to dodge!

  8. Yes yes yes Black Keys! They.freaking.rock. Great live. Yes!

    Sweet prize from SJR!

  9. Here is my random reply.

    Rich (the husband!) Listened to the Tron soundtrack all morning yesterday.

    I know this sounds bad- but Emma Stone reminds me too much of Lindsey Lohan to really like her. I just cant stant LiLo. that is what does it for me and Emma Stone... she is very awesome though, but not the best because of this.

    I love chopsticks. But that is what happens when you dad spent his 2 year mission to hong kong and we weren't allowed to eat chinese food with forks even as little kids.

    I seem to remember you have liked Joseph Gordon levitt for a long time... or was that liz? i am not sure, but happy to know he is on your top list right now.

    Congrats on your Niece~! I would love to hear the birth story sometime.

  10. I'd do bad things to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, just saying. Also, I get mad when bikers use the street, but I live in the midwest and not a super hippy place like San Fran, so we get mad at things like that (at least thats my excuse...it could be not true). Finally, I also can't use chop sticks. I use a fork to eat sushi.

    ps: i might steal that baby name...one day

  11. - Bikers are legally allowed on the sidewalks in LA. This does not mean that they don't annoy me.
    - Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorable. He was the main draw in Inception for me.
    - Impressive name! And it's not a sentence long as some bar trivia team names.
    - I don't think I've ever turned down free tickets to Dodger games (or even Angels games). I've been offered tickets 4 times this season and 3/4 of those times they've won.

    I won shoes at my first ever 5K. I didn't place or anything, but I won a raffle from a running store. That was neat. I never win anything.

  12. Congrats on your soon-to-be niece!! So exciting! :)

    Nice swag! :)

  13. The trivia team name must go straight to the Hall of Fame of Team Names as far as I'm concerned. Well done.

    Congrats again on your SJR swag!

  14. My fiance also thinks the goalie is a "hunk" :)

  15. I freakin LOVE this post!! You had me cracking up.

    I love your niece's same and I don't understand Lil Wayne whatsoever!

    Congrats on placing at the half!! Very cool prizes.

    Hope work has eased up a bit for you. I would love to meet whenever you are free.


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