Monday, November 28, 2011

The Time I Recapped My Thanksgiving Weekend

Many of us have dealt with people close to us preaching the reasons we shouldn't run.

Many of you made really good points -- I loved SweatyKid's input (paraphrasing) that of course runners comprise the group of people who are vocal about joint issues in their later years -- after all, they are the people who are trying to run on those joints!  The dude who never ran in his life doesn't complain about being unable to run in his 60's because he still isn't trying to run.  And if he tried running for the first time at age 60, he would also probably have joint issues.  Harumph.

Still, the fact that so many people commiserated with my "running-is-dangerous" warning from a loved one made me wonder -- not about how nice it was to have a lot of support in the form of shared experiences -- but wonder whether we are all huddled in this little circle of nodding heads, assuring each other that running long distance is SO healthy and everyone else is an AMERICAN who loves couches and McDonalds (exaggeration for effect).

I wondered this, but I don't believe it.  I can't.  Listen, you don't run at least once EVERY SINGLE WEEK of every single year of your life for 15 years (give or take 5 multi-week injuries) and suddenly give it up.  I will never give it up.  I can run more smartly, and goodness, I have.  I went from running 7 days a week in college, to 3-5 days a week the last 4 years of my life.  It works for me.  I have a guaranteed good dose of anti-depressants and happy-heart medication constantly.  

Non-segue segue attempt: here is the recap of the rest of my Thanksgiving weekend.

First, extra pictures of Thanksgiving.

The pretty table

Hanging out

Somebody's jealous of my blurry face

I'm full just looking at this

After The Thanksgiving That Sucked, I sneezed through Friday (sickness zenith) and watched The Muppets movie (I only mildly appreciated it, and because of a whopping 98% rating on, this translated into me HATING the movie due to high expectations.  If you think it is cute when a character constantly looks at the camera to remind you that it knows it is in a movie, then solid.  You will love it). 

I also hit up Target in the evening to enjoy the spectacle of lingering Black Friday-ers at 10:00p.m., and brilliantly bought a new bright shirt to wear to CIM on Sunday.

This is more purple-ish in real life.

And professional $2.50 arm warmers (long socks to be scissored for my hands).  Who's smart now? (Hoping they don't slide down and become a horrible nuisance).

Saturday: friends and the movie Hugo.  Visually beautiful.....plotwise, pointless.  I should just go see Moneyball, Super 8, or Harry Potter again so I can leave the theater satisfied.

Sunday: Costco trip, to show my mom the LCD TV we want for Christmas.  We currently rock a TV from the late 90's that is as deep as it is tall (i.e. NOT flatscreen).   My mom convinced us to take the TV of choice home that day as an early we did....and the strangest thing happened.

We set the TV up in our simple little living room.  We stared at it.  We turned it on and watched 20 minutes of Iron Man 2.  We got.....really....uncomfortable.

47 Inches and $650.  And, uh, that creature is adorable.

It was painful.  We went stir-crazy.  "What is going on!? Why do I feel so strange?! This TV is making me feel bad about myself!"

The pressure to look at this enourmous black box was sucking away at my soul!

What did we do?  We decided it would have to be returned.  Then we got the heck out of our suffocating living room to regroup in the fresh air of Longs Drugstore.

It worked.  I felt so much better away from the TV.  We came home and realized it wasn't so scary after all, and we just might keep it.

And then we both had nightmares about the TV.  Specifically, I had two nightmares about the number 47 (ahem, the size in inches of the TV).

Psychologists in the house: what the heck was this episode all about!?  It wasn't buyers remorse -- I left Costco happy with the purchase.  It was something so much stranger.  Any comparable stories to share?


If I blogged solely based on what I was thinking, this post would look like this:  "Ugh my hip.  It felt good for 16 minutes! Nope, I was wrong, my hip still sucks.  Wait, I found this stretch on the internet, I think my hip is better! Ope, ouch no, no my hip still sucks."

But I blog based on my thoughts, mixed with an attempt to not be boring, and simply, injuries are boring to read about.  Also boring is runners' anxiety and dithering about body issues prior to races.  So you are sort of spared.  Sort of, because I will still say that for those of you looking out for me and truly curious: the hip issue is stagnant.  I am approaching the 5th week of it feeling exactly the same.  First 3 miles of any run is stiff and uncomfortable -- then it loosens up and feels good through about mile 10 or 12. 

I've taken all sorts of days off.  Tried strange yoga poses and sat in bathtubs for MINUTES.  Aaaand scene.  No more hip talk.

