Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Four More Years!

It's not the holidays, I swear.  It's just work.  December has unexpectedly become the busiest work month of all this year, and spending 12 hours straight drafting motions/oppositions/replies/angry letters -->  me wanting anything but to write more for my 30 spare minutes in the evening before falling asleep.

Fittingly, my running life has been pathetic the past week as well.  I managed to get about 40 gimpy-hipped miles in, and then pulled a back muscle while....walking arm and arm with the Gentleman.  Eh?

Just to beat all you other bloggers to the punch with the "year in reflection" posts, I'm on track to hit 3,150+ miles for the year.

I hope to get a legit blog post up soon! In the meantime, check out my 2nd ever hang-out with real life bloggers.  I'm conveniently wearing a top with a rose on it so you know which one is roserunner (please, this was not on purpose.)

And peep on this ADORABLE BABY NIECE of mine!

Happy Hannukah to the Jews (I'm a non-religious half-jew celebrator of both xmas and Hannukah) and happy 4 year anniversary to me and the Gentleman!

Montage of love....GO

Please don't notice the obscene amount of gifts my mom buys

nature looks good on us

No seriously, we are soooo nature-ey.  Ignore that I sit at a desk all day most days.

Candy-cane tootsie-pop, holiday essential

four more years! four more years!

Seattle bums

Does YOUR boyfriend/husband dress this well?

I won

Birthdays Past

we know lots of stuff and gots, like, smart about the law

More Christmas Past



  1. So bummed I missed the party :(

    Have you two ever been to the labyrinth at Sibley? I'll bet you nature-y types would really enjoy it!

    Happy Holidays :)

  2. Cute photos of you too. I have to admit I'm more interested in the candy cane tootsie pop aspect of this post...heading to Google now because that combines my two favorites in one.

  3. Happy anniversary!! And those are some awesome miles. I was proud that I'll probably go just over 700 for the year.

  4. Awe - super cute love montage. Happy anniversary!

  5. happy anniversary!

    That cute baby girl...she looks like YOU. Am I crazy?

    Wow that is a lot of bloggers! I wish I could meet bloggers in real life!!!

    Love all the pics!!
    he looks like a different person without the beard!

    Merry all the Holidays to you!

  6. Dana (danakolesar@gmail.com)December 21, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    I agree with Caroline - I think your niece looks like you too! And she's so adorable!

    Happy anniversary - love the pics of you two.

  7. Your mileage total is awesome even if this week has been less than your best! Happy anniversary!

  8. You're a total babe, RoseRunner.

    I'm also experiencing back pain ... Maybe we're both tethered to the same desk, because I'm pretty sure it's all related to the hours I've been plugging at work. Reading blogs and my little 3- to 6-mile jogs are my only breaks these days.

  9. Love this post! Happy four years to you and the gentleman!!

  10. 3150 + miles. You are my hero!! YOUR BACK...be careful! Happy four years, you two are a gorgeous couple!

  11. Awesome on the blogger meetup! Lol on the rose sweater!

    Congrats to you and The Gentlemen! That pic of you 2 on that rock overlooking the green hills is one of the best pictures I've ever seen. Hopefully that pic is framed on your wall. Honestly it almost looks like a fake background to me, haha

    And 3150 miles is a ton in 2011! You likely will end up running the most out of anyone that I follow, EMZ is right on your tail with 3108. haha

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  13. Happy 4 years! I'm loving the polar bear sweater and am thinking my boyfriend needs on, stat!

  14. Happy Anni!!

    Looks like a fun meetup! Makes me miss NorCal :( Although LD applied for a job in Sac so ya never know, we could make our way back...SOON!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!!

  15. what in the world? That is a TON of bloggers!! Have a great holiday. You and DA man are so cute together. Not in a gross I wanna vomit way!

  16. I know this is shallow, but if you can be superficial at Christmas when can you? You two look really good together. In a totally superficial way since I don't actually know you and can't comment on something more substantial like your excellent personalities or superior intellect. Anyway, y'all are adorable. I want to put you in a snow globe.

  17. what a cutie couple, and you haven't aged a bit in the four years and mom does not get an obscene amount of presents...santa does


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