Sunday, January 22, 2012

Run with Wings

I don't have a large enough readership to get the awesome freebies that some big blogs come home to on their front porch regularly.

Instead, I have to earn my freebies. By placing in races!! Ohhhh, snap.

As a blast from the past that is November of 2011, I placed 2nd (1:26) among women in the Run With the Jets half marathon in San Mateo. (I placed 2nd in a lot of races last year. Never first. But second place still means freebies!). I later learned that the top three women won a pair of Mizuno running shoes. The running store providing the shoes was in Burlingame, a city 45 minutes away that I never found my way to...until this weekend!

Running with the Jets!

Getting chased down by the 1st place woman

Paparazzi'd by the Gentleman

The running store, A Runner's Mind, was wonderful in so many ways.  First, it is owned and operated by a family -- how dreamy is that!? They were, as most devoted runners are, really lovely people. Second, there was a bigass bowl of jelly belly beans with a spoon for scooping at the checkout. I will have to be back....they know what runners want (sugar?).  There was a bowl of sticks of gum too! Third, based on the whiteboard calendar in the store (and based on their website), they host group runs and support local races all the time. If you live near Burlingame, this is the place to support and hang out with if you need a running group.

And very first pair of Mizunos.

Check it out -- $115! In my pocket!

Mizuno Wave Rider 15.  We'll find out how they work for my feet.

I probably won't try them out for another couple months, while I work through the other million running shoes I have (more like 7 or 8)

Hidden in my closet

At the front door (two of these are the Gentleman's)

While I was out near Burlingame picking up my free Mizunos, we stopped for lunch in San Carlos at The Refuge, known for it's excellent Belgian beers, the best pastrami sandwich in Northern California, and terrible service that is only tolerated because the sandwiches are so good. 

My beer.  So loved it.

The Gentleman's beer.  Flavor: snail with a saxophone.

Sandwich (whoa) from the website.  I split this with the Gentleman...and finally found the one meat that was WORTH it.  Back to vegetarianism now, for real.  Until I come back to The Refuge.

Back to Running.

Today presented me with a 17.5 miler with wings.

Wings? Like, I had Red Bull beforehand? Nahhhhhhhh.

Let me try and describe this kind of run. This is the kind of run that keeps me coming back day after day after year.  It is the ultimate running Nirvana.

This euphoric run is especially prevalent on winter days like this, where the freshness of the air and the crisp scent of rain and wet trees heightens your awareness of each breath you suck in. And then you notice that you are on mile 15, and your body is so strong and adapted to the heavy mileage, that you are just gently opening your lungs with each breath, and you don't even feel the effort of your legs pumping forward; you are just flying.  Effortless.  The winter air makes me feel weightless.

This kind of day, you know?  Picture of Sunol from a hike last year.

Now I'm off for a day of football.  49ers v. Giants.

What makes a euphoric run for you?  


  1. Your description of your 'run with wings' made me reach for a tissue. Gah, I'm such an emotional sap.

    Glad you finally got your shoes!


  2. I am using the Waverider 15s right now and I am in love with them. For me, winter running is very euphoric for me. There is something about the crisp, cold air that really wakes me up and feels alive.

  3. I have those swank shoes, too. I'm loving them...and not just because of the color. So cool you got them for FREE! While I ran 10 miles less than you did today, it was that magical kind of run for me as well. Love it when that happens.

    Hope those ruby slippers work for you :)

  4. I've run in Wave Riders for about two years - love the shoe, although I've switched to Saucony's for my snowy winter running.

    I had an awesome run this weekend too - one of those runs where it isn't a mental battle, just pure running awesomeness! :)

  5. I can't decide if I'd rather eat that sandwich or run that trail.

  6. I love Belgian beers!! When I was visiting friends in Detroit last summer, we went to some random bar and I was so happy when we sat down and I discovered their drink menu specialized in Belgian beers. So very happy.

  7. Yay for free shoes and yummy sandwiches!

    Love those types of runs. I'm hoping I have one of those soon but today's run was a good one that will hopefully be the start of something great.

  8. Awesome running! Great job for 2nd place! Too bad the Niners did not have a great day today

  9. Sounds like a great running store. I feel guilty now for ordering off the internet. A great run for me is one that changes your outlook on life, or a work problem. One where you start out all cranky or wound up and slowly but surely hit that euphoria stage where you feel like you make it through anything.

  10. I looooved your description of your run. Simply beautiful. Made me (almost) want to get off my ass and go for a run myself ;)

  11. No joke -- my training group is meeting at A Runner's Mind tonight! After reading this post, I'm eager to check out the place.

  12. Awesome that you got a free pair of running shoes! You have indeed been doing great in races with all the high finishes you've had!

    That description of the run you had does indeed sound amazing, I occasionally have runs like that where everything is going perfect - those are the best.

    That Niners game was rough, just a tough loss. The team played their hearts out.

  13. Congrats on your second place finish (and free shoes, of course!). Love the red. A great run for me is that feeling around miles 3-5 when it actually starts being enjoyable - where my body cooperates & it feels "natural", if that makes any sense. LOVE that feeling.

  14. Those Mizunos are cute! I spy some Launch's in that pile - those purple soles are a dead giveaway!

  15. ahhhh the weightless feeling...and fresh air=BLISS running!
    I have these Mizuno 15's, and honestly I do not like the red-color...every thinks they are cute, but I have been trying to stomp through the mud in them! :) I LOVED the Mizuno 13's, hated the Mizuno 14's...but the 15's are a lot like the 13's so when I had to get a new pair before the NYC marathon->the red color was the only one available because they had just come out. Thank goodness Santa brought me a purple&silver pair of 15's!
    I hope you've been having a great start to your week!

  16. The 49ers game was indeed an amazing experience. Above all else, I was excited to hear the wall of noise from the crowd when things got excited, and the crowd didn't disappoint - the noise was huge!

    During the game, there were some people who were just super excited (both highs and lows). When it was over, some people were yelling at Kyle Williams. But most of us were just quiet and annoyed at how it ended. Leaving the stadium was like a funeral procession - super quiet. I didn't see anyone crying - it more just anger and being annoyed. You know some people who cried over it?

  17. congrats on the new kicks & your great run!! sweet!! :D

  18. nothing better than a hawt juicy pastrami sandwich.


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