Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nothing to See Here

Ohmygosh, I LOVE/hate the track! I snuck back over to the nearby high school track this morning because I was still dreaming of how fun the 10x400m workout I did last Thursday was.

I had booked about 6 miles by the time I arrived at the track, and because I am wimpy I told myself I wasn't going to do a legit track workout; I was just going to "try" one small thing out.  What I wanted to try out was one or two 800's, because I have heard a lot about this magical workout called "Yasso 800's" and I wanted to gradually ease my way into it.

Most of you probably know what Yasso 800's are, because it is one of those things that I have seen on runner blogs and in Runners World 50 times, but never cared to understand because I tend to gloss over "training plans" or "workouts".   But now that my brain actually gets the connection between "speed workouts" and "faster race times", I think I would kindly like to join the club.

Short story: Yasso 800's means you do 8-to-12 repeats in the time, in minutes, that you aim to run a marathon in, but in hours.   I want to run my next marathon in 2:59 (just under three hours) or less, so I would need to run 8-to-12 800m's in 2:59 minutes, which is a 5:58 pace.  Recover for the same amount of time.

Ok.  Ease into it.  I haven't run an "800" in, ever, so I knew today wasn't going to be 8 repeats.  I headed out for two laps at a pace that felt fast, but I had no idea what kind of pace it was.

First one: 2:53.  Not so bad, feeling ok, maybe I can do 5 of these?

Second one: 2:54.  Ummmm....I feel like death.  I think I'm doing these too fast.

Third one: 2:52.   Eff this.  Running hurts.  I can't breeeaathe. 

So I did three 800s, way too fast for my current capability, and couldn't convince myself to do any more.  It was the second lap of each 800 that was killing me.  So, aha! I compromised with myself that I would just do a few 400m's and thereby avoid that second lap.

I did four 400m, whipping out:  85, 84, 82, 80.   THOSE felt good.  After 800m, 400m seems so manageable.


The ever present buttcrease issue felt pretty much fine during this track workout, but I'm still focused on making it disappear for good.  Besides pigeon-posing, I finally bucked up and did this at work today:

Now I can stand at work!  Which a physical therapist recommended to me.  I ended up putting a third box up for the mouse. Real professional...

I worked like this from about 3:45 p.m. until 7:00 p.m..  It felt fantastic at first, but then by 6:30 my wrist was hurting (the mouse positioning felt all wrong) and the heels of my feet were burning.  I think I need to wear good flat shoes if I'm going to keep this up.  And take some sit breaks.


Yesterday I had some dental work done with my favorite dentist ever (I really admire her, I can't explain it) in Napa.   While my face felt like it was half melting from novocaine, I made silly faces at my cute niece.   And she made them right back

this was her Easter 'fit.

I'm sorry that's all I have to say today.  I can't think straight, all I have on my mind is the FULL WEEK up ahead which will consist of just me, the guy that makes my heart melt, and the natural beauty of Utah.  Plus one day gluttony in Vegas.  I'm going to go burrow my nose in the books I grabbed from the library on must-do hikes in Zion...


  1. your niece is so cute and she looks just like YOU..I think...

    upcoming vacation! that is great! enjoy it and no getting sick this time!!!

  2. Looking forward to vacation is the best part :)
    Those are nice 400's after running to the track and getting in some 800's first, too! Fast! Once my knee heals (you would not believe how much a skinned knee interferes with running; still can't really bend that knee) I think I'll start taking speedwork more seriously. I just started running any speed last October; unfortunately I don't make every week's workout. Maybe I'll even try those Yasso things!
    You have a sub-3:00 in the bag. Look at your last half-marathon. Right on target, and you felt great for that race! You'll probably run a 2:57:xx. You rock.

  3. Try that workout again in a week (or two if you have a tempo planned). I swear the 800's are ROUGH the first time. I feel like I have to shake the rust off my legs to get them going. I always do that workout twice in two weeks and the second week is progressively better every marathon cycle. Have a great time in Vegas & Utah!!

  4. Nice workout girl! Bulky workouts like that take some time to get used to because you have to anticipate how you're going to feel x amount of repeats down the road, but you'll get in the swing of it once you start doing workouts like this more often. And your nieces face is priceless!

  5. Love the desk setup. Since my hip/sciatic nerve pain only comes when sitting and never when running, my PT said maybe I should get a treadmill in my office.

    My boss didn't agree. Weird.

  6. cutest little stink face i have ever seen!!!

  7. That is the cutest face in ever.

    800's are the WORST. THE WORST. Followed closely by 1600's. Then tempo. <--- i hate track work.

  8. Were you standing up in heels at your work station?! RR this totally defeats the purpose of PT Therapy. Invest in some aresoles shoes (fugly but functional for work). Wear your heels when walking around the office. But when you are at your desk wear some flats.
    Great job on the track work. If you are ripping off 800's that fast after running six miles, then maybe next time drive to the track and run two miles easy and then do your workout. You are a beast! 2:59 this year. 2:52 next year, 2:47 the next. Get it girl!!

  9. Curious who your favorite dentist is... I still go to Napa to the dentist too. I'm too scared to ever go anywhere different. Hah.

  10. I just started doing track workouts recently (I always did speedwork on a treadmill because I didn't have access to a track). I did a 10x400 today and my ass already hurts. So I guess that's a good thing? I can't even imagine running 8 800s. I guess I need to look into that after I run my half at the end of the month. Damn, those are fast 800s though! Props to you...

  11. Wow! I really need to look into these track workout. Until recently I have always skipped the speed workouts in my training, but the more I do them, the better my time gets. I guess I better put them in my training more often.

  12. I feel so col you tried the Yasso 800s too! You are a speedster. I am glad you decided you like speed work! I like doing 1,000 meter repeats and mile repeats the best!

  13. I was just looking into Yasso 800s this week. Doing 10 of those at goal-marathon pace sounds scary. During this week's track workout we only had to do four 800s (our coach was giving us a breather for a tough workout the week prior).

    I used to hate track, but my times are getting faster by a few seconds, which is rather exciting.

  14. 800s are rude. I'm currently in the "hate" section of my love-hate cycle with the track.

  15. With all of this track work, I see a sub three in your future. Well, you know, because I'm totally a certified coach and can predict things like this.


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