Saturday, April 21, 2012

See You Soon

Farewell, sweet internet, I will see you in 8 days!

I'm leaving on vacation (uh....TODAY) and a full week without a word from RoseRunner is a terrible week, so I am stopping in to say please mentally prepare yourself for the loss of one out of the 6,098,832,402,322 things there are to do on the internet next week.  Or you could just browse through the archives to entertain yourself if you are going through withdrawal.

Wait, what--were you thinking that I would go on vacation and have someone do GUEST POSTS while I was gone?? In MY territory?!?  You thought I'd just be like "hey, if you drop by here to read what I have to say, then whether you like it or not today you have to read what this other person has to say"?

Well that's not happening.  Here are some possible reasons why I am not having guest posts this week ahead:
a) guest posts are the stupidest invention in the whole blog world;
b) guest posts are only good when they are rants by people I already like to read on another blog that I already like to read;
c) it didn't occur to me until right now to "maintain" my blog while I was on vacation; or
d) I have no idea who I would ask.   The one time I asked someone if they wanted to do a guest post, I was reeeeejected (I'm looking at you, Pam).

So if you haven't heard, I'm booking it to UTAH, home of beautiful people (go Mormons!), elusive alcohol, everybody's favorite running blogger, and some of the most amazing National Parks (although I think the definition of "National Park" is "amazing").

I don't run very much while on vacation, so I expect maybe two runs, on the shorter side.  Mostly hiking.  Hiking in water.

"The Narrows" Zion National Park.  Sorry for stealing the picture stranger dude.

Before I jet off, I want to mention my future race plan.  Right now I have zero races lined up, but there are a whole bunch that I want to do.  I reaaalllly want to run a marathon, but I'm trying to restrain myself until I really feel like my buttcrease/hip is on the mend.  Half-marathons, on the other hand, are kind of a dime-a-dozen, and the last one I ran didn't bother my body, so sign up I will.

First, I just found out from Page that there is a half-marathon in Pleasanton (where I work!) next Sunday.  How have I not heard of this!?! It is the inaugural race, and I madly want in.  I am giving myself 24 hours to decide whether or not to sign will require me getting up at about 5:30 a.m. the morning after I arrive home from vacation (expected return time is 8:00 p.m. Saturday night).  I could really regret signing up.

Next, when it comes to half-marathons, I am all about convenience.  I reallly don't want to have to get a hotel room, and I really don't want to drive more than 30 minutes the morning of a race.  While scoping out half-marathons in the bay area in the next month or two, the most convenient one is....

See Jane Run.  In early June in Alameda, which is just a 10 minute drive from Oakland.  It starts at a decent time, and is a nice and fairly easy course.  Only problem is, I ran it last year, and I whined up a storm about the bad aspects of the race. 

Me one the left, Katie on the right

Main gripes: too much estrogen-pandering fluff (chocolate and champagne is the theme), terrible crowding at the end of the course and at the finish line area (the line for the coveted chocolate and champagne glass was like 300 deep), and poor organization (the volunteers were sitting down when the front of the pack came by, and weren't giving directions.  I took a wrong turn and lost some time).

Despite all this, I am willing to give it another try because that is just how much I want to run another half marathon and just how lazy I am about driving to a half-marathon that is farther away.  I am also hopeful that they will get rid of the congestion problem when the half meets up with the 5k, and I also think that some real speedsters will show up this year so that I won't have to worry about being in the very front and getting lost.  I could also take a look at the map I guess, WHATEVER.

Other than this race, there is a half-marathon in wine country that a bunch of friends and I are planning on running.  I think in October?   I'd like to be ready for a full marathon by the fall.  In California.  Out of convenience, I'll probably just end up doing CIM again.  Give me recommendations if there is a good northern California one besides CIM for me! (I prefer not San Francisco).

My last thought, for you to ponder until we reconvene, is: what in the world of Carmen Sandiego happened to Jason Mraz? 

