Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Rich Life

After last week's treadmill speed workout, I entered this week with the promise that I would accomplish another treadmill speed workout on Wednesday.

Like Marathons, many things seem easier in hindsight than they actually were. 

I thought to myself, "if 5 minute intervals at a 9.5-10.0 mph speed was so easy, this week I will do 6 minutes per interval."

My plan was:
  • incline at 1.0
  • 4 minutes at 7.0 mph
  • 6 minutes at 9.6 pmh (6:15 minute mile pace)
  • repeat for full hour -- 6 total repetitions.

I really did convince myself this would be easy, since I remembered the 9.6 speed feeling like a piece of cake compared to the 10.0 speed. 

Dudes: it wasn't easy.

I stuck to my plan, teeth gritted, and with a headache from my rubber-headband thing

Check out the blue headband

I've been trying to stretch out my new bunch of Goody headbands for a year, but they still give me a headache from being too tight.  And my head is pretty small.

I cranked the incline down to 0.5 at the 50 minute point.  I dangled that carrot to keep on going, telling myself when it got TOO HARD I could take the incline down a notch.

After the hour, I ran 20 more comfortably slow minutes, with the occasional 1 minute pick-up at the same 9.6 speed. 

My shin splints started hurting at that point, and although I feel 100% fine today, I have some shoe issues.

I'm on the hunt for something new.  I promise to never go minimalist on you (vibrams, go away.)  But as I try to increase my speed, I realize that my clunkier, cushiony shoes are holding me back.  I feel like I might trip when I try and sprint in them.

I came to this realization after doing some runs in the "lighter" shoes below.  I don't even know if they are running shoes.  My mom gave them to me after she bought them to teach aerobics in, and decided she didn't like them.   They are called Dual Fusion ST.

My feet are fans of Saucony's (but I hated the first Kinvara's) and Asics.  Any suggestions for a shoe that can handle a marathon, but is built light enough for speed? I really lack shoe knowledge.  Help.


I haven't talked about work in a while because it freaks me out to think that one of my co-workers would ever find this blog. 

Fake Happy to be at work

I think it's 100% safe to say that they never go on the internet though, since my boss has never heard of Sasha Fierce, and another partner took a guess as to who was hot on the music charts these days: he guessed Moby.  It's ok, nerds are in right now.

Whether they find the internet or not, I have a word about work.

We had a marketing event yesterday.  It was from 3:00-8:00 p.m.  It was rather lovely -- at a gorgeous winery, with good food and endless wine.

The event had a marketing expert lead a discussion/presentation, the summary of which was: in order to reach your greatest goals in business, you need to have a plan.  The plan needs to be written down.  The plan needs to be followed up on regularly, and adjusted when necessary. 

Then a co-presenter handed out an example of a written plan outline.  It included gems such as "eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner with one business contact every day."  "Once a day, cold-call a potential client."  "Join the local Chamber of Commerce and the city's leadership group."

At the bottom of the plan was a list of "Things Not to Do."
My eye zoomed in to one of the not-to-do's.  I read it 3 times.  I sighed with pity at the idiots who waste their lives as a slave to money and their jobs.

"Arrive at work after 8:00 a.m. 
Leave work before 6:00 p.m."

That's right.  The shining example of how to be a successful person is to never, ever, not for one single day, work less than 10 hours.

Here is what my master plan would read under the category "Things Not to Do."
  • Ruin my relationship by devoting my life to work
  • Destroy my family life by staying late every night
  • Cease to have a social life so I can sit in my office
  • Run less just to be in the office at 8:00 a.m. every day
  • Generally be unhappy so I can increase my earning potential

I swear, if someone told me all I had to do to make a guaranteed $1,000,000 a year for the next 40 years was work 60 hour work-weeks, it would be an extremely easy choice to turn it down.  It astounds me that people value being rich more than having a rich life.  And my only definition of a rich life is maximizing time spent with those you love, and maximizing time spent exploring -- exploring nature, exploring your city, exploring books and information, and exploration while traveling. 

I know I've blabbered about this before.  But I work in a field where bragging about late nights in the office is the norm.  And that "perfect plan" just re-ignited my shock at what people value.  Most lawyers are so smart, but my goodness can they be stupid.


  1. Nice work girl! I suck wind at a 9.2 on the TM so your 9.6 makes me tired just thinking about it!

    Okkkkkkk I know you hated the first Kinvaras. I like the Kinvara 2's but from what I heard the changes from 1 to 2 were only slight. What about the new Brooks Pure Connect? They are released this weekend and I have read some pretty great reviews.

  2. I'm a big fan of the Kinvara 2. So light! They lack the stability of my other running shoes (the Brooks Ravenna 2, which I LOOOOOOVE), and that lack of stability makes me nervous. So I only use them for runs shorter than a 10K. I think I've read of at least one person who ran a marathon in them.

    I second hauterunningmama's suggestion on the Brooks Pure Connect. If I didn't just spend $$$ on another pair of Ravennas, I'd snatch a pair of the Pure Cadence.

  3. Hi Rose,

    For the shoe - you can try running in five fingers. But, generally you are suppose to run a year in them before you run a marathon in them. The five fingers are light and provide some protection when running. I like them.

    We do seem to have things in common as I've been advised of similar to do's or not to do's in the past. *** I've just moved to an accounting firm earlier this year after 10 years with a law firm.

    BTW - you are so fast!

