Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 26th is the Saddest Day of the Year

Just like Monday is the worst day of the week.  You are as far away as possible from the best day of the year.   It's a horrible thought.  Luckily for me, I have the dangling carrot of my birthday (December 30) to keep me from being too morose about Christmas being behind me.

Christmas really is an essential time of year for my running-self.

96% of all my running gear is gifted to me at Christmas.  Last year I got my first ever running watch (a Garmin Forerunner 305) which completely changed the way I run (read: faster).  I also received a pair of Saucony Kinvara's after reading other blogger's rave about them (hated them) and the always elusive running shorts with pockets (not a successful pair because the pockets had no zipper or velcro -- I lost $5 the first time I wore them).

This year, the only running-related item on my wishlist was running books.  I requested this with the goal of learning more about training plans, since I am uninformed enough to have just recently learned what the term "tempo" meant.  And also learned that the second-half of my marathons are hurt by my neglect of Tempo runs! 

I received THREE books.  One is Hal Higdon's marathon book, which unfortunately I am finding very dull as it is clearly directed at beginners and primarily for inspiration to new runners.  The first half of the book is testimonials from people regarding their first marathon experience.  Blahhhh.  Since his training plans are for free on the internet, this one will hopefully be returned and exchanged for his book "Run Fast".

Doc's guide to running, and this doc doesn't say "don't run, use the elliptical"

The other two books have potential as they really focus on injury prevention and understanding.  One is full of pages of strength-training moves, which I love. 

The next closest thing to running-related was my request for an Ipad (which I got!), and I will likely use it for blogging and maybe any useful running-related apps.  Recommendations for Apps are now welcome!

Other than that, Santa was clearly peeping on my blog.  Santa knew that a) I was scrappy and wore long socks as arm-warmers at CIM, and b) that I like to wear bright shirts when I race.

bright shirts

arm warmers

to replace my scrappy use of socks

I previously blogged about thinking arm-warmers were a waste of money when long socks cost $2 and can be worn as arm warmers.  I guess my mom (Santa) is hinting at me to stop acting like a bag-lady and use real running gear.

I also got two pairs of successful (so far) running shorts with one large pocket each.

Reebok.  Which apparently is a breed of African antelope, as I learned during a Christmas trivia game.

And now on to the good pictures, which include people instead of just things.

Clutching my prized stocking with the Gentleman's family on Christmas morning

Immediately wearing the cute scarf in my stocking.  Gentleman is wearing the awesome sweater I gifted him.

Thank you to everyone for the happy anniversary wishes last week...we celebrated with something very special that I will share someday soon

Nephew Robert, in the excellent Peruvian sweater we bought him on our trip to Peru.  OK, it was a Peruvian store in Sacramento.

Gift madness at my family's home Christmas afternoon

I'm renaming this blog "fuzzy pictures."  It always happens!

Somehow I think this picture may end up in a "things white people like" book.  "Posing in front of decorated Christmas trees"
There was a point on Christmas day when I was SO full that I waddled over to the Gentleman and said "I'm almost jealous that you have the flu so that you didn't get caught in the gluttony trap."  And then I ate 23 more white-chocolate-peppermint pretzels.

What running-related gifts did you get?


  1. no running related gifts this year... however, i will be asking for a new pair of running shoes for my birthday... mine are so worn out that if I walk in them I get blisters- I can only run when I wear them. how weird is that???

    Merry Christmas!! Happy almost your birthday!!

  2. I often say that I'm so full that I would never eat anything else.....and then five minutes later I stuff my face more full. It's like the flood gates have opened!

    I got a new bike for Christmas. But I'm having color problems and can't figure out if I'm going to return it or not............gah. White person problems.

  3. For all the grief your family gives you about running, they sure got you some awesome running-related gifts! Training plans?!!? Ut oh...someone's about to get even faster ;-) Can't wait to watch!

  4. so you did not get sick! that is good!
    he does not look like he was sick at all..he hides that well!
    when I have the flu I cannot stand up!

    I got running clothes also..shorts and 1 long sleeves shirt that I like, 1 running shirt (under armour cold gear)that is for cold weather..really cold weather so it will go back to the store because I would never wear it.

    I got several books but no running book. I do have marathon by hal higdon..for me it is perfect in mental prep for a marathon...I did say mental....baby steps

    I like your Christmas outfit!
    I have a post Chritmas bday as well...on the 26th always get the same question "now what do you want for your bday?"! mine is 01-11

  5. I would have been bored with the Hal Higdon book too. Blahh. I have some good running books that I'm loving if you end up wanting more. :)

  6. I just got my first Garmin this year. Prior to this, I was timing myself by checking the clock before I left, and checking it again when I got back. Very technical and accurate.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Hal Higdon book. I'm on a running book tear right now, so good to know I'd likely be bored by that one.

