Saturday, October 29, 2011

Redwoods and Costumes

Exactly one week ago, I was letting my legs chill out prior to the Grape Stomp Half Marathon on a peaceful day in the middle of a bunch of redwood trees.

That face makes me laugh, and swoon.  Sister and baby Gemma

the crew.  I made exactly 8 Fern Gully jokes.

We spent way more time staring at stuff like banana slugs than walking.  It was a gentle and beautiful walk.

Gemma's blanket is there so she doesn't disintegrate the Baby Bjorn with her drool

I ducked in to prove that Gemma and I are best friends

Memorial Park.  The only way I can describe where it is, is to explain that I drove through Woodside and La Honda to get there.   It is slightly inland from Pescadero.

Not too much to share on the running front.  I may or may not be running a half-marathon next Sunday in San Mateo.  I'll be checking the weather and my body, then probably make a decision by Wednesday.

Who has big Halloween plans? I'll be doing my usual whiny, "I'm not paying big bucks for something I only wear once," which is also to say that Halloween is not my holiday.  I think I dressed up for it once out of the past 10 years.

If I can't have an AWESOME costume, then I don't want any costume at all.  And since I'm not creative enough to have an awesome costume, I usually don't dress up.

If money was a non-issue and if I enjoyed dressing up, my dream costumes would be:

Jareth, the Goblin King from the Labyrinth
this kid's got the right idea
laser cats from SNL
I'm so angry they stole my idea
And I love this one.  From Parks and Rec, a sumo wrestler who lost weight.


  1. The Sumo wrestler is genius - I'm so behind on my TV! Homemade costumes are less expensive - I think I spent a grand total of $9 this year. That's significantly higher than my $1.50 last year. I am not naturally creative though so I get super stressed. Good luck if you do the half!

  2. ih sweet gemma, if i were as cute as her i would totally drool everywhere. She can get away with it.

    Laybrinth was my favorite movie!! kinda freaked me out too.

  3. glenn and I were going to go as the funkes but work made him stay late at the hospital...I guess I'll save the costumes for next year.

  4. I'm on the events committee at work, and one of the members suggested we dress as Smurfs tomorrow.

    Considering I was the only person in my dept who dressed up (I thought there was a costume contest, but no it was a CUBICLE contest, felt like a dope), I'm glad this didn't pan out.


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