Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ye Ole Tread Mill

I am officially in pre-marathon mode (I can't honestly call it "training") with exactly 10 weeks until the California International Marathon.

I got on the treadmill this past Wednesday for the first time since....April?  Well aware that it is the only way to get me to run hard, I showed up at my stinky gym and made up the following workout:

Incline: 1.0

Minutes          MPH
1-5                  7.5
5-10                9.5-to-10.0
10-15              7.2
15-20              9.5-to-10.0
20-25              7.2
25-30              9.5-to-10.0
etc. etc. until 60 minute mark.

Followed by an easy 25 minutes between 7.5 and 8.0 mph.

I turned the incline down to 0.5 around the 40 minute point.  Yeah, so what?

total: 8.42 miles in one hour.  Plus another 3+ miles.

9.5 is a 6:18 minute mile pace (I think) and 10.0 is of course a 6:00 min mile pace.  It certainly wasn't a cake-walk to sustain that for 5 minutes while watching traffic updates on the news (my gym is not hip; we have about 5 channels).  There were certainly times where I grunted to myself "3 more minutes at this speed.  Come on.  You can do anything for just 3 minutes."

And although there were those dramatic moments, I was generally relieved to find that the pace felt nice -- smooth, easy breathing.  That might be a treadmill trick.  Sometimes I feel like I'm standing still on the treadmill even when I'm flying at a 6:00 min/mile pace.

My unplanned plan is to repeat something like this once a week, and then come December 4th, I will magically PR.  3:05-ish.

I hate writing that goal down, I feel like it makes it much less likely to come true.

Other than the usual running (topped 80 miles this week thanks to a 17-miler on Saturday and an 18-miler on Sunday), I experienced a lot of loveliness this week.

Unfortunately, I don't document anything with a camera (and if I do, it is done very poorly), so I try to spare you from picture-less stories.

Nonetheless, I share the following, accompanied by $hit pictures:

We watched Moneyball Friday night, in our beautiful and historic neighborhood movie theater in Oakland.  Oakland, of course, is the hometown of the baseball team that the movie is based on: the Oakland A's.

Movie still.  Mr. Brad Pitt.

The movie was fabulous.  The crowd was behaving as if we were actually at a ball-game.  Cheering, clapping, stomping, leaving peanut-shells in the hair of the girl in front of you (I have done this, accidentally, more than once).

At an Oakland A's game 2-3 weeks ago.  I warned you the picture would suck

Saturday, we went to the Eat Real Fest in Oakland's Jack London Square.  It is your dream event, if you are a human and you like to eat food.

Ignore the "Eat Real" part of the title; it's not about any sort of slow-organic movement.  It mostly promotes local deliciousness, all types of cuisines, and especially food trucks. 

We had: Chinese buns; calamari; flat-bread; empanadas; sliders; tamales; grilled cheese sandwich; Afghan bolani; kombucha; a salted caramel and peanut butter bar....etc. 

Oh and an apple.  Guess what we got a picture of, out of all those stellar bites?

I have never, ever seen a bigger dork.

 The hat I am wearing was yet another freebie sent to me for placing in the Giant's Half Marathon.

After the free Sketcher shoes and all the Chocolate Milk gear, I was also sent the hat and a Safeway gift card.  Keep it coming...

I hung out with a lot of babies this weekend.

The Gentleman and his nephew, Robert, at the food fest
 You like those bright green sunglasses?  No, I know you don't.  We share them (we actually share all our sunglasses) and got them for free in San Diego from some meathead promoting Midori Sours.

Despite their somewhat-ridiculousness, I am saddened to say that Robert suddenly whipped out his super-strength and broke them.  The sunglasses are now dead.

Robert was so unadventurous.  He only ate milk.

Sunday, I visited my niece Gemma in Napa.  We are best buds.

that face means she is farting.  (seriously).

Now you have seen my weekend through the eyes of a horrible photographer.

*Note: I will be signing up for either:
The Livermore Grape Stomp half marathon on October 23, or
The CA Wine Country half marathon in Healdsburg on October 16.
last chance to share your advice!  They are both smaller races, so if you have run them please share your experience with me.


  1. Yay marathon mode!!! :) I haven't run either of those races... but both have been going on for a few years which is always a plus. Hopefully any kinks will be gone by now :) good luck deciding!

  2. Did Robert also break his daddy's arm? ... I notice he is in a sling. That is one strong baby!

    The mph thing kind of freaked me out... you are running almost as fast as I ride my bike. Granted, I am really slow... but you are really fast.

    I know nothing about either race except that I think Healdsburg is prettier than Livermore. Livermore kind of grosses me out.

    Gemma is beautiful... even when she is farting.

