Saturday, August 20, 2011

Take My Cute Dress

I have acquired at least 4 new dresses this summer that I really adore.  In with the new, of course, means out with the old.  So I have slowly been investigating my closet for neglected clothes.

cute new dress

cute new dress

cute. new. dress.

I like the idea of schlepping over to Buffalo Exchange, handing over my beautiful but unworn clothing, and getting a wad of cash in return.

However, Buffalo Exchange staffs a bunch of snobs whose sole purpose is to look as incredibly hipster and Berkeley-rebel-student as possible, and then turn their nose up at all the clothes you brought in.  Dammit, nothing is EVER good enough for Buffalo Exchange!

But hopefully, this dress that you will find below is good enough for you.

Something as cute and unworn as this doesn't belong in the reject pile at a consignment store.  I'm also not E-bay savvy anymore.  So I'm offering my #1 inappropriately neglected dress to anyone who wants it.

I'm doing this as a trial.  If anyone bites, I'll probably try it again in the future with other cute, unworn clothes.

If more than one person bites, I'll pick randomly.

The Dress:

If you've done your homework, you know I have an affinity for Target dresses -- and especially the designer Go! International line of dresses.

I bought this hot little Erin Fetherston dress years ago.  I'm thinking 4 years? 3 years?

And sadly, I never wore it.  The tags are 100% still on.  It is literally brand new.  The tag says $45, size one.

Anyone who wants it can have it, for $10.  I'm throwing that price in to cover the cost of shipping and to encourage my lazy butt to get to a post office, because I don't have it in the kindness of my heart to have a full on giveaway.

Stats: It is a size one.  BUT, it fits me with plenty of room to spare, and I would not normally consider myself a size one.  Maybe a 2-3 depending on the brand.  That is to say, the dress runs a little large.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Let's do a quick breakdown on my life this past week.

1) I ran several days (shocking, no?).  Last Sunday = 19 miles.  Tuesday = 14 miles.  Thursday = 18 miles.  Saturday (today) = 19 miles. 

All runs are hovering between a 7:30 and 8:15 pace.

I'm definitely not doing anything to help myself get a PR for CIM in December.  I haven't done any sprints; I've done a few 6:50 miles here and there just to get my sweat going, but in general it's just been too early for me to want to push it hard during these runs.  Bah.  I need to start picking up the sprint workouts. 

2) I saw Crazy Stupid Love last Sunday and made a mental note to remember that there is a reason I don't usually waste $10 on rom-com's/ chick-flicks / whatever you want to call it.  70%+ RottenTomatoes? YEAH RIGHT. 

It was really boring.  And no, Ryan Gosling shirtless did not make it worth the $.  And Emma Stone is officially not working for me.

3) I have been making secret plans for the Gentleman's birthday this coming Wednesday, August 24th.  I am taking the day off and am making him take it off too.  I reaaalllly want to tell you my plans and ask you for advice, but Mr. Gentleman reads this blog.  Oh heck, give me advice anyway. If you had a FULL free day to celebrate, what would you plan?

the birthday boy. jebus he is cute.




    I used to respect you...

  2. I love this post! A couple of times a year I throw a party as an excuse to clean out my closet. I do a clothing swap - It's where girls get together and bring all their clothes that they don't want and we all swap. The unwanted clothes are donated to a charity. Of course there is wine involved too! I love hand me downs from my friends closets for they are oh so stylish! Super cute dress, but alas I am size 4. :)

  3. I thought of you in Target an hour ago -- cute running shorts on clearance for less than $4. They come in turquoise and hot pink. No pockets, but great colors.

    My bday is also on the 24th. I actually planned my celebration around my half-marathon, so we won't celebrate til the first wknd of sept. Weird, I know, but I really wanted to do a specific race. Friends and I are just going to a real chill restaurant for an easy dinner and drinks. I've survived other friend's 30th birthday parties and while they were a blast, I'd like something more low-key for myself.

  4. People who aren't quite snobby and disaffected and aloof enough to work at Peet's get jobs at Buffalo Exchange. I hate bringing awesome stuff to consignment stores and having them look at me pityingly while shaking their heads.

    Have you run CIM before? What are you shooting for?

  5. So....I want that dress. I'm a size 2 (albeit about 6 inches shorter than you, from the looks of it) but I feel like it can work! Anything with ruffles to accentuate the chest (or lack of) area is good in my book. Anyway, if it's still up for grabs, it's mine! Email me what I can do to get you the $10.

  6. Hahahaha the first anon comment is killing me because I thought it was a joke but then, why would they bother being anon??? Im picky about chick flicks in general I hate the romance type ones, (I guess they all are to some degree) often I find myself wanting to punch the main character in the face. Ryan gosling is a dreamy dream boat... Sigh.

    I love new dress number one, it looks so nice on you. Your dress up for grabs is cute too but sadly all over ruffles don't work on my body :( boo.

    Good luck digging deep to find that motivation, is it really hot and humid where you live? Maybe that's interfering with your desire to run ?


  7. Size 2?!?!? You are so tiny!!! Cute dress too.

    I've missed you lately! Glad to see you back with another "keepin' it real" post.

  8. oh the buffalo exchange stories, been there. I feel like a loser when I bring my clothes in there. haha
    Glad I didn't see Crazy Stupid love, I just can't justify the $10 for a movie these days unless is freakin awesome!

    good luck planning for your man!

  9. @Anonymous

    hehe. You lost respect for me over Emma Stone? I'm sure she appreciates your passion.

  10. aw, cute dress. Definitely do this again! Not sure if the size 1 woulda worked for me anyway, but i love good deals on cute clothes!! ;-)

  11. I've totally wondered about selling my clothes on my blog too. Not really to make money but to let someone else enjoy stuff that doesn't work for me.
    But I'm nervous everyone will think my clothes suck :).
    Anyways, nice job with the mileage, and yeah, too bad we couldn't meet in nor time!

  12. I'm so far from a size 1. Good luck though. You have plenty of time to get in PR shape! We are going to shoot guns for my hubbys bday on Tues - would he like that?

  13. My purchasing of target items has been out of control this year.

    I am a huge fan of your new dresses, you look gorgeous/glam in your purple one especially.

  14. Love the dress!! Looks like I'm not the only one! :)

    Great job on your mileage!!

    The "anonymous" comment is pretty funny! GEEZ!!

  15. haha I too love the "anonymous" comment. Hi-larious! Wish I was a size 1-2, then I'd be hittin ya up for your clothes!

  16. i would plan a romantic road trip to visit me...but that's just me. Anyways werk those target dresses girl! SEe the help if you wanna cry...if you have a heart!

  17. "All runs are hovering between a 7:30 and 8:15 pace. I'm definitely not doing anything to help myself get a PR for CIM in December."

    This comment is awesome, for pretty much all of us that would be a phenomenal training pace, but when you are trying to run a 7:10 pace marathon I guess you may have to run faster than that in training. Seems like you are doing just fine to me, you don't want to run faster than marathon goal pace that often I thought.

    That is awesome that you went last year! I thought last year was awesome - Amos Lee, Social Distortion, Temper Trap, Gogol Bordello, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Wolfmother, Electric Six, etc. I was a huge fan of the lineup last year.

    This year I'm right with you, Arcade Fire was the only big band that I really wanted to see again, that's why I just went on Sunday. They were great again! (it was the 3rd time I had saw them - Coachella 2007, Coachella 2011 and now)


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