Friday, January 13, 2012

This girl....

Is murdering the reputation of Bloggers.

What a mess...I can't say I've ever known someone who was able to combine 12 incomplete sentences into one sentence.

"I mean the -- here's what it -- so I feel that -- and, to be clear there's -- you know, the way I am -- does that make sense?"

followed by some manic crying.

I know we don't all watch this show, but I must talk about it a bit on this blog because I wait all year long for this, my favorite guilty pleasure, the one and only thing that helps me not hate Mondays entirely.  Seriously, how cool is it to find Monday approaching and to think, "oh, that's not bad! The Bachelor will be on!"

Sadly, I don't think I'll be posting much more about the show this seems dreadful.  Is that something that is always said? Ben is such a drab guy.  Doesn't do it for me in the slightest.  He is awkward, boring, not funny, and seems to think that Sonoma revolves around him (come on Bay Area folk, did you find it ridiculous that he painted Sonoma as a tiny sleepy town?)

And while I'm selfishly writing about things that only I care about, check out this NUMBER FIVE ranked place to travel (that's out of the WHOLE WORLD y'all!) in 2012, by the New York Times. Excerpt below:

5. Oakland, Calif.
New restaurants and bars beckon amid the grit.
Tensions have cooled since violence erupted at the recent Occupy Oakland protests, but the city’s revitalized night-life scene has continued to smolder.
The historic Fox Theater reopened in 2009 and quickly cemented its status as one of the Bay Area’s top music venues, drawing acts like Wilco and the Decemberists. Meanwhile, the city’s ever more sophisticated restaurants are now being joined by upscale cocktail bars, turning once-gritty Oakland into an increasingly appealing place to be after dark. James Syhabout, the chef who earned Oakland its first (and only) Michelin star two years ago at Commis, followed up in May with the instant-hit Hawker Fare, a casual spot serving Asian street food. Big-name San Francisco chefs are now joining him. Daniel Patterson (of two-Michelin-star Coi) opened the restaurant Plum in late 2010 and an adjacent cocktail bar later, and another restaurant, called Haven, in the recently renovated Jack London Square last month.

I could add 3 million and eight other reasons that Oakland is awesome (ok, and 2 million things that suck), so if you ever find yourself in Oakland and need to eat or entertain yourself, I would love to assist!

Chillin on the infamous BART
Oakland Library patron

Last, I also want to say something to hold me to it: A reader asked a while back how it was that owning a Garmin made me faster.  This reminded me that in general, I wanted to do a post, or a series of posts, about the things that helped turn me from a 3:30 marathoner one year into a 3:05 marathoner the next.  Hands down, without a doubt, the #1 thing was owning a Garmin.  A running watch.  To be continued.


  1. my garmin made me faster last year in every distance but the marathon, but that dream will eventually come to fruition. don't watch the bachelor, and we just got rid of cable after coming to the conclusion that reality tv has turned us into unintelligible fools. sad. but maybe we can save up the money we are saving and come visit oakland!

  2. I am definitely going to take you up on the Oakland offer next time I am out in SF.

  3. My Garmin has definitely helped me become faster. Absolutely.

    I have always made fun of the Bachelor and never understood why anyone watched it but I have to admit: I watched the Bachelor for the first time last night on Hulu while running on the treadmill. I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, but by the end I realized it completely sucked me in! I can't wait until next week! Stupid show -- it got me!

  4. My friends always dogged on Oakland, so I'm glad the city is getting props. As long as it doesn't get touristy or cramped for parking.

    I lived in Santa Rosa for two years, and I found Sonoma (the city, not the county) lukewarm. I think my friends and I went there for drinks, like, twice in the past five years. And I didn't really care for Santa Rosa, either ... but I loved Sebastopol. Not too big, but just enough things to do to stay interesting.

    Sonoma County as a whole does have a special place in my heart; there is so much to do with the wineries, breweries, hiking, etc. A few years ago my friends and I rented a house in a town so small and random that we didn't get cell phone reception. Now THAT was a small town. We just walked around and ate a lot. Pretty great.

  5. I stopped watching The Bachelor after Andy Baldwin made the Navy uniform look bad by proclaiming how he "is a healer" EVERY.SINGLE.TIME he talked about being a Navy doc. STFU, you douchebag!

  6. LOL...reading Sesa's comment. Parking in Oakland is rivaling Berkeley in terms of difficulty and vigilance of meter maids. But I love Oakland :)

    1. Ha! I agree, the meter maids are ruthless.

      They ticketed me twice one year -- and both times I had reached my car less than ten minutes late.

  7. I am guilty of watching the bachelor...I may have seen all 1234 seasons of it. I agree Ben sucks. Soooooo boring. did you notice his is like he is trying to "burp" all the girls.
    but I will still watch...just to see if I am right and he will be stupid and pick the "model" (really?).

    I like Oakland, my husband grand pa lives there. Bill was born in Hayward. I wish we lived up there instead of down here :)

  8. Please share your Garmin tips! Apparently I'm the 1 person in the world who skips the Bachelor - I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode. For the record, no high-and-mightiness here. I watch equally bad reality TV!

  9. That girl isn't just bringing a bad reputation to bloggers, but a bad reputation for women in general. She is an emotional wreck---needy and insecure. It is painful to watch.

  10. I have an enormous list of restaurants & cocktail spots in Oakland I need to try. Definitely becoming a fan, even though I don't get there nearly often enough.

  11. Yeah, that chick was a trainwreck. Maybe she has been holed-up blogging the last couple years not knowing how to interact with people in real life.

  12. I watched 30 minutes of that episode and realized that must have lowered my IQ by about 50 in that short time. Kill me now.

  13. Yay for Oakland! Glad to see it's finally getting some respect!

  14. AHHHHHHH! That chick made me insane! INSANE!!! EXCLAMATION!

    I need to bring back the recaps for good laughs. Seriously.

  15. do you do like training to run faster? (valley girl speak when it comes to running)...btw she probably acts like 80% of bloggers do but we wouldn't know cause we just read what is filtered on the web! I guarantee you there are some crazies!


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