Friday, January 6, 2012

Hot Lawyer

I'm either a sucker or a saint, but reading some of your comments about wanting the Runners World daily calendar made me want to give one to everyone.  I momentarily considered buying 20 so that everyone could have one.  YOU get a calendar! and YOU get a calendar! and YOU get a calendar!

The random number generator, between 1 and 30, selected number 19 -- Maggie Wolf!

Congratulations Maggie, I would have picked you anyway ;) Email me your address at, and I will send it to you on Saturday!

Sucker or saint, yesterday I was also a hot lawyer.  Hot, that is, if you like weather girls.

We had picture day in our office.  Good decision all around, as it will be nice to have a lawyerly portrait for everyone in the office, and to update the firm website.

In general, lawyer portraits are extra silly.  Arms crossed (power pose) or noble stare (I want to WIN for you).  And always a wall of law books in the background.
Our firm offers....camel toe?

So I get to work, dressed in a great suit and ironed shirt, having spent a little extra time on makeup that morning at home (for a grand total of 2.3 minutes instead of the usual 1 minute).  I learn immediately that a makeup/hair girl will be prepping us for the pictures.  All the men in the office will get a quick touch-up to hide redness or puffy eyes.  But I will get the works!

The beauty woman introduced herself as a makeup artist for Dancing With the Stars.  Wow! Ok.  Surely she knows that lawyer pictures are different from the look that professional dancer Makshiavel Dianova wants (made-up name, probably close to something on that show).

Well, I'm not sure if she knew the difference.  You decide!?  A partner at the firm snapped the following pictures of me so I could send the Gentleman a teaser of my new career as a newscaster.

I also want to WIN your case for you

I will WRITE in my BOOKS for you!

I will CURL MY HAIR for you!

I'm going to hire the beauty woman full time.  Those curls look great! Wish I had beauty skills...

Question: she put Visine in my eyes (and I think everybody's eyes) because we are lawyers who don't sleep enough and stare at screens too long, thus, bloodshot eyes.  It instantly made me look better, and made my eyes feel less dry.

I asked, "are there any bad side effects of using Visine?" because I was certain I had heard that you should not use it regularly no get rid of red eyes.

"Oh no.  You would have heard about it if there were! I use this on everybody."  But...I did hear about it.  And all of her beautiful clients might now die from eye whiteness.

In all seriousness, I know google is right at my fingertips but you are much more fun to engage with.  Do you use eye drops for superficial purposes?  Have you heard of or experienced any bad side effects?


I'm still running.  Still with an imperfect hip.  Doing strengthening moves every now and then.  Losing my speed, and as soon as the weather gets bad (it has been SO NICE here in California!) I will get on the treadmill and do some speed workouts.

Sunday: 12 miles
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 13 miles
Wednesday: 13 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: 11 miles

I accidentally ran every day in 2012!! Dare me to keep it up? (I won't accept the dare).


  1. Seriously dying at the camel toe comment.

    Do you ever watch Friends? I am like Rachel with the eye drops/eye exam. No thank you to any of it.

    You look so cute in your pictures!!! Definitely more newscaster than lawyer though.

  2. I got caught up at the hair/makeup artist for website pictures. For real? I literally walked into a conference room, sat down, had my picture taken, and left. The process maybe took 45 seconds. Do other firms do this? I must investigate. Clearly, my firm is not doing enough to make me look good.

  3. Hot stuff! You always look gorgeous, but the curls are fun.

    I occasionally use eye drops when my contacts are bugging me. I have never heard that there might be harmful side effects! They are a nice relief.

  4. Every time someone forces me to let them do my hair and put make up on me I think "I look awesome! I should do this every day!" Except, nope. Never going to happen. I have known people who woke up early enough to devote an hour every morning to "getting ready" (not counting food, shower, bathroom, clothes). Fuck that noise.

    But as a fellow straight hair person, having my hair curled makes me wonder, for a brief moment, if perm technology is to the point where I should do it.

