Monday, October 17, 2011

$100 Recovery Drink

Going with the theme of "100" for the week...I'll get to the title later in this post.

I did not expect to get many comments expressing amazement/support for my 100-mile week. 

I was expecting a few "yeesh, you're going to get injured", or "you're plain crazy, foo"

Keep in mind, sharing my mileage is still relatively new for me.  Before this blog, I put in a decent amount of effort to hide how much I ran.  I was embarrassed to meet friends for lunch and tell them I had just been running for 2 hours....although in hindsight I should have fessed up so that they understood why I ate all my plate, and then pulled the old "so....are you finishing that? no? Can I have it!?" -- annnnd, already halfway down my throat. 

Even though I didn't get any such injury-threat comments, I do want to point out that I would never have hit that number if it was uncomfortable.  In some ways, I am a wimp.  I really don't push past my comfort zone that often -- so I hit 100 miles because it was comfortable.  That's a great thing! I think it means I'm doing something right in preparing for a marathon.

(In full disclosure, the week probably would have been 98 miles if I was solely basing it on comfort.  But I pushed my Sunday run from the 15-16 I would have preferred to 18, because duh.  Who wants to run 98 miles in a week when they can run 100?)

And yes dudes, I worked a full week.  46 hours, not including my commute, not including lunch breaks (....cause I don't take lunch breaks).   Remember that after accounting for sleep, there are 17 hours in a day.  I rarely work more than 10 of those.  It's easy for me, a non-parent, to find 2 hours in that spare 6-7 hours to run.


As you can imagine, or as you may experience yourself, lots of running means lots of eating.  This past week included some great, blog-worthy dishes.


To reward the Gentleman for being a super-star through the "busy extension season" in the tax world, his employer told him to go big at a nice restaurant and that they would foot the bill.

Go big we did.

He refused to allow camera flash in the dim restaurant

Saturday night at Flora restaurant in Oakland

$100 bottle of wine  !!!!!

Stoked.  The wine works

This sip cost $4

This one, $3.57

On to the food.

I actually ate all this.  I didn't run 20+ miles, and then order a dry salad while allotting myself 2 of my man's fries like, ahem, some dainty ladies in my Google Reader feed.   When I run that much, I obey my hunger.   Fried food and desserts are welcome with open arms.

Burrata with stuff that is in the way of Burrata.  Buratta is Mozzarella cheese with extra cream in the middle.

Calamari with cream stuff

I'm sorry for the bad photo, but wined as I was, this is how my fish dish looked.

The Gentleman got some pork thing which was supposedly great.

Then, satisfied but not stuffed, and past the 2.5 glasses of wine point, I started to get embarrassed and nervous about whether I could stand up to go to the bathroom.

How do I GET UP!?

All these chairs....between me and the bathroom....I have no chance

 So to muster up the courage, we ordered an strong Irish coffee.  That means whiskey.

And then.  We had.  The most delicious dessert thine tongue haveth ever tasteth.

Be aware, I'm a chocolate non-appreciator.  When it comes to dessert, I go for caramel or white chocolate, and preferably with whipped cream and some salt.   Nuts are cool, fruit usually isn't.

Salted Caramel Pudding with Whipped Cream.

It was like pure caramel.  I will never be able to eat a nasty Jello caramel pudding pack again.

Soon enough we were asleep, and then awake, and we were hungry for breakfast.

Where to fuel Sunday morning, for an unplanned18 miles later in the morning?

Our new neighborhood breakfast joint, Kitchen 388.

Baked eggs with basil.

And this really, freaking perfect Biscuit. 

It was like a KFC biscuit (that's a good thing in my mind) on snobby great-ingredient patrol.

Do you watch your diet when you run (or bike/swim/hike/etc) a lot?

If the answer is, I don't really want to hear about it.  Tell me about how you go to town to fuel your activity.


  1. I started exercising so I could eat whatever the hell I wanted without worrying about it. Mind you, I fell in love, and I'd continue to run and lift weights even if I knew I'd never gain a pound no matter what I ate.

    But listen, hamburgers taste delicious. And deep fried everything. And brownies. I don't want to worry about limiting the amount of deliciousness I put in my mouth.

    Sure, I try to cook healthy at home, but that's mostly because if I ate greasy fried food for every meal I'd probably start crapping my pants.

  2. When I lived in Oakland I would finish my long runs with either 1) a bagel with cream cheese or 2) a powdered waffle from the farmer's market. And later that day a lb. of the three-cheese mac n cheese from Whole Foods across the street.

    These days I'll usually go for pizza. Last Saturday, however, I had spring rolls and Pad Thai after an 18-mile run. It was bliss. Pure bliss.

    And now that the Grape Stomp half is this Sunday, I will carbo-load with extra waffles, pretzels with Nutella and more pizza and bagels :)

  3. Oh man!!!! I'm having flashbacks of my trip to Napa with all these delicious eats that you just posted. JEALOUS!! You are so lucky that all of that is in your backyard!

    Um, no. I don't watch what I eat (quantity-wise). Ever. And that's the end of that story.

    I am so amazed that you can do 100 weekly miles comfortably. Wow. I seem to hit 40 and my body goes kaput. I *will* get past that!!