  7. Running wise I got the book Born to Run, which is of course already finished. Pretty fantastic book actually, I'd definitely recommend it!

  8. Happy early birthday from a fellow post-holiday child (I'm the 31st). Hope you never get combo gifts!

    My list was sparse this year; I don't know, I just have the hardest time asking for things. My only running thing was a $100 gift card from Lululemon.

  9. Happy early birthday, Rose. You share it with my older brother, who is also pretty awesome.

    I got the book "Running with Buffaloes" which features Adam Goucher and the UC Boulder running team. I had never heard of it, but I'm looking forward to reading it. Also got a SWEET running reflective running vest since my parents think I will get hit by cars unless I wear it.

  10. Happy Almost Birthday RR! I hope you start celebrating early. It looks like you got some great running gifts. I scored a cool fleece jacket for after running. I'm a big fan of the Target c9 line. If you are looking for shorts with a pocket check out Nordstrom Rack. I found addidas shorts with a zipper pocket in the back for less than $20. I'm so over all of this holiday food too. I made roasted vegetables with rice and a big salad for dinner last night.

  11. Yay for Christmas photos! I miss our tradition of going over to each other's houses on Christmas morning to see what the other one got and taking our annual photo by the Christmas tree :(

  12. I'm actually reading Hal Higdon's Marathon right now (bought it at half price books last month), but you're right, it is for beginners. Luckily I am a beginner and it's getting me super excited to run my first marathon next year. But yeah if I already had a marathon or two under my belt, I'm sure I would be disappointed.

    Also cute outfit in the last two pictures!

  13. I TOTALLY agree with you on that Dec 26th is the worst day of the year. It's just hard going from seeing all your family to knowing that the day will be over and that they will all go home the next day. I was watching football on the 26th and just feeling really off.

    Great on the 3 running books! I did read Hal Higdon's beginner book for the first running book, I thought it was useful then. For someone as experienced as you thought it wouldn't be as useful. I got two running books - Run Less Run Faster, and Nutrition for Runners (by Matt Fitzgerald).

    Awesome that you got an ipad! That thing seriously looks awesome. I have an iphone, so my app suggestions might not be as applicable for an ipad:
    Angry Birds
    Running one's (iPace, Race Pace)

    I was a fan of your cheap arm warmers idea, now I'm curious what you think of actual arm warmers, haha

  14. I only got one running related thing, a Garmin 410 (or 401 or something). It has a heart rate monitor and crap, so I think it might actually help me get faster, if I'm willing to put in the effort.

    I got two other fitness related items, though. A bike fanny pack (that's what it looks like. It straps under the bike seat and holds shit), and a bike tool thing, so I can tighten and fix stuff in the middle of nowhere, if I ever take my bike out on the streets again.

    As much as I enjoy running, I find running books so boring. Then again, I really only enjoy reading shitty murder mysteries these days. I think I blew my "smart people book" load by trying to double major in philosophy and English.

  15. I didn't get any running stuff this year, but did ask and receive a stability ball for some strength/core exercises I can do at home. I didn't ask for any other equipment, because I'm pretty okay with things right now.

    Also, if my family is any indication, brown (Mexican) people love posing in front of decorated trees too.

  16. you two a quite the handsome couple! looks like you made out pretty well on christmas. i received quite a bit of athletic wear myself. two novels about runners journeys, a pair of saucony mittens that convert into gloves and have an led light, some lululemon gear, and randomly some gu. santa hooked me up.

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  18. Aw, bummer I didn't read this yesterday so I could have wished you a Happy Birthday! on your actual birthday. You scored big time this Christmas. Those shirts are sweet. What brand are they? I'm always looking for nice long sleeve tech shirts. And I always race with sock arm warmers. Then you can toss them and not feel back about losing 2bucks.

  19. I think December 31 is the saddest day of the year, but I'm hoping celebratory events tonight make up for that! :)
    Both of my siblings got me running shoes, and Santa brought me more running clothes than 'real person' clothes :)
    Happy New Year! I hope you have a great time tonight!

  20. You should check out Daniel's Running Formula book! It is great if you have been running races for awhile. My favorite part is that they explain all types of workouts and then give you a training plan in the back of the book, tailored to the distance you want to race, how fast you want to race, and how many miles a week you want to do. Check it out! Happy New Year! I am excited to hear about your anniversary :)

  21. Hey RR, how'd the garmin in help you get faster??


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