Thursday, March 29, 2012


When official race pictures come out, sometimes I spend a little time spying on the woman who won, or the front few elites.  It's fun to see photographs of that woman killing it, and then I can say "oh, I was running right there too! 8 minutes afterwards...."

Since I was the 7th woman at this last race and I think most if not all of the 6 woman ahead of me were Bay Area local, I thought I'd take a look-see.  And I wanted to confirm whether those intimidating women I had seen at the race start were indeed the ones who won.  Because you see, I don't think I mentioned this in the race recap, but I never saw a single woman after mile 6.5, at which point I passed the two women who had been in my eyesight since the first mile.

Well what I found was just crazy.  Blew my mind a little.  The top four women were all posing together in photos afterwards....and all had the same name emblazoned across their chests or fact...they all belonged to the same San Francisco running club.  The Impalas.

A power hug of people I admire but do not know

Ahem.  How do I become an Impala.

I am so enticed by the idea of joining a club like this, and having an inspiring coach whip me into shape so I can drop minutes from my race times.

Unfortunately, they practice in San Francisco at Keyser stadium (at least this is what I think I found when I researched this club a few months ago), which is terribly impossibly inconvenient for me -- I would have to walk 2 miles to BART, ride BART for 20+ minutes, then grab a bus or walk a few miles to the stadium.  I don't know where to find that extra 2-hour roundtrip time.  So a non-option really.

I know of some local running clubs and coaches, thanks to people like Merilee, but there's still an inconvenience factor since I am so accustomed to running out my front door instead of driving to a track in Berkeley to get my run on.

But, I'm putting my feelers out there.  Considering the idea of maybe, one day, training for a marathon with a team or under a coach.  It might be oh-so-wrong for me, and make me resent running, with flashbacks to high-school where my stomach would flip with anxiety all day long when I knew I had a hard track workout after school.

As if there weren't enough pictures of me running already floating around, here are some more, and they have a big ugly stamp across them so you know I am cheap but have screen shot skills.  This happened last year at Oakland; they took a quatrillion of pictures of me.  Ready, set, scroll scroll scroll outta this mess of pictures.

PROOF that I wuz here

2686 PROOF

Bullet PROOF

Raise the PROOF

PROOF.  disappear.

copyright.  Just keeping you in check.

PROOF of life

proof that I was about to pass a girl.  This proof is true.

Proof that I make little munchkin kids stare

Proof that I secretly ran this race all by myself

Proof that I should not have brought my ipod
Proof that I can outrun the stealthily parked car

Proof that who cares you're running, I have to cross the street

Proof that I might have a gobble-gobble neck in about 20 years

Proof that Oakland is beautiful. 

Proof that running 12.8 miles will suddenly give you Madonna arms

Proof that this terrible gag is finally, graciously, over

One brief thing on the last topic and then we're outta there--

I am bad at expressing myself.  I'm better in writing than orally, but still I often don't convey the point that I think I am conveying.  Or maybe some of y'all just read too fast and miss the point.  I would like to try and summarize what I was meaning to express, and what I did not mean to express.

1) I meant to express that I am frustrated that throughout my life as a runner, many people do not believe that I get joy out of it, and only believe it is for vanity and weight loss.  Not even heart health or disease prevention, just for appearance.  This belief persists because a lot of people do hate running.

2) I did not mean to express that I am cool for not needing to lose weight (which, in the distorted world of Hollywood, I would need to do) or that I think I am better for loving running than someone else who is struggling with running in order to lose weight.  Just as I am annoyed of the assumptions people make about me as a runner, you should be annoyed if you thought I was judging you as a running.  I don't care why you run.  I hope you like running, and I bet you do now, even if at one point you only did it because your doctor told you to, or because you wanted to look more Hollywood.

Remember here, I posted about "not meaning to be mean".  If what I write irks you, talk to me.  In the comments is fine, email is better, we can meet at the cafe down the block too.   This blog is merely my little running bubble world, you can show me your bubble if I have something wrong.


  1. I'm dying at the PROOF captions. HA! Like the munchkin one and the one with the chick crossing the road.

    My coach has coached plenty 'o sub-3 marathoners. Just sayin'. Granted, he would be an e-coach to you as well (he coaches the Forerunners Track Club in Tampa). Very mellow, funny guy. 74 years old and still cranked out a 1:37 half a couple of weekends ago. Holds the 70-74 age group 50km American record too. :) Let me know if you are ever interested. He keeps coaching me to PRs!

  2. I have to admit, I thought you were going to show me a picture of 4 guys in the picture.

  3. I think you just need to change your breathing to the locomotive steam engine chuff-huff-whistle thing... then you will be able to run faster. Like, as fast as a train! :D

    I have some ideas for you. Let's talk.

  4. Well, those kids weren't creepy at all. Munchkins? More like the twins from The Shining. You take an excellent race photo - your race face is serious and focused. I tend to look like a puffer fish in mine.

