Sunday, October 23, 2011

Half Disappointment

Some elements of the half marathon this morning were encouraging.

Other elements were defeating.

Overall, I think it was a wash.  A half disappointment.

yours truly in the blue shirt, the first 200 yards or so

Unofficial Garmin Stats

2nd place woman

That is a non-PR by 12 seconds...

The race went like this:

Miles 1-4: feeling good, this is easy, hitting 6:29's.

Miles 5-7.5: constant incline, CANNOT get my legs to go faster up what feels way worse than my happy treadmill 1.0 incline.  Hit 7:00 minutes over and over, get really negative in my head that this race is going to be a failure.

Miles 7.5-10.5: Hills.  Serious hills.  We were climbing all over these rolling vineyards, and I was sprinting down the downhills to try and make up for lost time.  Most challenging half-marathon course that I can recall.  continue to hit 7:00 miles.

Miles 10.5-13.1: Finally some flat and some gentle declines.  Feel great and fresh since so much of the race was run "slowly" thanks to the hills, so I pump it to make up for some lost time.  Hit 6:30-6:40's.

This was the easiest yet hardest half I have run.

Easiest because I felt great at the end.  I had a lot of energy and my legs felt strong.  I was thinking that if I HAD to run another half marathon in 1:37-ish to hit a 3:05 marathon, it could happen.

Hardest because I was so unprepared for the hills and so surprised how slowly I ran the gentle incline.

I may write a fuller recap later (I'm going to the Bridge School Benefit concert for the rest of the day), but that may be all that there really is to say...I shall ponder.

p.s: the volunteers were awesome.   


  1. You are amazing. So strong at the end here! Loved reading this. 12 seconds from PR...yes, this can bring on some disappointment. But wow, you inspire me with your mindset here...."I was thinking that if I HAD to run another half marathon in 1:37ish to hit a 3:05 marathon, it could happen."....ahhh, this is energizing to me! Well done...way to finish strong.

  2. Great Job!! 2nd OAF!! :)

    If it wasn't for the hills it would've been a PR...FOR SURE!! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend "speedster!!"

  3. It is a perplexing and irritating phenomenon that downhill stretches on a race course never seem to help your pace out as much as uphills hurt it (in my limited experience, at least.)

    I'd be disappointed in being so close to a PR too, but you've made some really significant speed and pace gains in a relatively short window of time -- the past six months or so, right? And shoot, you only recently came off (your first?) 100 mile week... big numbers like that can compromise some of the pep in your legs, could've been a factor. This makes it all the more impressive that you can so convincingly hit a 1:28 like you did this morning.

    You have nastygood PRs yet to post at the half distance, even if it didn't happen today. I am really enjoying following your racing.

  4. Congrats miss 2nd place woman!

    So did it end up that there were many people around the entire time? Or were you by yourself for a lot of it?

    Hills are NOT my friend and I am a little nervous that they are going to get me during my marathon next month. So I'm trying to practice them a little more, but it's tough.

    But you totally pushed through those hills AND had steam left in the tank afterward, that shows that you are super strong and have it in you to get a new PR in the half (on a less miserable course...)

  5. This is an amazing time, especially considering the elevation. Obviously you are a freakishly fast lady and on a totally flat course would fly like the wind, but you are hardcore and chose to challenge yourself to a hilly course and still managed an awesome time...which I think is a quite notable achievement.

    You'll get that half PR, especially if you were managing 6:30-6:40 miles after those inclines. Don't be so hard on yourself because you are an amazing runner even if the numbers don't tell you what you want to hear.

  6. Hey -- you left off the fact that you placed first in your age group :).

    Awesome work. It was so inspiring to see you race today! You looked so strong those two times I saw you. For me the trouble began after mile 3, and I didn't feel okay pushing the pace til mile 11.

    Anyway, you did come off a 100-mile week (amazing!!), so don't fret, you are still a stud, and you will get your PR.

  7. Wow.

    That's all I got!

    You are an awesome runner. Keep on keepin' on. I see a sub-3 in your future.

  8. You continue to amaze me with your speed! Congratulations!! I know it wasn't a PR but it is a dang fantastic finish time girl!

  9. That's still awesome- Way to go!

  10. Only a Bruin could be so impressive.

    If the course was technically longer than 13.1 (as Sesa wrote in her post), maybe you actually did PR... ? I'd keep that possibility in mind. Either way, awesome. Congrats on the age group and overall placings.

  11. Holy crap you're fast! To almost PR on a course like that is encouraging (in my book). You are going to Do awesome in your marathon. :)

  12. Oh my gosh you are amazing. I know not breaking your PR must be frustrating, but you still are so so fast! Even I can see that! I am in awe. For reals.

  13. Second place, awesome lady! That fast on inclines is incredible... the PR will come soon. HIGH FIVE!!!

  14. Hey now, hey now....a 1:28 is freaking AWESOME. Don't beat yourself up because that is seriously amazing and especially with the hills. nice work!

  15. HOLY CRAP!! Woman, will you coach me? Second woman...pat yourself on the back! Not every race will be your best but I think a 1:28 is pretty amazing for not your best race with some crazy hills and a super challenging course!


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