Thursday: 15 miles; 3 laps around Lake Merritt, run to the track for one 6:13 min/mile, run home.
Friday: 6 miles; sinus headache demands that I cut this short.
Saturday: none
Sunday: none
Monday: 8 miles on the treadmill, 5 at 6:58 min/mile pace (thinking 7:00 min/mile might be my goal marathon pace?  Still debating my goals....)

TBA: how to track me at CIM if you are interested, and what the heck my plan/goal is for the Marathon in....tick, tick tick... 5 days,


  1. I love your blog, caitlin. So funny. I also love your professional arm warmers. Rockin.

    Really hope to meet you this weekend!

  2. SOLPT on College Avenue. Ask for Nina. Hip issue handled.

    My awesome Target kneesock-armwarmer conversion is serving me awesomely. No slipping. No circulation cutting off. No itching. No chafing. Pretty perfect.

    CIM is going to be so fast for you!

  3. I'm no psychologist, but I do have reactions bordering on aversions to certain objects, particularly expensive ones, that I feel I do not deserve. The subliminal fear of your television might be to do with something similar, although I cannot think of a more deserving person than you: you work so hard, at your running and every other aspect of your life. You more than earned it, no matter who bought it for you. If it were me, I'd be worried that I was not a good enough daughter to warrant such a gift from my mother, but again there's no way that could be applied to you!

    I would love to know how to track you for the race if you do figure it out - I really enjoyed tracking my favourite running bloggers during the Boston Marathon :)


  4. I had the same thought when I started running. I asked my old fogey friend who is in his 50s and runs marathons, and he said the benefits for my heart would outweigh any risk of joint pain.

    And so I run.

  5. so I'm a day behind but it seems to make more sense to comment on this post versus the last one... about a month ago we went to my cousin's wedding and i was having this weird pain ocassionally - only randomly when i walked, not when i ran, but i figured it had to do with running. My uncle, who is a physical therapist, told me that to fix it i just needed to stop running entirely, that i could get the same weight loss benefits from walking. um, i dont run to lose weight, i run because i love it. he then preached to me about how he was in such terrible shape now bc of running 20 miles a day when he was in the army. no, you're in terrible shape now because you don't work out AT ALL anymore. so i ended the conversation and the phantom pain still lingers around every few days. better than not running.

    i wanna track your race, so hook it up :)

  6. I caught your last posting but never commented. Hey I've been living that nightmare of running confrontations for years from my family, these days the unsolicited comments just go in one ear and out the other. I think that most Americans are programmed to think that exercise is bad and that’s why 1 out of every 3 Americans are morbidly obese. Maybe people are sick of talking about obesity and its problems and feel like those who do care about their health and well being are really the problem. Okay I don't really believe that, but it's always easier to point the finger at someone else and critique their behaviors rather then focus on our own shortcomings.

    Glad that your hip is at least stable at this point. Fingers crossed that it will comply and surpass all of you expectations.

  7. "exactly the same" is way better than "getting worse."

    And I totally understand you bailing on Napa early. I ended up having to play nice with my dad and his wife Friday afternoon, so it worked out.

    My google calendar keeps reminding me that I was supposed to run CIM this weekend. LAME.

  8. I'm a bit late to the benefits of running discussion but I thought I'd chime in anyway. Having not started running until the ripe old age of 45, I've no knowledge of the long term effects of running but I do know that when I started running, the arthritis in my hip joints practically disappeared. Of course it was replaced my misc other hurts but the arthritis pain was pretty bad and now poof, gone. My uneducated guess is the old use it or lose it theory is in play. But I don't know.

    The other thing is that both docs I've seen since I started running (only 2 -- a gyn and an asthma doc) thought it was great that I took up running. That the benefits to the heart and lungs far outweighed any problems with the body. Are they qualified to speak on it? I'm not sure but I sure felt like the A+ patient!!

    Have no idea what went on with the TV but glad you are able to enjoy it after all.

  9. Maybe you're just not used to it? Last year on Black Friday, we upgraded our 12 year old 32 inch for a new flat screen (I have no idea how big it is, but I have issues with proportionality and our living room isn't that big, so neither is the tv). Anyway, I couldn't go into the room for days, let alone watch tv. It just freaked me out to have I have no idea, but I got over it.

    Way to copy me on the tv on Black Friday. Pinch, poke and all that :)

  10. Perhaps the answer lies here:
    Seriously one needs to match screen size with room size. Bigger is not always better. Try a 42 on for size.

  11. Haha how did the TV issue resolve itself?

    Sounds like you had a pretty fun rest of your Thanksgiving weekend! I'm jealous of all your movie watching.

  12. dude go see martha mary macy or whatever the f*ck with elizabeth olsen in it. creepy good.


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