Thursday, January 19, 2012

Embarrasing Thoughts

1) I don't understand twitter.  Not like, "I don't understand why people like it so much!" but like, I don't get the "@" and the hashtags and how you follow someone, etc.

2) Further living under a rock, I don't know what a tumblr is.

3) I also don't do Linked In.  I think this is a bad career move.

4) And while we're at it, I don't do Daily Mile.  I don't really want people spying on my exact daily mileage, thankyouverymuch.

5) When I'm at home, really cold, I sometimes grab a hair-dryer and use it as a personal heater.

6) I have been laughing for 3-days straight when I think about the most recent episode of the Bachelor.  Highlights: Courtney-the-model ambivalently accepting her rose by saying that the night, with the surprise of Shawntel, "has been a know, cuz of whats-her-butt..."  I will never stop saying whats-her-butt now.  Another highlight: Ben making out, very badly, with every girl.....while all the other girls watch from 8 feet away.

This is the face Courtney-the-model makes after subtly insulting someone

7) On the same note, I always root for the villain.  I loved Vienna, I loved Bentley, I loved Michelle Money, and now I love Courtney-the-model. 

8) I have never liked Mexican food (in California, this is a party foul) until this year when I learned that "tacos" at food trucks are soft tacos, and are really just small flour-tortilla-pizzas.

9) I don't own nail polish remover, so the only way I lose a coat is through chipping or outgrowth.

10) My dad still isn't speaking to me (or the Gentleman), ever since the Thanksgiving nightmare where we disagreed about running.

11) I'm often dismayed that the high-school personality revolving around "duuuude, I drank/smoked/snorted so much last night, that makes me soooo cool" persists in many, many adults.

12) I stopped giving a $hit about political elections in 2005, right after spending the 2004 election season in Washington D.C. during the Kerry/Bush election.  It's an angry, disgusting game to follow.

13) I refuse to watch Modern Family -- I've seen the curvy woman with the exaggerated-sexy-accent act dance around in enough Pepsi commercials to know I can't stand it.  I also refuse to try Glee.

Just....shhhhh, Sofia Vergara

14) Ever since becoming a lawyer, I look at calendars in an entirely new light.  They bring a new sense of panic, and dates are like puzzle-pieces.  

15) I've been eating meat for about a month now, mostly because I gradually became less appalled at the lingering memories in my head from the movie "Food, Inc."  None of the meat thus far has been worth it (not a single thing made me think, YUMMM, this is what I'm missing!?) so I'm back to not eating it already.  Although, I will adopt a flexibility so I can try some on special occasions (nice restaurants, holiday meals, weddings).

16) I still steadfastly do not want to have kids, which completely contradicts my absolute obsession and craving to constantly be around this little gem.

6 months, almost crawling!

17) I revert to an 8 year old when the electricity goes out.  Which it has about 6 times in the last 3 days.  I immediately figure someone cut the power so they could break in and stab me.

18) I think 40 degrees is really, really, really, really, really cold.  This week has been rough.

19) The Gentleman and I split a green smoothie 4-5 days a week.

20) I wanted a nose job extremely badly when I was about 16 years old.  Then I forgot about it for 12 years.  Now I hate my nose again.  (Not fishing for a compliment here, just sayin)



21) I can make a meal out of condiments.  Cream cheese; nut butter; nutella; olives; spoon; good to go.

23) I cannot stand Jennifer Hudson and her Weight Watchers commercials.  I'm sick of her flaunting her "new" bod, deflated boobs and all.

I find this cleavage to be....yucky. 

24) Recent soundtracks I have slipped into my car during my commute to work: Les Miserables, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Wall-E.

25) I think about quitting the blog-world about once a week.  Somehow, I've made it one whole year!

Your turn to reveal!


  1. oh this is good and fun
    #25. please no. remove that from the list. I'd miss your post.

    Glee: me too no thank you.

    same for Twilight, no movies or books no Edward or Jacob.

    Mex Food: I am in Southern is EVERYWHERE and I hate it. All of it.