The Mr. A-Z I fell for in college
I'm afraid of this one.  He looks like he might talk at me about sustainable cacao and the art of doing yoga while churning your own butter


  1. I would take a vacation out west just to meet HRG...... you should do CIM. I'm thinking about flying across the country (literally, Augusta is right up against the Eastern shore!) and come out there for the fast course. Maybe by that time I will be able to break 3 hours and I can meet RoseRunner!!!

  2. But however will you make money without page views for 8 days? Oh, you're a lawyer? A real job that requires you to do actual work? Now I understand.

    Have a wonderful time in Utah, internet free, and take lots of awesome pictures.

  3. happy vacation to you!!!!
    have fun!

    for races...why not come down here...come on now!
    October 7th

  4. Looks gorgeous. Enjoy your vacation. I'm still reaping the rewards of taking TWO freaking days off last week. Why is it that 2 days off = 4 days of extra work?

  5. I would totally have made an awesome music video featuring chocolate milk and cow chasings…a sort of ranting politicalish statement set to a catchy tune…had I known you might need blog material while away. Bummer. Another brilliant idea that will have to gestate further…

    Have a fabulous trip!

  6. Have a great vaca....and 8 days no blog posting is NBD. and also agree guest bloggers is just weird. the only time i may consider it is if someone i know doesn't have a blog and has something VERY important/funny/freaky/interesting to write about.

  7. First off - have a great vacation. I hope you have perfect hiking weather!

    Secondly - if I could "like" a comment, I would do so to Vanessa's. It made me laugh and roll my eyes simultaneously.

    Thirdly - as I read this post, Jason Mraz is on my TV and I was wondering the same thing about him. He's wearing a t-shirt with a deer on it. A DEER. Do you think he smells like BO or like patchouli?

  8. Just a suggestion if you are going to do the Narrows. I went in Sept and was freeezing in the water (we were there in the morning). In the beginning, it's shaded so not a lot of heat from the sun. Otherwise, it was a really awesome experience. Oh, and wear non skid shoes and grab a walking stick. We also did Angels Landing (well, my husband didn't want to climb to the top for fear of death, but it was a great hike up to that point. Loved the little town of Zion right outside of the Park (and the fro yo right across the street). I was so glad I didn't stay in the park hotel because you are captive. It's a beautiful drive and place to visit. Hope you have a great time.

    1. So bummed, the narrows is closed due to high waters...fingers crossed it opens later this week. Angels landing was phenomenal! Scary but worth it.

    2. You went to the top? Of course you did! Hope the Narrows opens up. Have you seen the mule deer? So cute.

    3. The tippy top! Narrows isn't looking likely, so we did a different slot canyon today to make up for it. Hiking in water, check!

    4. Glad to hear it. Wish I had spent more than a day at Zion - loved it, but we were on the move!Enjoy.

  9. Have a fantastic vacation. And, I'm totally with you on Jason Mraz - he's looking fugly these days.

  10. god you are hilarious. i was in the land of beautiful mormons last week. nothing tastes better than 3.2% beer.

  11. Hahaha I just saw that photo of Mr. Mraz recently and was wondering the same thing...

    I'm so jealous of your vacation! You are going to have such a fun time. Can't wait to hear allll about it!

  12. Enjoy ever last minute of vacay girl!

  13. Zion is awesome. Freaking awesome - I loved it.

    Mraz, as far as I know, is living on a big piece of land in Oceanside (my current town), eating only raw food. He's an interesting cat, that one.

  14. have fun! thanks for not making us suffer through crappy guest posts about what to wear while exercising to pick up a man.

  15. Enjoy Zion! It is awesome there!

    And you should visit Hungry Runner Girl, lol

    And yea, Katie is insanely fast - who is faster between the 2 of you? You both are insane.

    Keep being yourself Roserunner!

  16. rose, love the blog. new follower here!


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