    Running clubs were never for me, but then again I'm not as fast as you are (duh). I didn't like the pressure and I have enough trouble with feeling like I've let myself down, let alone the idea that I might let a club down. It would just perpetuate my tendency for me to psych myself out.

    I didn't think you had anything in the last post 'wrong' as such - I'm just prickly when it comes to discussion of weight because I gain so much when I'm injured (and sometimes when I'm not...) I suppose a lot of my own resentment that people expect runners to be thin came out there, and it wasn't fair. I still have the same opinions when it comes to running and weight but it wasn't fair to pick apart yours - I think a lot of it comes down to jealousy of anyone that doesn't have to worry about gaining weight when they are injured.


  5. Um, I want to be an Impala. Not the tacky urban car, the fast runner.
    I am kind of new to running (about 3 years now), and at first I just ran. And when I ran more, I ran faster. That worked out well for me. But then this past fall I felt like I was no longer improving. I wanted a 3:20 marathon and missed my goal, which should have been easy for me. I decided to join a group that runs on the track on Monday nights. I definitely think it helped, but it isn't really coached - I think just having the accountability of a group forces me to actually do speedwork (never did any before last October). But I can't speak for the benefits of coaching; never had a coach myself, but I agree with you that I'd hate to have that turn running from fun to work.
    Love the captions.

  6. Oh poo. Don't worry about what others think. If they are all het-up panty twisted about it, they don't have to read. Just means more room for me. Or something. Love all of your honesty, and yes running isn't JUST for vanity. It's also so I can poop.

  7. I saw the Impalas at Bay to Breakers a few years ago. They were running as a centipede. Those chicks are phenomenal they were running miles in the 5:40”s as a centipede Crazy!
    I am happy that you are putting out feelers for a possible coach/running club situation. It might take you some time to find something that will be the right fit. But, I believe you are a really gifted runner. I know it is the bedrock of your happiness and you don’t want to lose that feeling, plus you already are really fast. I think with a mentor you could be even faster.
    I know you weren’t trying to call out people that enjoy running in addition to using it as a weight loss tool. It’s a touchy subject. I think weight is the Achilles heel for most women. Don’t let what other people think get under your skin.

  8. PROOF that you are awesome! Love all the captions. I'm already sure that those will be the best part of my morning.

    I think you came across very clear in the last post. It seemed to me the point you were trying to make is that you love running, and you hate that some people can't get that. Or at least that was one of the points.

  9. Dude, RR, you're pretty ripped. very jealous!

  10. Badassed! Thats all i got to say about that!

  11. If you scroll fast enough you can get a copy of your very own Roserunner picture book! Lol!

  12. Whenever I see "Impala" I want to sing, "IMPALA. SHOT CALLA. 20 INCH BLADE OWN AN IMPALA..." You get my drift. Don't you have to "try out" for that team? Not totally sure, but I'm pretty sure you could make it. OR we make our own East Bay version of the Impalas...says the girl who is just creeping the Internet and drinking a beer on a Friday night.

  13. I am totally jealous of all the good finish lines shots you go. I had like two and they were both ass. :P

    I actually looked at the online application for the Impalas some time back, but then I realized a) I'm nowhere near fast enough (as far as I can tell) and b) I am too lazy to go to scheduled/organized workouts. But I do follow the blog of Olympic-Marathon-Trials-19th-placing Impala Brooke Wells, because I think she is awesome and inspiring.

  14. Nice race pictures, I enjoyed the captions. I just joined a running club after moving out here, my primary goal being to meet people and be social when I didn't have the automatic social network of grad school or a job that I've had in the past. While I'm no where near as fast as you, I'm hoping that the track workouts and running with people who are faster than me will help push me to be faster. PS, I thought you expressed yourself well in your last post.

  15. damn girl, nice action shots! i really think marathon photo does a better job than brightroom - the only pics they ever seem to get of me are ones that make me look like i'm power-walking or something.

    joining a running club can be so beneficial in getting faster and maintaining motivation, but the logistics can be tough. i'm still trying to figure out how i'll make it to my running club's workouts now that i have a new job.

  16. i love your "proof" pictures. I love reading your blog because I get to catch up with you!!! I do love running and I get really sad the days I don't get to go. But I like to switch it up with hiking. I recently moved 1 mile away from my trail head- so I have been running to it, hiking the mountain and then running back home. So wonderful. I am mostly running though to make sure I can stay healthy and fit and keep exercising during my future pregnancy... stay tuned for an announcement in the next couple months :)

  17. GIrl, I enjoy running on my own, as much as your average joe. But let me tell you, running with other people has made me faster. I wish the Impalas were in your neighborhood, because let me tell you, if you practiced with those nuts, you'd be leading their little pack. I don't know what it is about the company of the other people, but it motivates me to push myself more during my mid-week workouts than I would otherwise...especially at things such as the track (which I would have NEVER done on my own.)


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