    The bachelor....ayaye Ben is the worst...well he is with Prince what's his boring...and me I still watch...Courtney..she makes it less boring but in real life, pretty sure I would not like her

    Gemma...too cute...

  2. Oh my god, her boobs look horrible.

    She looked way better with a little more weight on her.

    That's my deep comment for the evening.

    And your #1-25? Are the exact sort of thing that are so fun to share on Twitter. :)

  3. We listen to the same soundtracks, it seems - so I agree with 24...and 25 has been a staple for me too.

    I've only just vaguely managed to understand some of the #, @, FF business on Twitter. It still makes my brain hurt.

    Heck yes to 2, 3 and 4 (I think a Tumblr is just an abbreviated blog but don't quote me on that one).

    And leave your nose alone.


  4. I feel like having a blog should mean I get social media more but I can't understand Twitter or Tumbler, and I can't understand why you need an invite to even get on Pinterest. Too much work, all of it. Vergara is annoying, but I do really love Modern Family. Give it a try!

  5. "What's-her-butt" I just about died laughing when she said that. She also said educated girls are boring.....I liked Vienna and Michele too. Bently not so much.

    I can't believe your dad hasn't spoken to you since thankgiving. what a stupid thing to be upset about. I'm not even going to get into how many obese or sedentary people have problems in middle age. But yeah, running is terrible.

    I didn't watch Modern Family for a while either. The other characters make up for the annoyingness of that woman. Last night I watched parks and recreation for the first time and I was laughing my ass off. Out loud. By myself.

    I would like a nose job too. At the very least botox in a few years.

    Glad your still blogging. Your good for a laugh every couple of weeks :)

  6. I don't have a clue what Tumblr is either, nor do I have time to dedicate to another social media venture.

    And that's crazy about your dad! :( I'm so sorry. I love Modern Family but agree with runforwine that it's because the other characters make up for her annoyingness.

    This comment doesn't sound very well thought out, my apologies. I have yet to have coffee this morning :)

  7. I had a nose job when I was 18. When I was 11, I fainted and face-planted onto some pavement. I wound up with a bump at the bridge of my nose and a deviated septum. My crooked, bumpy nose didn't really bother me as much as I think it bothered my mom. I played soccer in high school, so we waited until after I was done with that to get my nose fixed. Anyway. Let me know if you want to know more.

  8. First of all, I'm going to have to work on forgiving you for speaking ill of Sophia. In time.

    Tumblr is like blogging, but with just pictures. It's lame.

    Twitter is designed for idiots to use, I'm sure you could figure it out. #firstworldproblem

    I'd say you should suck it up and talk to your dad, but that would make me a huge hypocrite.

  9. Those are some mad nose skillz, woman. I wish I could do that but MY nose is WAAAYYYYYYY too big. If I could do that trick then I definitely would NOT want a nose job... but I can't so I do.

    You need a hot water bottle...way quieter than a hair dryer...and you can sleep with it.

    As for Twitter, if you want to try it just create an account on the homepage and bumble your way around like most of us :) #itslimited #dontbelievethehype

  10. Modern Family = gold. Trust me. Best show on TV. You can ditch Glee though; that's a waste of time. I agree with the person above that said the other characters outweigh the over-the-topness of Sophia's character.

    Loved this list!

  11. I also wonder if not having a LinkedIn profile is bad for my career. Especially since I work in media/publishing.

    I used to have a Tumblr, but the platform's server crashed ALL THE TIME. Plus I don't think longer posts read well on Tumblr for some reason. But I still read a few Tumblrs, and I can see why it would be more convenient for those who like more streamlined or photo-oriented posts.

    Every few years I'll get into a major argument with one of my parents or sisters and won't talk to them for a while. Then I'll just pick up the phone and call about some random topic; I don't need to even apologize or talk about the fight, and everything goes back to normal. It's sort of hard to do at first, but I always feel so much better after reaching out.

    Also, I have a thing for noses (weird, I know, but I always complimented my ex on his, and I complimented his nose more than anything else while we dated). You have a lovely profile, don't mess with it.