  5. Visine is supposedly bad, evil shit. I don't use it, but I wear contacts and you're really not supposed to use it w/ contacts. I have no beauty skills either. But in my case, it is mostly a 'silk purse/sow's ear' kind of thing. Nothing can really help me :P I have been fairly diligently doing my hip strengthening stuff. But what seems to have really helped my hip has been to change how I run. So now my hip doesn't really hurt but... I am even slower than I was before. I am really hoping it all works out...for both of us.

  6. You look fabulous! I like your suit. And I also love my hair after I curl it, but it takes two hours and makes me break into a sweat.

    After the new year I bought myself some new makeup, watched tutorials on Youtube and decided I would make myself look more presentable at work. Nope, didn't stick. Still sporting wet hair, jeans and flats.

    I will put on some bronze powder and mascara to look alive when I have meetings, and that's it.

  7. I sort of wish you'd titled this post "hot for teacher". But I guess that wouldn't have made any sense, would it.

    You look cute. :) Did the see the newscasters when you lived in so cal? I swear they all dress like they are going out to the clubs....that's LA for ya tho :)

  8. You are one hot lawyer!! I love the hair!!! That's awesome that your firm hired a makeup artist from dancing with the stars! I bet the men in your office loved it! LOL! Nice running this week!!

  9. Never heard of visine for vanity purposes, but I'm not a makeup girl. I just had engagement photos taken and spent a couple of days running around getting hair dyed/trimmed, waxing eyebrows and upper lip and meeting up with a family friend who works at MAC so she could do my makeup. Getting all dolled up is fun, but I don't have the patience to maintain that and/or do it daily.

    That said, those curls work for you! Very cute.

  10. You look gorgeous!!! I love that you look so friendly, too. Lawyers get a bad reputation for being scary. Love your suit!

  11. You seriously crack me up. I had no idea you were a lawyer, but it kind of makes sense now!
    I wanted a calendar, but didn't want to pick a number. So, I went and bought one.
    Run your ass off, chica!

  12. i'd hire you for all of my lawer needs, you know for all those times i hold up banks and steal suckers from little children. but i would expect you to do a little dance number in addition to proving my innocence. is it weird that i didn't know how to spell innocence and had to look it up?

    so far i'm on a running streak for 2012, but it'll end sunday. your speed will come back soon enough, its probably better for your fiesty hip that you take some time away from speedwork.

  13. wow! you look nice!
    love the hair!

    I was on a running streak and then bang! plantar fasciitis! well I had to rest today.
    boo hoo

  14. Love the curls! I curl mine a couple times a week but it's quick takes about 10 min or less usually so it's not as beautiful as yours.

    Haven't heard anything about the visine but I wear contacts.

    What you write in your books.... that would totally make me want to hire you!

    Great job on the running streak!

  15. I totally read "vaseline in my eyes" and I just couldn't imagine all that goop being at all good for your eyesight...

  16. You look great. The suit/curls combo is very Ally McBeal :)

    Agree with the other Rose's comment above - who has time to "get ready" for an hour every day?? I will devote 7.5 minutes max to the application of makeup, which is then less about looking good and more about looking less frightening. Then, once in a blue moon, I'll have my hair/makeup done for some reason and be like "wait, why don't I look like this every day??"

    Hi, btw, I think this might be my first comment? But I have been reading along for a while!

  17. The picture of you writing in the book is ace. I would totally hire you.

  18. I'm jealous Maggie won the giveaway and I didn't! :)

    Love the look on you...very pretty! I'd hire you.

    Nice mileage too!! :)

  19. Beware the dreaded Visine rebound. When you stop using it your blood vessels dilate, giving you the "I've been on drugs and haven't slept in a week" look that is so popular in the Tenderloin.

  20. I got the calendar yesterday! Already starting taking pictures of my favorite tips so far:

  21. just don't use it for more than 3 days in a row cause you'll get "adapted" to it and will have to use it daily for-e-ver. Great looking lawyer chicka. Fancy photoshoot...I like how they hired a beauty person cause they didn't trust you guys to look hot on your own.

  22. It ain't camel toe. It's pacman ready to take on your case :D


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