  3. oh good stuff, I wanted to see moneyball. Finally, a good movie out.

    We spent the weekend around babies and pregnant friends. Baby fever? not so much. Give me another 3 years please.

    Oh and definitely HEALDSBURG!!! i love that race!

  4. You are lightning fast!

    That food fest sounds awesome. I miss food trucks....

  5. I do weird workouts like that once a week too. Sometimes I honestly make things up without knowing if they really will be beneficial, but my policy is that it is better then not doing any speed work at all and always running one constant pace. Without trying to sound crazy I think that putting that 3:05 in writing will actually be beneficial to you. Now that it is public info and you've mentioned it here, there is an amazing support system in the blogging world. You aren't that far off that time already and 10 weeks is a really long time, I think you'll surprise yourself.

    I meant to comment about those Sketchers resistance runners awhile ago, but I got distracted and forgot. Are you wearing them while running? Not to freak you out because your body is different then mine, but I was actually sponsored by Sketchers earlier in the year and was wearing those shoes. They gave me numerous issues in the knees, which I've never had before, and always made me feel off balance. I don't think that they are realistically for safe running, so be careful!

  6. Crazy fast on that treadmill. I prefer speedwork on the treadmill, because my legs just go and my mind doesn't have to push me onward. Too many cute babies this careful! Ha!

  7. Little Gemma! She's getting so big! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Super duper fun.

  8. I went to that festival last year. It was so awesome. I am disappointed I wasn't able to go this year; my SF visit was a couple weeks ago!

    Go marathon training! Treadmills scare me a bit, but I'm going to remind myself of the same thing - "I can do anything for 3 minutes!". Well maybe not everything, but at least running.

  9. Sounds like your running is going great!

    Awesome that you saw Moneyball in Oakland! I wish I could have done that, I ended up seeing it in the South Bay, so there weren't as many true A's fans in the theatre. I did wear my A's gear, and we saw some other fans in A's gear too. I did start a let's go oakland chant thouh, haha I loved the movie, I went to a lot of games during the 2002 season, so I felt like I was watching my experience on the screen. A ton of fun.

    Not sure which race to suggest for you - I might lean towards the Healdsburg half marathon, the wine country is gorgeous up there. I go wine tasting up there annually, and it is awesome. Nice rolling hills all over the place. And you need to go to Bear Republic brewery if you do the race, the beer at that place is awesome.

  10. I'm running the Livermore half -- it fits perfectly with my CIM training schedule. It's an hour from my apartment, but the price is OK.

    A few weeks ago I entered the Healdsburg Wine County Half Marathon lottery (I tried to sign up too late), and last Friday I received an email saying I didn't get in. I've heard a lot of nice things about it, and I like spending time in Healdsburg. So I'm slightly bummed about not getting in.

  11. I want to see that movie!!!! only problem no babysiiter..are you free this weekend? my boys love to run fast so you'd be their idol!...

    ok ok...I think Gemma is so cute! I love her name. She lookd like you I think, well based on pictures..maybe I got that all wrong and she is her daddy's twin who knows...

    I dont know those races...too far from me...

  12. You had me at food fest. Food trucks of the past are gone. They are now awesome food on wheels. Yes please. Now would be great, actually.

    You will get your 3:05 at CIM. The first half is rollers, the second half is flat. You will crush the course and then take a smiling pic in front of the christmas tree at the captiol and I will be wishing I was there!

    GL in your upcoming halfs sister!! I haven't run either of them so no opinion- sorry!

  13. I can do anything for "xx" minutes is exactly the mantra I use on the treadmill as well.
    Granted, I'm not putting the TM up to 10.0 very often, but I get-cha.
    I also feel the "standing still but not" on the TM.
    Don't know the races but looking forward to reading your recaps :).

  14. You know what's missing from your blog....Gordon! Just sayin'!

  15. Hi, great treadmill workout. I'm also planning to run CIM this year, hopefully for a PR.

    Just found your blog - great stuff

  16. I actually wanna see that movie even though I'm not a huge sports movies fan...and that baby? perfection. You can probably get another pair of those glasses at the dollar store if that makes you feel better!

  17. Awesome treadmill workout!! You'll get your 3:05! :) I love the treadmill and it's so great for speed workouts! Happy to hear that you're getting re-acquainted!

    My husb & I watched "Moneyball" over the weekend! We loved it! The whole time I kept thinking about how much he's aged. Maybe stress of Angie and all the kiddos! He's got his hands full! :)

    Good Luck in your next half! I'd say go with the Oct. 23rd one...just because the date is closer to your PR in December?! :)

  18. you are a rockstar. i fall off the treadmill at 8 MPH pace. :)

    both those races sound so fun! you will rock whichever you choose. :)

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