Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Important than Christmas

It's Christmas Eve you say?

SO what, bigger things are happening...I got a haircut.  And got rid of that brassy yellow.

My hair had previously been at mermaid length.  What's mermaid length? It's when you can stand naked in front of a mirror and cover your boobs with your hair.  I have very thin hair, so I made for a pretty revealing mermaid.

The Hanukkah Angel got me that grandma sweater.  Just don't get confused and think that my hair is for grandmas.  It's the sweater, not the hair.

My yellow mermaid hair

We were on a Christmas train.  Santa, the Gentleman's nephew and dad

Check out the lightsssssss!

The Gentleman got a nasty, nasty flu virus yesterday, so I am bracing myself to catch it on Christmas day and spend the day in the bathroom.  :( please please please antibodies and white blood cells, do your job.  Alternatively, I really hope he just had food poisoning.

Happy haircut season everybody!


  1. I like your hair in both styles - mermaid and shorter. If you think your hair is thin then you should see mine - front on I look like Homer Simpson (kinda goes with the rest of my appearance too...). Yours might be fine but it's in lovely condition :)

    Happy xmas!


  2. Your shorter hair looks great. Hope the gentleman is better quickly and you both have a happy (and very healthy) Christmas!

  3. dont get sick!!! Love the definition of mermaid hair.

  4. Christmas train!!!! I am a Christmas lights junkie :P

    Sweet haircut! Loving the definition of 'mermaid hair' :)

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  5. your hair is beautiful!!! my hair just reached mermaid length a few weeks ago, but like yours (it sounds like) mine is very fine/ unless it is curled up the yoo-ha, it'd be a pretty revealing mermaid doo as well!

    hope you dont get sick! merry christmas!!!

  6. Your hair looks great! Hope you have an awesome holiday

  7. Love the new 'do! Hope G-man feels better and you don't get it! Merry Christmas!

  8. I still think it's so funny that you were getting your hair cut when I stopped by the salon and our paths didn't even cross... Crazy! I love the new hair though (even though Mermaid boob hair is good too)

  9. B-eautiful.
    That length is very flattering on you. And you were hot with long mermad hair too, so you're in luck either way.
    MERRY (belated) CHRISTMAS!

  10. merry christmas! glad you got a ton of nice running gear. And that haircut? Does that mean you aren't a Cali Hippie anymore?


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