Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey, I can't read my Garmin.  I had to gently edit my last post to simmer down the drama, because the dumb-mean-good-for-nothin' 10k I ran on Monday was not actually completed at a pace slower than goal marathon pace, nor at the same pace as the Tilden Tough Ten.  My Garmin clocked a 6:39 pace for 6.33 miles.  Official pace was 6:47.  Still not cool at all, but it does make me feel slightly better to know my tired legs were only about 25-30 seconds off of where they should be.

XLMIC presented me with an awesome opportunity via a simple email today, which I responded to with a fervent "fuck yes I want in".  The opportunity involved joining forces with her in an application for a running-related contest that I'm sure many of you are already aware of.  One of my only jobs for the application, at the late deadline hour (due tonight), was to send XLMIC pictures of myself as a young'un.

I had to ask my folks to scan me a couple pictures, as I have nothing in my home to prove that I was once under the age of 16.  What I was sent, was, in a word, cute.  Whhhhy, oh why didn't I stay this way?

(title reference: KK was my childhood nickname.  Still answer to it).

This...haha oh goodness.  They don't make toys like this anymore, do they?

Let's all admit it; jealous of the pony bathing suit, the pro floaties, the stiff legs 

I invented the Zooey Deschanel bang

I miss the days when I could play soccer without a sports bra

I'd still wear that

This post was for no other reason than I wanted to correct the errors of the last post, and had a handful of cute photos in my inbox that need some loving.  I'll try never to pull this kind of a wispy post again.


  1. You are too freakn cute!!! See, now you've calm down, it wasn't so bad!!! I would love to rub some speed off of you, just a tiny tiny bit :)

    Oh, my hip is getting a bit better. I went to the chiropractor in palo alto that specializes in sports and she said this is common in women runners, that we have weak hip and glutes. She did some active release therapy that hurt like hell and I'm alot better, still not 100%, but I can get thru a run without having to stop and stretch my butt!

  2. Ha. Nice ponies.

    Good luck with the contest. Can't think of another duo I'd rather see win.

  3. ahhh love the pics..! first one is awesome!!
    I dont know what that contest is but good luck to you and Marjorie!!!

  4. My boys would kill for a big plastic gun like that.

    Keep our fingers crossed. And glad you weren't as slow as you'd feared :)

  5. Well, the picture of you in your soccer outfit has to be one of the most adorable I've ever seen. Even though you look mischievous enough to take someone's ankles off with a well-timed sliding tackle ;)

    I'm glad your race wasn't the disaster you thought it was - how did you come up with the 7:01/mile figure originally? I'd have triple-checked my Garmin as soon as I crossed the line! But I *hate* 10Ks anyway and I'd probably have considered your 'disaster' a good time in my current (lack of) shape speed-wise.

    Best of luck in the contest - if it requires voting I'll obviously be one click of a mouse away (yes, I am old fashioned and still sometimes use a mouse...)


  6. I think I have pictures of myself in practically the same striped top/pink shorts outfit.

    I'm glad you weren't as slow as you thought you were - confidence restored?

  7. Adorable! Why aren't you still a brunette! I assumed you started off blond. Our nickname for Karydis is kk - I knew I liked you for a reason!

    1. Brunette will happen...just enjoying the blond phase. I was brunette for 24 years before trying this out!

  8. How odd. Google blocked your page and said you have content from Shabbyblogs on your site, then warned me you might download malware onto my computer. At the same time, I see you changed your format back to the rose wallpaper. Obviously, I know better than Google and told it to F off.

    I love looking at old photos and trying to see the adult in the child's face. Too stinkin' cute!

    1. whhhaaattt? I never got rid of the rose wallpaper dear. You may have some super-hyper anti-virus program....unless others are having this problem?

  9. do you guys need votes? let me know! I will do it for you 2

  10. Aaaahhhh! So cute! Not that you aren't still cute. Sigh, those were the days.... :)

  11. Hey now! It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised, even if it still isn't the pace you were hoping for.

    Good luck in the contest! (Assume it's the Oiselle one? Let's just say I hope Oiselle chooses some actual grownups to represent their brand ;) )

  12. Loving that first picture with the gun and Superman jammie top. You're a badass!

    Good luck in your contest! Hope you guys win!

  13. Good luck with the contest. I think I had the exact same purple pony swimsuit when I was a kid. :)


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