  12. I say "what's her bucket" where I forget names. I don't know why. But apparently I'm in awesome company, since I am enjoying the crap out of Courtney, too.

  13. Totally with you on J. Hudson. Love her. Loved her much better not trying to be hollywood skinny.

    On a different note, your background always makes me feel like I'm in an old lady's house. In a good way. Also, don't stop blogging. I get that it's a stupid waste of time, but it's also a fun way to express yourself and connect. Also, I like your running talent and unique take on things.

  14. I just love you. You crack me up. That whats-her-butt chick has the weirdest lip movements. Its hypnotic yet disturbing.

  15. You rock RR. I hope the 49'ers win again this weekend so you can have a nice superbowl party. :)

  16. "YOU'RE GONNA LOVEEEE MEEEE"...we both agree on sofia and jennifer...annoying and overplayed. At least they are both getting paid though. BTW I can't believe you still aren't talking to your dad. :(

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. BTW - your nose is great! And, I do linked In but never update it and don't have a picture up. Maybe, I should work on that.

  19. I agree with almost ever single one of your #'s except dailymile...i like it for some weird reason...#1-3 especially, wtf is tumblr and twitter is lame in my book.
    and's just blah, I can make up for the lack in protein by eating a jar of PB and getting much more satisfaction out of that!!
    WE NEED TO RUN together...I bet we could come up with 100 different "i hate" tangents!! like I only want a baby so I can push it uphill in its running stroller...<--true story!
    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  20. Haha loved this post. I too don't understand twitter. As in, I don't get how it works. But I'm too lazy to really try and figure it out. I also don't know what tumblr is... And I'm on linkedin, but only because my boss made me.

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who was disgusted by J.Hud's (yeah, I decided to call her that) deflated boobies. I remember seeing her in that dress and thinking such mean thoughts...

  21. I know you said you don't like Mexican, but if you are in SF and really want to give it another shot - Don Pistos is it. Best guacamole ever, and their tacos are the soft kind you mention.

    I have a twitter account but don't post to it. Every once in a while someone subscribes to it. I have no idea how they find it, and I'm pretty sure they think that I am someone else.

    I love daily mile not to show my mileage off (which there is nothing to really show, although I am adding more - slowly), but because I love looking at the graph of distance over time - by month and week.

  22. I think I need to do a post about me like this... but my blog is about my girls... so we'll see. maybe on my birthday.

  23. I'm already falling behind in my blogs!

    Ok, re: your question on my blog post about compression shorts. I have worn them once on a run, and they were ok. I mostly wear them for recovery (wearing them now, in fact). Did you get a pair yet? I think the 50% off sale may still be going on.

    Also, this post cracked me up.

    And you know what? I hated my nose too, so I got a nose job. Now I don't fixate on my honker. I didn't go all Michael Jackson/Jennifer Gray either. I just made myself a better version of my original nose. I say if it bothers you, change it!

  24. That cleavage is frightening! That had me laughing out loud.

    Oh, man, the Bachelor. It's complete trash but so entertaining. The model is completely vapid. Vienna, I feel, at least had a successful strategy whilst being evil. This model chick is straight up dumb with the stuff she says. No strategy. Just pretty, arrogant, and stupid.

  25. Woah, that cleav is crazy! WTHeck?!

    Ahhhh, the bach!! Such a guilty pleasure :) Why does Courtney's mouth not move when she talks? She should think about becoming a ventriloquist

  26. ditto to Mrs. Hudson! Sofia Vergara is kinda irritating also. very exaggerated indeed! :D

    I love DM not to have people stalk me, just for my own accountability. I like the weekly readouts, the motivation and kindness from others is a bonus. For all the years I've been a runner I've never kept consistent detail of runs etc. Sometimes I'd remember to scratch it on the calendar, sometimes I wouldn't. It's convenient for me when I'm on the computer to click to DM & record my workouts. It'll be interesting to know how many miles I actually run in a year for a fun fact. :)

    Have a great rest of the week "RR!!"

  27. OMG. I can not STAND when my nail polish chips....please invest in some chemicals girl. Also please get twitter...I love your humor..make my year?


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