  4. Yeah, there was a time I got pleasure from being asked how much I ran that morning, just so I could answer nonchalantly and watch jaws drop. Now I just feel embarrassed and try to avoid the subject, because people are often horrified. (And I have only cracked into the 90s.)

    I have hoovered entire family-sized bags of tortilla chips, boxes of granola bars, entire boxes of cereal... all in the name of running-induced hunger.

    Running has really made me rethink portion sizes. Who the hell, for example, allotted 3 servings of macaroni and cheese to the Annie's box? Get the fuck out of town. That box is MAYBE one serving.

  5. As much as I try to act like I don't run to eat something more decadent, it does come in to play. I try not to do it much, since I HATE food guilt and thinking of running simply as something to allow me to eat a brownie or burger when I want it. I came to running as exercise to help me lose weight, but it's less about that now. I do watch my diet when running a lot, but only to avoid foods that I know are going to affect me negatively while out running. I drink less alcohol too.

    Also, if I was some of those bloggers' husbands/boyfriends I'd be annoyed that they were always picking at my plate. I pick at my fiancé's plate, but we usually consult each other when we go out to eat and like to try the other's dish.

  6. OMG, salivating already. We don't get to Oakland much but clearly I need to try this place.

    I'm totally jealous that you can casually run 100 miles in a week because it's comfortable. I am just now pushing back up past 50 (prepping for CIM also) and feeling it every day! Well done madame.

  7. I admit I did give up desserts for nearly a month, but it resulted in a sub - 4 marathon, then I ate my husband's weight in chocolate, so, win win. The only thing I have to watch is when there are cookies and stuff after a race, I always want them but I've learned the hard way that eating sweets immediately after running results in bad news. I LOVE your comment about the salad, so sick of seeing that on blogs. Congrats on the fancy dinner - doesn't food taste better when someone else foots the bill? I think so!

    KFC biscuits are fantastic - but have you tried the ones from Popeyes?

  8. all this food is making me drool, yummo!!! i DO NOT count calories while in training nor any other time in my life. life is too short to be trying to calculate energy in vs. energy out. i have a major sweet tooth so i like to treat myself to baked goodness from the many bakeries around me. there is this one that has almond croissants that are to die for! my heart seriously stops beating for those things.

    stop the press, i missed the 100 mile week. my-o-my girl, your legs are on fire these days! glad to hear that you did it because you felt great and not because you had some manic moment were you became possessed by running demons. is it okay to say that i am officially anxious for your marathon? i think that you are going to kill it and come well below you 3:05 goal. i cannot wait to see how you do! girl you are my hero...crazy work schedule + running a million miles + making time for your sweetie = one seriously inspiring woman.

  9. I 100% agree with Britt. You are AMAZING and going to kick ass at your marathon :)

  10. Sean doesn't let me use the flash when we're in dimly lit restaurants either which I just think is rude. Clearly I need to blog about all the delicious food I'm about to inhale and I haven't figured out why he doesn't get that yet... :)

    On the flip, I run and work out a lot so that I can eat whatever I want and not feel bad about it. Long run days = free for all. And for anyone dining with me: don't try to touch my food, I will kill you - but I will eat yours. I make sure to tell everyone just how much I run so that I don't get weird looks when I inhale 5lbs of fried pickles. All about justification.

  11. No matter how much I run, I eat what I want...within budgetary confines. Above all else, I am a cheap bastard.

  12. I am also a total chocolate non-appreciator. Granted, I will eat it, I'm not saying it sucks. But I'd rather eat caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, etc. There is something too intense about chocolate for my palate.

  13. Ohhhh man! So jealous of your fancy schmancy meal! I'm glad that (oops I almost wrote out the gentleman's name!) the gentleman's work rewards him for all the hard work he's putting in. That's pretty awesome.

  14. My heart has never skipped a beat for chocolate either. I prefer white chocolate. My hubby and kids LOVE it though! :)

    So happy that you're an "out-of-the-closet" runner now! Girl, be proud of all those miles you log!! You're doing so great with this next marathon training cycle!

    I don't watch calories, etc. I eat very healthy naturally because it's my preference. I do watch sugars, saturated fats...keep those bad boys to a minimum. I DO like my treats and I allow them everyday! :)

  15. HOLY are my hero! 100 miles in a week, WOW!! You go girl, you are going to nail that marathon. That food all looks so good and I need that dessert. I make sure that I am getting plenty of quality calories but I think that I eat a whole lot of junk food too!

  16. I eat what works for my body when I can get my hands on it... that means I eat pretty much off and on all day long. I am not a picky eater in that my tastes really run the gamut...but alas, no gluten. However, that biscuit might make me risk it.

  17. That dinner looks delish. Salted caramel pudding?! I would have licked the bowl clean. Maybe I should keep things like that to myself...

  18. hey girl! glad you are honest about your miles AND that you get hungry! love that you guys splurge when needed!

  19. zing! It is so true about the food. Sometimes I feel like a total fatty because what I would eat after a normal day, other people consider a "splurge."

    I haven't been nearly as hungry since I dropped marathon training, and, not to sound like a yoga zombie or anything, I do think I've been eating better since I've done more of it. It's hard to justify eating a cheeseburger after you spent an hour and a half ridding yourself of toxins. I just don't want it.


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