  4. No shoe advice here, I'm afraid. I stick with what works for me, but I won't pretend to give you any new information.
    The above work section...that's why my husband and I left Hong Kong. My job was easily consuming 70+ hours a week, and hubby was gearing up to do the same. The life there is miserable. Work 12 hours, get drunk and east expensive dinners, repeat. Now I work from home in Georgia, earn 1/3 of what I used to (and support the hubs) and it is truly the best life ever.

  5. Two shoes I think you would like. The Mizuno Wave Precision it's a light weight shoe that provides enough cushion for a marathon. I've run several marathons in these shoes and they're great. Another shoe is the Brooks Ghost. These are both neutral shoes. And they are each about $100.00

  6. I love when you talk about your feelings on work because they are always the same as mine. When I think about how much time I spend at work (and I'm just a regular 40hour work person with the occasional late day or weekend day thrown in), it makes me sick. All this time of MY life that I'm giving up to sit in front of a computer all day. It makes it really difficult to push myself and really try harder when I think of it that way because I get so resentful. But then there are days I enjoy it, and I know if I didn't have at least some type of work I would feel unproductive, but still. It's a bummer some times.

    And your co-workers pop culture knowledge just cracked me up big time. Haha you should just start referring to Sasha Fierce as if she's a friend of yours since they don't know the difference.

  7. For the shoes, check out some different versions of Brooks. They have some lighter options of shoes now that hold up rather well with high mileage. Not like it matters, but some of the pairs have cute colors too.

    I feel you on the brain washed American way of what defines a successful business person. I do not think that anyone needs to ever work more then 40 hours a week to have a life filled with riches. Sadly some people are so insecure with themselves that they define wealth by how many homes they own and what their bank account tells them. I feel bad for these folks because like you said, there is no worth in a lonely life filled with money.

    I like your style girl. Every post you write I like you more and more. You seem pretty awesome.

  8. Wow! Fast intervals!! :)

    I love my Nike lunar racers. They are super light (like 5.5oz) and I have run 3 marathons and races of other distances in them. I pretty much use them for all my training now and cannot imagine running in a heavier shoe for training or races.

  9. I recently started reading your blog--I definitely agree with the idea of what truly makes us "rich". I can't imagine working that hard just to make money.

  10. I just realized I've been somehow missing your blog in my reader. What a shame. This post reminded me how awesome you are! I promise not to forget again :)

    I think it would be tough to work in your field and feel so much pressure to constantly be working. Long hours in the office just does not make for happy people. You're right. It isn't worth the money.

  11. Big fan of all three shoes I'm using right now: Saucony Cortanas ($$$-ouch), Saucony Shadow Genesis (much more economical) and Brooks Launch. If you are neutral-footed, check them out.

    Good for you not succumbing to the rat race. You're awesome. I agree with you 100%.

  12. New Balance 890's.. good support and super light weight. Highly recommend!

    That being said, I've never worn Asics or Nikes, only Mizunos (suck) and New Balance (perfection).

    And agreed, I would like to adopt the "work to live" lifestyle not "live to work" good for you for realize the important things in life!

  13. You are so speedy it astounds me! Great job pushing through a tough workout! Especially on the TM its so easy to stop, but you didn't.

    I agree family and overall mental health and happiness come first. Just to throw the other side of the argument out there, while I certainly don't think being rich is worth all those hours working, it's a luxury to be able to work 40 hours a week and live comfortably. Many students I teach have parents working two or three jobs, and still struggle to pay the bills. I grew up with my mom working many 16 hour days to cover the mortgage. It's sad that your coworkers are throwing away their lives to buy I don't even know what fancy toys, while others are forced to just to make ends meet. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer! Just my two cents.

  14. I found your blog through GOMI (weird ass site, btw - I've never posted but one day I got sucked in to reading and couldn't stop). Sobody posted a link to your rant about the Urban Blogger Summit - or whatever it's called. I liked it. Alot!

    I work at my local running store so I feel compelled to answer you....I know you said asics and saucony but one of the best racing shoes that can withstand a marathon is the brooks ghost and/or ravenna. Ghost if your a nuetral, Ravenna if you need a little stability. Also the brooks Launch is great. Super light. i use it for speed workouts and races under a half (my marahton times are too long for that shoe). With your splits you could probably handle the Launch.

  15. I am convinced there is no such thing as the perfect headband.
    I have a pair of Asics DS trainers, which are a bit lighter but still very supportive. They call it the 'sport model' of the 2100 series.

  16. Ok, so I am totally doing your treadmill workout....not sure I can hang but I am going to try!!!

    I am Saucony all the way when it comes to shoes.....

    Get Up & Go

  17. Oh man, I suck so hard at that list. I always find myself sitting at home studying rather than spending time with friends. Which sometimes is what you're supposed to do as a grad student, but as a HUMAN? Not good if it's your major activity. Thanks for the comment on my blog btw, your running skills PWN mine.

  18. preach it girl. i hear ya!! id be happy with 60 hours with the bullshit i had to deal with. eff that i was sooo over it. back to hopefully 40-50 hour work weeks!! less hours, more money. easiest decision EVER.

    if i was fresh outta college, i would never take a job that paid "less" but now that i know what LIFE is about, i'm alllll about living it.

  19. I can't believe they'd print that. Gross. I like your list better.

  20. why the f*ck would they write that time thing down? Also, I hate the idea of eating with a potential client. I hate eating in front of strangers (I gorge and it's not pretty) so that thought terrifies me. And money isn't's true...can't wait for Glenn to be done so I can be part time..WOO HOOO.


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