Thursday, February 16, 2012

That's Numberwang!

Hey!  I know most people won't get the reference in the title, but for those who do, cheers.

Now.  That last post was fantastic -- thanks for engaging in the comments guys!

If anyone failed to peek at the contributions to a discussion of Daily Mile from my last post, I will recap here, and I will use NUMBERS since I learned that most of you LOVE numbers/graphs/charts :)

[numbers made up by me, but also 100% precise and accurate]

  • About 86% of those who commented USE Daily Mile (total surprise to me -- I thought it was a smaller deal)  
  • of those, 91% use it because you love the numbers/graphs/charts.  
  • 7% like meeting people through Daily Mile.  
  • And 2% think I should STFU because people who want praise for every daily run should be allowed to get it.  No problem by me, I wasn't planning on shutting the site down, with all my lawyer-ly resources and such....

Anyway.  I love the spark of discussion that sometimes happens in the comment section of blogs.

Now I know we've got a bunch of number nerds in the house!

I can kind of understand that, because I love my Garmin running watch (although only for time/pace/distance).  Still, I  don't plan any runs nor do I track past runs besides penciling in a rounded mile number into my desk calendar, which is mostly exciting so that next December 31st, I can see how many times I ran to the East Coast and back (approximately once, in 2011).

I like seeing good hard run numbers

Does anyone else just run to RUN? Without the charting and graphing and planning? Run freeee!?

While we're talking about numbers, I have two other significant number-based things to share.

1) This entire week so far, Monday through Thursday, I have been home and awake for a total of about 3 hours.  That is to say I have been at work until just before my bedtime.  This is disgusting.  I hate it.  I will never take it for granted again when I get to leave the office before 7:00!

2) 9.27 miles in one hour.

I'm too tired to say anything clever about this, but man, I had a killer treadmill run this morning before a long-ass mind-sucking day at work.  Tempo workout #3 in my lifetime.

1.0 incline
Warm-up at 8.4 mph (7:08 min/mile) for 3 minutes
9.5 mph (6:18 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.4 mph (6:23 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.3 mph (6:27 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.2 mph (6:31 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.1 mph (6:36 min/mile) for last 7 minutes.

After the full hour, I bumped the speed down to 8.5 (7:03 min/mile) for 30 minutes, which felt surprisingly slow and comfy after busting through an hour at 9.1-9.5 paces.

And somehow, I watched the treadmill numbers hit 1:27:02 at the same time that the distance hit 13.1 miles.

What. The. Hell.  Did I just accidentally kinda sorta PR in the half-marathon on a flipping treadmill?

I have run a faster half marathon, but it was on a short course (1:26:29 in about 13.00 miles by my watch).  This can't be right!  Why am I running faster in my 6:00 a.m. zombie state with a stiff hip than on a race course!?

I always thought treadmills were harder than running outside, but now I feel like I'm tricking myself.  I guess I'll have to wait until the Oakland Half Marathon at the end of March to see where I really stand...

That's Numberwang!  (Now you can all be in on the joke)

Have you ever PR'd during a workout?


  1. wow congrats on the the tready PR!!! i have a hard time running even 9 minute miles on that tricky machine.

    i've never seen that video before, wtf? that is the strangest thing ever! great video to start my day.

  2. Sweet PR on the treadmill. This just means that this half marathon in March is going to be epic. And I hate the word epic, but it's just too true not to say!

  3. We appear to have the same sense of humour. I never thought anyone else would reference Numberwang in a blog post...the things you see on the internet, eh? ;)

    See, I usually try to compete with anyone on the treadmill next to me at the gym and increase my speed in line with theirs. Please never, ever come to my gym because I will actually kill myself if I ever try to keep up with you. That's insane! Was anyone watching or have you got a treadmill at home? My jaw would be on the floor if I saw someone running that fast for that long.

    I do 13.1s on the treadmill but at *verysmallvoice* 7.5-8mph the whole time. Ahem.


    1. agree. if i'd seen you do that I probably would have asked for your phone number and stalked you for weeks. not that I'm creepy or weird or anything.

      I'm tempted to PR on the TM in the 10k bc my 10k PR sucks. But it wouldn't be for realz, so I stop myself.

  4. Nope! I’ve never hit a PR during training. Not even close. There is something about racing that brings out the best in me. My 5k, 10k, half and full marathon PR's are all done during races. There is such an adrenaline rush when I’m running against other folks. I know some people really stress that they run for themselves and that they are only racing against the clock. But, I really love the satisfaction that comes with outkicking runners on the home stretch.
    The treadmill is a weird one for me. I love doing speedwork on that sucker. But, I'm nowhere close to the pace that I can hit on the roads.
    And lastly, RR you write a good blog. You are not afraid to stir the pot sometimes…

  5. I PRed during a workout a few weeks ago, but, it doesn't really count since my previous PR was years ago when I was lazy and stupid.

  6. Hahaha numberwang is pretty sweet. Love this post, especially all the numbers!

  7. yep PR during training run..not on the machine me it is makes me realize that I need to work on my racing skills...

  8. Impressive treadmill time for sure but the treadmill is definitely easier than the road. Why? Because the belt assists leg turnover. All you have to do is weight transfer and extend and voila, the front foot is now the back foot- no push off required. Also there are no weather conditions to contend with. In my competitive days I never worried about time. My favorite thing to do was running down and passing other runners. I also used to run around lakes and those are the best for this type of enterprise because you can spot your target from a long way off. Since you are into stirring up controversy how about running a poll on what a runner should do when reaching a stoplight? A. Run in place with itty bitty steps B. Pretend to stretch C. Strike a cool pose for admiring motorists

  9. My mum nearly did, she’s training for her first marathon and wanted to run all 10 min miles. She got to her last mile and a patient from work saw her and asked for medical advice, she was like “I couldn’t say GO AWAY I’M DOING A PB!” hahahahaha. Made my day!

  10. My mum nearly did, she’s training for her first marathon and wanted to run all 10 min miles. She got to her last mile and a patient from work saw her and asked for medical advice, she was like “I couldn’t say GO AWAY I’M DOING A PB!” hahahahaha. Made my day!

  11. You must do a post on those ridiculous oval stickers people slap on their cars indicating that they've run 13.1 or 26.2 miles.

    BTDT - long before there was a sticker available for it /eyeroll.

    But don't let my opinion sway you ;-)

  12. Is it just me, or are you getting faster? Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.


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