Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Giant Race Dilemma

I almost have great news to share, but then again I’m not sure.  It might be bad news.

It went down like this.  I woke up Wednesday morning, at the blissful time of 8:10 a.m., since the lucky Gentleman and I took the day off in celebration of his birthday.  

I woke up with this calm feeling that I would be racing this weekend.  I had a hunch I won RunnersRambles' giveaway: a free entry into the Giant Race, a ½ Marathon celebrating the San Francisco Giants.

After waking, I congratulated the birthday boy, ran a lap of sprint intervals around the lake with the Gentleman, came home and checked my mail.  Sure enough, I won Aron’s giveaway! I would be running a half marathon this Saturday, August 27th!

I was pretty much buzzing with happiness.  I love free stuff. No listen I LOVE FREE STUFF.  I eat 6 samples of everything at Costco, even the stuff I dislike.  I am famously known to be a sucker for Clinique’s Bonus Time incentives.  

I was also stoked because this race could be a perfect kick off to my training for the California International Marathon in December.  It would be a challenging workout, and a nice guage of where my speed is at.

The rest of the day was more loveliness.  We ate a big breakfast, went on a 3 hour hike through our pretty city and stopped at parks.

our hood

a hood much richer than ours

At this pretty park, Gentleman ordered me to do 10 push-ups.  With bad form.

And I ordered him to make fun of yoga (sorry yoga peeps)

Next, we enjoyed a 1-hour couples massage (one of my gifts to him).  I was a little anxious beforehand, because being the non-meditator that I am, an hour of sitting still and having a stranger touch me is not my idea of a good time.  However, I really enjoyed it.  This was my fourth massage of my life, and my favorite.

We went out to dinner at Rivoli in Albany, a restaurant that was new to us, but we had heard good things about it.  We like to go big for birthday dinners, and this was a little bit on the milder side.  Our check was under $100, which is rare for our twice-annual-nice-dinners for birthdays.

There is fish under all that

I woke up this morning, thinking there is nothing I can or will do, taper-wise, at this late hour to prepare for the ½, so I would just run as usual.  I headed out for my normal 13-15 mile run.

I had to stop at mile 7.  My hamstring was being a little bitch.

Moral of the story: THE CURSE IS REAL.  No matter when, how late, how early, I sign up for a race….I get an injury scare the days before.

I'm icing and wishing for a quick turnaround, because I always want most what I can't have: and the threat of an injury makes me WANT to run on Saturday.

IF I can run, I don't think the course (a decent hill is hit twice on the out and back course) or my fitness calls for a PR attempt.  I will probably safely be able to aim for between 1:30 and 1:35, and call it a good tough training run.  hoping hoping hoping...

I have so much more I want to write about.  I have all these almost-posts written.  I'll get there, I'll get there.  For now, I'm milking my lazy relationship with the internet.  It really is refreshing.

Anyone running the Giant Race?
Have you ever played hooky on a Wednesday? It makes the week VERY nice.


  1. Happy birthday to the Gentleman!

    Argh, my birthday was yesterday, too ... but I did not take the day off from work. My coworkers did take me to IHOP. I can work for stuffed French toast.

    And you are so lucky ... after I was locked out of Santa Rosa, I looked at the Giants race, only to find it sold out. And you can take the BART to the start. No driving/parking stress!

  2. Happy birthday Gentleman!

    Oh no hope your hammy gets better by race day.

    I played hooky last Wed and LOVED it!

  3. Curses!!!! Sorry to hear about your hamstring. Boo. I hope it gets better quickly. Injuries SUCK.

    I love the Gentleman's mockery pose. Hilarious. Happy belated b-day to him! Your massage sounds awesome. Glad you enjoyed it. I am a massage whore. Would love them daily if I could swing it...

  4. Love your pics. Hate your hamstring. Get that thing straightened out!

  5. You know, I totally roll my eyes at the whole yoga culture, but I do like the classes so long as they leave out the hippy dippy mumbo jumbo. If my classes are that granola in Florida, I'd hate to imagine what they are like where you live.

  6. How does that happen? Congrats on winning the entry, but boo to that hamstring. I have a new plan. Your hubs should sign you up for races in secret, and then let you know the night before. There you go. Unless you manage to injure yourself in your sleep, you should be good...right?

  7. Love playing hooky during the week! Although I think I've only done it a total of oh, maybe once. Boo.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GENTLEMAN!!! It sounds like you guys had an awesome day.

    I hope your injury goes away. I have similar situations where I always feel something goes wrong, right before something I really want to do. But I'm sending you good thoughts and wishing that things turn around!

  8. No Giant's race this year thought it seems like fun. Fingers crossed hamstring is all fixed by Saturday.

  9. Sorry to hear about your testy hammie, and I hope it clears up so you can enjoy yourself on Saturday. Sending healing wishes your way.

  10. Glad to hear a good time was had by all on Wednesday. Perhaps your shoes were the problem. I know whenever I tweak out my ankle during exercise, its because of my shoes (either worn out or new ones that don't give me happy feet). Or perhaps hamstrings got tight from the hike the day before, or indeed you are cursed therefore you'll need to sacrifice a goat.....

  11. there are some days when I wish I worked at a dental office cause they have 4 day work weeks....which I envy. Anyways I love how baller you guys are twice a year...


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