Sunday, April 29, 2012

RoseHiker Part 1

It's ok, hold the press, I am back.  Did I miss anything!?

From my brief reintroduction into the world of media and internet, it appears that I missed relay recaps, announcements of people getting accepted onto Nuun relay teams, and other realllly important stuff of that sort.

Well.  I'm not sure how to jump back into blogging at the moment.  It feels....awkward....I truly had the ADVENTURE of my life these past 8 days and I don't know how to readjust to the mundane life of sleep-run-work-eat-repeat.  I am literally salivating at the idea of moving out of California and figuring out how to make a living at/near a national park.  I had these kind of thoughts when I last visited the Grand Canyon 1.5 years ago, but now it's hitting me more intensely.  I do not want to entertain a life of more days in an office than outside.  I must be outside!!! I need to hike, and run, and skip, and climb, and swim, and bike, and camp, and lay, and sit on rocks.

I know we all feel this way at times, and the convenience of close family/friends and the big city life keeps drawing me back in.  But if I may, I would like to recap some of my adventure here.  I mean it when I say that these next few posts are for "myself" -- I want to remember the story behind the photographs here, despite the fact that they may bore an audience that is here to read about running.   Consider this blog RoseHiker for the week.


Day 0: run in the morning in Oakland, 18 miles.
Day 1: hike 10 miles; various shorter trails.
Day 2: hike 14 miles; Angels Landing, Observation Point.
Day 3: run 7 miles, hike 9-11 miles; West Rim trail.
Day 4: hike/climb 10 miles; Subway canyon route.
Day 5:  hike 10+ miles; Fairyland trail in Bryce Canyon.
Day 6: run 13 miles, hike 3 miles.
Day 7: swim and walk in Vegas.

Day 0 was travel day.  We rented a Nissan Versa from the Las Vegas airport and were off to Zion National Park.

A+ passenger in my cheap Forever 21 sunglasses from 2008.
Day 1: We slowly began immersing ourselves into Zion: talked to a few rangers, took the shuttle tour (no driving allowed in the park except in the winter), and went on several shorter hikes including Emerald Pools, Grotto to the lodge, Riverside walk, etc.

We were there in the 2-week moth nesting season...there were literally hundreds of thousands of caterpillars.  You could not walk in certain areas without stepping on a few with every step.   They would fall from the trees onto your hair/hat or into your food...

Entering the empty park

Suited up for the 90+ degree weather

The shuttle ride takes you about 9 miles up the canyon, with a recorded voice tour that says stuff like "indians wuz here, this river is crazy and will wash out the roads, and don't hike at this trail unless you are cool with possibly dying"

This shuttle-stop included a very short walk to an overlook of this "Court of the Patriarchs."  It becomes quickly apparent in Zion that everything is named after something relating to religion.  A little heavy handed.

The Garmin is in the picture only because it is such a flattering accessory.  I ended up using it on 0 hikes, although I tried to use it on a canyon hike that you will read about later.

The reflection in my eyeglasses is the happy view I was staring at
Next stop was a short hike, infested with children that I frog-leaped over, to a couple pools and a waterfall.

We found out pretty quickly that the Narrows hike (which we had HIGHLY anticipated) was closed due to high waters.  This happens very few weeks of the year.  We begged various rangers to give us some sort of hint or sign that we could hike it at our own risk, or that it might open later in the week.  It never opened, but we got ourselves a canyon hike in a river, no worries.  Later post.


The narrowing walls where the river hike begins

the Gentleman skipping rocks on the Virgin river  
The crowds were very slim this whole week -- and it was National Park Week which meant all the parks were free!  April is a fantastic time to hit these places.

The Gentleman found a real artistic opportunity to photograph me with this abandoned purse
Deeply pondering why the Gentleman was crouched down for this shot.  Turns out there was a cool monolith behind me or something.

I don't want to stretch this out into a long series of posts, but I'm tired and have to get prepared for a work-week so only one day will be summed up here.  The rest of the trip will hopefully be mushed into only one or two more posts.  For a sneak preview of what is to come...

I may have hiked a canyon in an astronaut suit.

Fill me in! Did anyone race while I was away? 
Any suggestions for how I can make a living in Springdale, Utah? (this is the entrance to Zion National Park).


  1. You could take and pass the Utah bar and then open your own practice ...that is only open on MWF :)

    Ta-da! Genius I right?

  2. Oh this is so beautiful there...a couple more years and I can take my kids...!

    no racing this weekend...
    you miss me being sick...I know it is terrible, :) oh and I went to a concert and I saw a legend!
    I am glad you had a great time.!

  3. crazy jealous right now. i need a trip!

  4. I think this is your last day. ENTER THE LOTTERY FOR THE ST. GEORGE MARATHON!!! You can piggyback an extra long weekend vacation for visitng Zion. Do It!!!

    I'm sorry I wasn't very proacitve in sending you an email before your trip. I would have liked to meet you for a brief coffee or cocktail. Maybe in October..

    1. Well, I didn't enter the lottery...and I think the elevation and constant decline would murder me.

      I was in Las Vegas for all of like 8 awake hours, so it would have been near impossible anyway. You better let me know though if you are ever in CA!

  5. Sounds like your trip was amazing!! I can't wait to hear more about it!

  6. Incredible photos. I desperately want to visit Utah and some of the national parks out West but it doesn't look like it will be in the cards for at least another year or so. Our annual vacation budget allows for one family related trip a year, so until my parents move to Utah...

  7. Awesome pictures! Can't wait to see and hear about the rest.

  8. Can't wait to live vicariously through you. I was there last year and loved it and the North Rim Canyon area and I'm not a nature girl. I can't wait to go back. We also volunteered at Best Friends Animal Rescue which isn't too far from Zion. When you were driving did you wonder if everyone in town at at one restaurant? So desolate.

  9. While you were away I got an awesome package of Gu and fuel THANK YOU! I swear one of those protein bars was really a Little Debbie. It was so good. I had it before track today. Yum.
    Next year I'm doing a national parks week visit. Brilliant.

  10. Nice pictures! Since your a lawyer, can you do any kind of advising or consulting for the park? Every business needs a lawyer, and not every lawyer wants to be out in the wilderness. I don't know how you stay in an office all day.... at least I get to take the kids out to recess (and have shorter hours!).

  11. Girlfriend, I am in California and we rented a VERSA too!! Two things about this:

    1) it reminds me of the word "versed" which is a sedative/amnesiac drug that I give to my patients on a daily basis in the trauma ICU

    2) the people at the car rental place first tried to give us some big honkin' ugly giant car, but I refused. They were like "oh it's an upgrade" blah blah....but I didn't want a giant gas guzzling car, so we waited a few minutes until they cleaned the littler Versa for us. Tappan and I affectionately refer to it as the "plastic can", it feels like it could blow over, but it does the job and gets great gas mileage.

    1. The gas mileage WAS amazing. Whacha doing in California!? Bay area perhaps?

  12. Love these photos! Often, I think that if someday I can't (or don't want to) run, I'll take up hiking. It seems to have similar mind clearing benefits, you get to be outside, and you can do it with a group or alone. So glad you had a good time!

    Also, I'm impressed that you ran AT ALL that week. Pls send motivation this way. Thx.


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