Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Giant Race Pre-Recap

Something about a race being free really takes away all the anxiety! 

Free half-marathon in San Francisco thanks to Aron, who got me a free entry 3 days ago through a giveaway.  Sad I wasn't able to find her at the crowded race :(

Today was confusing, fun, relaxing, painful, and full of free goodies.  Full recap to come!

My time is somewhere between 1:30:15 and 1:30:40.  The discrepancy is due to an "attempted" bathroom stop that lost me some time, and my garmin auto-paused, so I'm not sure how much time I lost.

Garmin read: 13.26 miles, 1:30:15.

I think I read about 1:30:40 on the ticker as I ran in.

My hamstring does hurt, I may have been stupid to finish....more details to come, I promise.

And although I don't have any pictures yet (the Gentleman caught one I think, but is now at work) I promise if you just NEED a visual, that I looked something like this:

(I wore these shorts, shoes, and sunglasses)
 Mixed with this:

(I wore that crazy top)

The rest of me is the same.  same old face, same old ginormous calves.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Um, yeah. I'll trade you my calves (thin and BROKEN... at least the R one is) for that kind of time. 1:30 is crazy fast! AWESOME job! Now go ice the hell out of your leg. All day.

  2. Um those calves look full of muscle and totally normal sized to me. Just sayin'. Glad you had a good race - amazing time, as usual!

  3. U ROCK! Ice, ice, ice. Can't wait to hear all about the race!!!

    Man I wanted to come up north and run this race! Next year fo sho!

  4. LOL at the calves reference. Your legs are gorgeous! I hope your hamstring is OK.

    And fantastic finish time. Looking forward to your recap!

  5. You are so fast! So cool. The race was fun, minus the finish line and the fact that we couldn't get across it in time. :) haha. my chip time was 90 seconds later than when we got there!

  6. Free race, don't think I could have turned that one down.

    I like your like that 1:30 time. I hope your hamstring is back to its happy self again.

    Good supplementary photos, I look forward to seeing/hearing more about it.

  7. I hope you're feeling okay! You are so frickin speedy it still continues to amaze me though.

  8. Ok next time wear a diaper and say the heck with potty stops, as to the hamstring....your on your own there, but you did great nonetheless. New goal: run a race pain/injury free and take a bit poop before the start!

  9. You rock, girl. Congrats on another speedy finish. I hope the hamstring is feeling better!


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