Friday, July 29, 2011

Nutella for Dinner

Not only has work kept me away from blogging much during the week, but rather obviously, it keeps me away from logging my preferred amount of long and delicious miles.

Which brings me back to Dane Douche-enberg.  In my last post, I discussed a book about a cool running feat that was written very badly by a narcissist.

One quote in the book is attributed to a famous runner named Bill Rodgers, or Boston Billy, who I know nothing about.  I'm sure he's very accomplished, but I'm not in the mood to learn.

However, his quote made me bookmark this awful book because I knew it was one of those runner-blog-nerd post topics.

Bill Rodgers quote read: "No one with a full-time job will ever beat me in a race"

aw, schute.

I think I have been in denial.  I have convinced myself that working full time doesn't impact my ability to be the strongest and most satisfied runner I can be.

I get up 3 hours before work every day to get some form of exercise in.  I hoped that would be enough to keep me at my best.

But is it?

I am still a strong runner.  I am still in great running shape.  I have achieved PR's in the 1/2 and full marathon while being employed full time.

so either: a) one can still be in their best racing shape while employed full time, or b) I could be kicking way more butt if I had a few extra hours in the day.

I think the biggest problem with the daily pre-work runs, is that some days you wake up and it just isn't the right time of day for a hard run.  For various reasons. And you could get a far superior training run in if you were allowed to eat a breakfast, let the bowels move, etc. etc., and leave at 8:00 a.m. for a run.

I'm not going to worry too much about it, until I start worrying about signing up for a marathon.  Which will be my next post...

Today was just another work day.  No run, read Esquire mag while ellipticalling away.

I randomly present: Overheard in Roserunner's day:

Overheard at work: "you have to wash your hands Tremendously!"

Overheard at home: "sometimes pants are a bad idea"


this work week only garnered 2 runs.

But I had two nice long ones last weekend, and that held me over.

Saturday: 17.6
Sunday: 18.5
Monday: none
Tuesday: none
Wednesday: 14
Thursday: 14
Friday: none

On my Wednesday 14 miler, I threw in a fast mile just for good times sake, and clocked it in at 6:19.  Then I pondered doing another fast mile or two, and checked myself before I wrecked myself.

Which is to say I didn't feel like it.  The rest of the run was in the 7:40 minute/mile range.


The Gentleman bought some Nutella recently, something I haven't had in the cupboard for a few years now.

I'm totally reliving the year in high school (junior year?) when I first discovered it, thanks to my Dad who had brought some home that he had purchased for a German Language course he was taking (I think he had to bring in European snacks or something).

I became the worlds fastest Nutella fiend.  I recall coming home from soccer practice and digging in for a scoop so large that it took out half the jar; and then sucking on that like a lollipop, and avoiding whatever nutritious salad or pasta dish my mom had made for dinner.

I recall getting my friends hooked on it too; and then hanging out in the kitchen at 11:00 p.m., taking turns dipping in with a spoon while deciding whether to head to a high school party.

[Just so you know, back in 2001-2, I swear no Americans knew about Nutella.  This was a new discovery for all of us]

My favorite way to eat Nutella is still with a spoon and nothing else.  But I just dipped some wheat thins in it, and whoa.  It's good.

If you ever needed a billion other ways to eat Nutella, check out the recipes here.

Although I haven't eaten any of this next item lately, the other discovery I made that fateful high school year thanks to my Dad's German class was Cambozola cheese.

It is freaktastic.  Go have yourself a European snack party

What would you rather see: Cowboys and Aliens or Crazy Stupid Love I want to make a trip to the movie theatre this weekend, can't decide.

Do you LOVE Nutella or Cambozola Cheese?

Can you be in your best running shape while working full time?


  1. i think you can! time management and recovery is key. Right?
    Oh and you gotta try nutella/banana/cream cheese sandwiches.

  2. crazy stupid love! i will let you know if I get to it this weekend

  3. crazy stupid love (for me will be smurf..go ahead laugh it is ok)

    yes love it hstes me

    and yes I think we can.

  4. "Dane Douche-enberg" -- haaaaaaaa.

    I love Nutella too -- just bought some for my waffles. One of my sisters is totally obsessed with the stuff, one time I found seven tubs of it on her kitchen table.

    I'd watch "Cowboys and Aliens," bc it's a comic book adaptation, and I love comic books!

  5. LOVE both of those food items :)

    You can be in your best 'while working' shape.. but he's right. I've met Bill Rodgers... yes, I am old. He was a very cool, very nice guy to hang out for a day with. I also used to be an elite athlete (not runner). The amount of focus you can give when you don't have to work is amazing. I only got to do this in small stints but just the rest factor was pretty incredible.

  6. dude Nutella is good on everything...honestly. BTW I'm probably gonna see Cowboys and Aliens cause G wants to see it! And I have a thang for Daniel Craig. What's up with work?

  7. I'd see Crazy Stupid Love.
    I think it's definitely hard to fit running in around a work schedule, but it's doable if you're willing to sacrifice a lot of other things. I think you've got a pretty good handle on it!
    LOVE nutella. My stepdad is German and he used to make us nutella sandwiches (on white crusty french bread) for breakfast as kids. Heaven.

  8. I totally knew about and ate Nutella in HS - my french teacher told us about it! I recently had some at my friend's house, and was so tempted to buy it, but held back, because the whole jar would be gone in like 2 days. To be honest I don't watch TV in the summer so I don't see commercials so I have no idea what either of those movies are. There is no way in hell you can run your best while working full time. I am working part time teaching summer school right now, and I have so much more time to not just run, but do yoga, cross train, sleep, cook healthy meals, and all that great stuff that helps your running. There's a reason elites get to run AS their job. Sadly, for us 9-10 minute milers, running doesn't pay the bills.

  9. Love nutella, I don't buy it because I can eat an entire container in one weeked.

    Dang girl you can really rack up the miles in 4 runs a week. I would never be able to wake 3 hours early to get in that mileage before work, I generally work evenings though. Bill Rodgers was kinda a big deal back in the late 70's early 80's, before you or I were even born, and his legacy as since trailed off. He has a point, it is difficult to keep ontop of things at a full time job and on the running front. Quite frankly, this runs me raged every week. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't have a full time job if I could really rock it as a runner, but I don't think that I'll ever be lucky enough to find out.

  10. I saw our beloved author at the San Francisco expo on Saturday, and I instantly thought of you! Thought about buying the book to see if he is really douche-y in print, but I really need to finish "Born to Run" first.

  11. I knew about Nutella before that! Nathalie McGrath always had it at her house and we used to eat it when we were cute little youngsters on French Bread. Mmmmmm.... Nutella.....

    I want to see Crazy Stupid Love! Let me know how it is if you go.

    I am interested in this working full time/best runner I can be topic. It's something I think about all the time (not with running of course, oh gosh no). What could I be achieving if I didn't have a full-time job? Would be interested to read more posts about it in the future.


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