Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving

The song "Houdini" by Foster the People

The "Pumped Up Kicks" song is ultra-overplayed, and...not very good.  So I wrote this band off.  But this song is impossible not to dance to.  Adding it to my running playlist, and hitting repeat.

WATCH or die.

Coming home from work and finding a delicious, plant based, healthy meal prepared by the Gentleman.

Soba noodles, edamame/corn salad, black beans, sauteed zucchini with onions

Close it up now

And the homemade no-machine bread keeps on coming...

He even does step one of packing my lunch for the next day.  Classic fruits. 

I can't get too used to this....his tax busy season starts soon, so we will both be getting home too late to cook a proper meal.

"The Artist" the movie

I've been a huge-ish fan of the lead actor, Jean Dujardin, for 3-4 years now, ever since a friend introduced me to his O.S.S. films (French spoof "James Bond" films, in the style of the Naked Gun or Hot Shots, but better).

This movie came out and knocked me off my socks (I think this may be an incorrect combination of two phrases.  Oh, well).  I really hope he wins the Oscar, and that the movie wins too!

One of my favorite scenes

Another unforgettable scene

"Easy for You" Stetson commercial

I used to sing this as a bedtime song to one of my sisters when I was like 8, to be funny.  And right I was.  That is funny.

This map of terms used for Soft Drinks. (Click for enlarged view)

I love this because I remember as a kid thinking my friend who moved to Napa from Utah was a weirdo for calling soda "pop".  She must have lived in that blue part of Utah.

I am signed up for the Oakland Half Marathon, countdown 7 weeks. 

It starts at 9:00 a.m.  Right outside my front door.  So perfect for a lazy-butt like me who loves running but hates waking up early and hates driving.

This is the race last year that started it all for me -- by all, I mean my excitement about racing and blogging

Can't wait to do it again, even if my weak hip gets me a Personal Worst.

Speaking of my hip...Physical Therapy Appointment set for Next Week

Nothing to say about that's about time!

I've been running as usual, but my hip/butt area has never been the same since October/November of 2011.  After my December marathon, the pain migrated and primarily is where my thigh meets my butt.

My nail polish

Christmas Gift.  Pastels always make me happy.

The fact that now that I am 28, I spotted my first wrinkle.

It's on my forehead, and it literally sprouted the day I entered my "late twenties".  I guess I know now that I won't be one of those gorgeous people who has zero wrinkles when they are 60. 

But really, am I lovin this wrinkle? I dunno.  Kind of yes, it is such a strange tiny little shape.  I guess I crinkle my forehead in a strange way.

OK, it is admittedly hard to find.  It's on that forehead somewhere though.

If I start rocking bangs soon, you know why.  Bangs keep you young.  And are horrible for runners whose heads sweat once a day.

Coach Jay Johnson's Myrtl Routine for Hip Exercises.

I am forever indebted to SweatyKid for telling me to get on this, I love these moves.  They burn so good!! And I fully expect they will make my hip perfect and I will blame SweatyKid if I am not healed asap. 

This Image My Sister Posted on my Facebook Page

While I STRONGLY DISAGREE with Mufasa, and I love everything (ahem 82% of) Oakland, this picture did remind me that my 11-year-old obsession (there really is no term more accurate) with J.T.T. will forever hold a place in my heart.  Good thing he grew up to be handsome so that I don't have to be embarrassed in my 11 year old fantasy whereby I forced him to marry me.

Niiiiiice.  I got this Entertainment Weekly mag, and am planning to hang the pics of him on my wall

And last, I'm lovin that my littlest sister (a cute 19 years old) is officially my FIRST family member who has read this entire blog.  I think she will now be a stalker.  Say HI  to HAMMERS (a family nickname)!

Hi pretty Hammers!


  1. hey how is your hip?! hope it's getting 100% better.

  2. Oh man, the pressure is on! Er, as always, "consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine"... haha. No, but really. I hope that stuff helps somehow. Probably won't happen over night, but in the long run, it should be a good thing.

    I think the donkey whips are my favorite hurt-so-good one of the bunch (or whichever one it is where you're in table position and flipping your leg out to the side...)

  3. I love Jean Dujardin! It will be close between him and Clooney. The movie will win. That is my bet.

    I love your nails! I wish I could pull that off!!! maybe on my toes!!
    that is my favorite color!!

    I got a Simba picture also today...I put it on my post today...mine was about Duke...made me laugh

    I hope the PT will help you

  4. Love the OSS movies! But I'm really LOVING your invisible wrinkle! You are soooo cute :)

  5. It's coke, not soda or pop. As in, "I'll have a coke." "OK, what kind?"

  6. i have been doing that same exact video about 4-5 times a week... i don't know if i'd say it is the only reason my hip has gotten better but i think it has played a huge role in the recovery. the tricky part is making sure to KEEP doing it even after the hip feels better.

  7. 1. "Houdini" is a great song.

    2. As I'm looking at your delicious and nutritious meal, I'm eating what is effectively homemade Hamburger Helper out of a Tupperware container.

    3. I love that nail color.

  8. I love all of this. That lion king thing especially. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Artist. It's coming to our neck of the woods soon!

  9. JTT will also be the ultimate heartthrob. I even watched him in that weird version of Pinocchio because I was in love.

    I saw like 12 ads for The Artist in the last few issues of Esquire but I haven't gone to see it yet. Definitely adding it to the list.

  10. I like that Foster the People song too -- I also like Don't Stop.

    60 year old without wrinkles = botox. There is no other way.

  11. 2 points. Point #1- there are no gorgeous people with no wrinkles at 60 only gorgeous people who can afford surgery or Botox. Point #2- your friend from Utah called it pop because both her parents were from very blue states and raised her right.

  12. OMG! JTT! I totally, like, forever, like, totally, like, love you so much. Totally. (He was my childhood crush)

  13. Ohmigosh. As someone with hip issues, I can't wait to try some of these exercises! "Burn so good" is gonna be spot on I believe.

  14. your little sister is so cute!! I loved JTT also....too bad he's so short.


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