Monday, July 16, 2012

That's Not My Name

36.8 miles this weekend.  Running long finally feels like it used to, back before I vacationed in Zion, hiked a ton, and came back to find that 16 miles felt like twice that. 

I know this is odd, not normal, but 20 miles is hands down my favorite and most comfortable run.  It has been, for years, for at least 6 years, even though I go through phases (like these last 3 months) where it has felt strenuous and challenging.  I love 20 miles.  It is the perfect distance on a weekend to feel like I TRULY went on a run.  Less than 12 miles, usually a blip in my day.  Go longer, and it becomes an event.  A memorable part of my day. 

On a good 20 miler, I wake up the next day and feel like I can do it again.  No soreness, no fatigue. 

So on Saturday morning, I went for a run while the Gentleman played basketball.  I didn't know how many miles I would run, until I hit about 15 and knew that I didn't feel like stopping anytime soon.  Truth be told, I didn't feel like stopping at mile 20 either, but I wanted to be home before noon, so I stopped at 20 miles.

I ate one peanut butter Gu at mile 12, drank some water, stretched.  Other than that, 20 miles, average pace of 7:42, just under 2 hours 34 minutes.  My buttcrease was disappointingly feeling aggravated, and increasingly so as I sped up closer to to a 7:00 minute pace (i.e. the last 5 miles).   Still not cured.

As my first 20-miler "this season" of what I hope will be a lot of 20-milers before my next marathon, I was happy that it was so comfortable.  It was accidental that it ended up being faster than my average long run, so I'm anticipating what paces I can push when I intend to go on a 20 miler with more effort.

Saturday.  This sweatshirt may or may not have my last name on it.  Just don't go typing it in the comments please :)  Trying to keep my professional reputation separate from the reputation on my whinerunner blog. 

Sunday, I planned to work during the day and run in the afternoon--something I almost never do except for occasionally a short 4 miles or so.  I left at 3:30 p.m. and felt like a brick, even though my breakfast, while large, was finished at 11:00 a.m.  I loathe running in the afternoons.

Since I couldn't handle the stomach anger that was happening while running, I had to change things up.  I headed over to some park stairs next to Lake Merritt and ran up them.  12 times up, 12 times down a hill and around the block (I hate running down stairs).  Hopefully this is good for glute-strengthening, since I'm supposed to be mastering that and all.  And I choose stair-running over squats any day.

All said, 16.8 miles, about 13 of which consisted of me trying to squeeze out a fart.  Just saying, it seemed like it would be the solution to making my stomach feel better.


Happy news: my car is safe and sound.  The police found it in a Target parking lot early Saturday morning.  A few things were noticeably gutted (5 speakers, my sunglasses, a leather-man pocket knife, a mirror...) but many more things were untouched.  Actually, everything was touched, and then thrown back down haphazardly.  So whatever.  No idea what this thief was after, but a $430 towing fee and a $25 car wash (inside and out!) later, it is home and happy.  I REALLY did not expect to get that car back, so I was pretty stunned all day Saturday when I went through the long steps of retrieving it.

Missing speaker # 1

yo yo yo, heads up! Next post will be the first ever RoseRunner GUEST POST from the doctor-running-enthusiast that I often nerd-out with via e-mail.  He has a wealth of knowledge about Olympic running and accomplished American runners and a compelling perspective on these athletes....stay tuned.

What's your happy distance? Any one else joining me by picking 20 miles?


  1. I am so stoked you got your car back!!

    I don't know what my happy distance is anymore. I'm okay with that, I think.

  2. Sooo happy you got your car back! I think my happy distance is 12 miles. 20 just gets boring (probably because I've been running the same damn 20 mile route for 2 years and I'm SICK of running to GGP and back)

  3. I would love to run 20 miles. I would love for it to be my favorite distance. Right now 2 miles is kind of working...I think...if I could run 2 miles to check :P

    And I am reminding you to mind the buttcrease.

  4. Damn!! What an amazing run! That's awesome! My happy place is 14+. Sorry to hear about your stomach issue on Sunday, that's annoying! And yayyyy for getting your car back! Hopefully all of th sentimental items are still there. :)

  5. So glad you got your car back. What a relief, touched or not. And that's no joke mileage. If I ran that back to back my legs would just fall off on the stairs and I'd be stumping around on just hips.
    I love the marathon, but boy do I not love long runs. I honestly have had only a handful of successful long runs - mot 20 milers or above are slow, painful, and boring.

  6. First, I'm really glad that you got your car back. I would have been shocked as well.

    Second, my favorite distance is 10 miles actually. (Though I run it everyday so it's pretty wasn't before). I think once I start getting into marathons I'll really enjoy 20 milers. I've never done one and the longest I've done is 19.

  7. Right now my favorite is about 6 miles. But after reading this entry, I really want to shoot for ten this weekend, and then twenty in a couple weeks. I want 20 to be my favorite running place.

  8. sounds like your car had quite the adventure. love afternoon runs, but they are killing me now that the temps haven't been below 90 degrees in weeks. the 90's i can handle, it's when the mercury starts creeping above 100 is when my skin starts to feel like it's melting off my body. my favorite distance is 12, but now that i think about it i don't know if that's my favorite distance or i just really really like that 12 miler route i do. it's breath taking and winds through some of my favorite secret chicago spots with great views and no tourists or locals.

  9. wow, I can't believe you got your car back, that is awesome!! Crappy you had to pay so much for the tow, but wow!

    I would DIE if I tried to run at 330 in the afternoon. I'd melt into a puddle and never be seen again. I don't even want to think about running 400m at 330, much less 4 miles.

    ...and one day, I hope to say "yah, i just ran 20 miles... because 15 wasn't long enough."

    Since I've never run more than 16 miles (and that was only for Ragnar) i'd say my most favorite distance is 13. I love the half marathon distance. I just started training for my first full, so we'll see how I like the longer distances.

  10. Wow, I'm shocked that you got your car back! I figured it was stolen and was going to be chopped up for parts somewhere in Oakland. Maybe get the car detailed too? Not sure I could sit in a car that I knew someone else had stolen before.

    And that is awesome that 20 miles has become your favorite run distance! I've only ran 20 miles twice in my life (once during training, once on race day lol). Overall I'd say I like 13 miles the best, it is far enough to feel like you accomplished something, but not so far it takes your whole day to do.

  11. 20 milers are hands down my favorite too. i agree, long enough to feel like you did something but not terribly taxing (well, i guess that depends on the pace...).

  12. 10 miles is probably my happy distance. It used to be a run that I could fit in before work in the morning. It was also just the right amount that I could do a "tempo" run with out feeling wiped out for day or two. Congratulations on getting your car back.

  13. YAY CAR!! Glad it made its way back. :)

  14. Wow, what a relief to get the car back! Hope the thieves enjoy your speakers. Jerks.

    It's funny, I did a 22-miler not long before I left Alaska and it felt like a piece of cake... probably because it was like 60*F. Having been spoiled with cooler running temperatures for two years, I'm now acclimating to this drenchingly humid 80*-90+* east coast weather and 20 miles sounds like a death march. Needless to say, I'm getting my butt kicked. Every run over two hours feels pretty special right now!

  15. eeeeeek, you are still having butt crease probs? sorry to hear. luckily mine went away... took a solid 2 months though and major backing off of training. hopefully yours will evaporate into thin air soon too!

  16. Dang! My longest run is 17 miles! Then again I haven't had much time or flexibility to run that much mileage. Still, you are AWESOME. And what a good pace!! I just love you. You know that? :)
    Also I am glad you got your car back!
    And did you say you ran 16.8 miles the next day?? Whaaat! I hope i'm confused cuz then you REALLY would be crazy ;)
    Love you Rose <3

  17. That is awesome (and crazy) about your car. I'm guessing that it doesn't happen too often.

    I think my happy distance is about 10 miles - but I don't run marathons and the longest I've ever gone is 16 miles. So maybe one day 20 will be my happy place. (though i doubt it :)

  18. Oh my gosh the car is back!! I love that I'm catching up on all of this all at once. I went from being so bummed for you to being so happy in a span of a half hour!! Yay!!

  19. I'm glad you got your car back but...doesn't it feel like a post rape victim?


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