Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rainbow Runner

The following important things have been happening.

1) July 20th was national lollipop day.  I didn't know.  See's Candy built a 7,000 pound lollipop--in the Bay Area!  I also didn't know.   Too bad it is chocolate flavored, because if it was butterscotch, I would have hired a crane and discreetly stolen it for my personal usage as a lifetime supply.


I could handle that.

2) My niece turned One! This really makes me realize that I have been blogging for a long time, because I remember when my niece was born and I was putting her cute newborn face up on the blog. much more mature than a 10 month old

It was a hot day in Napa, perfect for her first (of probably many) water-themed birthday.  Being a July baby and all.

Newsflash: her face is still cute.

And I wore the same dress to her birthday that I wore to her baby shower, if anyone recognizes my dress.  If you are a celebrity, it might sound gross to hear this...but...I re-wear all of my clothes.

Birthday Song.

All photos courtesy of my sister-in-law, Crystal

3) Running: some easy longer runs on the weekend, and several failed attempts to do speed work this week.

I cannot do speed workouts if I haven't slept well.  And I haven't.  Various things have been going on that have kept my mind buzzing at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. 

I have one solution for getting a speedier session in this week.  I'm trying to get a free entry for the San Francisco Marathon's "second" half-marathon, since I recently learned that they waive the fee for women who have run a sub-1:30 half marathon.  I missed the deadline to apply for a free entry, wish I had known about this...if anyone knows who I can contact, let me know! The race is this Sunday.

4)  Kari (Hi!) spotted something for me this week that reminded me to get pumped for CIM.  It is a video, made by CIM, from last years race.  I'm huffing and puffing into the finishers chute, at about the 2:33 mark of the video at this link.

The clip juxtaposes my finish with the woman who WON the race, which is hilarious, because the film cut kind of makes it seem like I crossed the finish line shortly after the woman who ran a 2:30.  Nice.

I was looking at the CIM registration page recently, and noticing that I had a few days remaining until the registration fee changed from $105 to $125.

Then I looked at the scale for fees.  If you are a super early bird, registering 9 months before the race, you pay $85 (which really is a great deal for a large--and one of the best--marathons).   If you are a late bird and register 2 months before the race (is that really even late!?), you pay $145.  $60 dollar difference! That's no joke.

I have never, ever registered for a race more than 2 months before the race.  I have registered for many races the day before, or the morning of.

What this means is that:
a) I will probably never run a race that requires super early registration (Boston, Big Sur, New York, and these days, the Napa Marathon); and
b) I will always pay more for races than people who can apparently see into their future and know whether they will be injured and/or interested in running a marathon in 9 months.  Who are you people??

5) I don't receive flowers very often...and when I do, I go overboard by taking 3,000 pictures of them.  I LOVE flowers.  And to state the obvious, I love roses.

But this....this was beyond my wildest imagination.

This is for real.  Roses that transported here from an '80's music video.

Blooming!  I have to figure out how to make this my new blog wallpaper ;)

I'll share who sent them, and why I received them, soon enough.  My lips are sealed for the time being.

I brought one to work.

I hope the rest of your your week is like rainbow flowers. 


  1. Seriously. Pulling the trigger nearly a year in advance baffles my mind. I don't get people who know what their life looks like that far in advance.

    On the other hand, sweet roses!

  2. wow those roses!
    I have never seen any like that before...and they are REAL? do you know their name

    I have over 100 rose plants in my garden. Crazy I know but I also love them.

    I am one of those people who register early to save $ and also takes the risk of not being able to be at the starting line. I dont run marathons so it is always just for half marathons. I am thinking about a marathon but I will not register early for that I need to be sure I can do it first...well I should say sure I can do the training for it.

  3. I also don't register too early either but I will attempt to get into Boston though....I think I can register on 9/17 based on my qualifying time. Those flowers are neat! And the second pic of your niece is just adorable, lol.

  4. Oh, those roses are just gorgeous. If someone sent me those (hah, in my dreams) they would own my soul forever. I can't wait to hear about the story behind them if you do post it.

    Roses are a bit of an obsession of mine - I'd be such a cheap girlfriend (not in that way :P) because all I'd ever want in terms of flowers would be a single rose each year.

    I always enter early for races, unless they're small local ones with a correspondingly cheap entry fee. Which is a big gamble, considering my record with injury.


  5. I'm one of those people who like to plan for races way in advance. Half the fun for me is the anticipation. I've been registered for the Twin Cities marathon for ages. How annoying am I?

    Have you been stressed? I never sleep well when I have too much on my mind. Last night I had terrible insomnia and ended up watching She's The One at midnight. In high school I remember thinking it was an awesome hip it's not. It's a terrible movie with bad acting.

  6. I always sign up early - I'm a sucker for those early discounts. I've registered for RnR New Orleans for $40 in the past! For a full marathon!

  7. Those roses were obviously taken off the top of a ridiculously sweet bakery sheet cake. I'm sure I have a picture of my birthday party in 1991 with similar flowers. And now I want sheet cake.

    Also, what did See's do with the lollipop? Was it edible? I don't know that I want to think about people licking the same lollipop, so I'm imagining chainsaws and chunks of lollipop for all!

  8. I try to sign up early enough not to have to pay the most expensive fee, but I usually miss the boat on the super "cheap" registration fee.

    Your niece is adorable - I love the look on her face in that second picture.

  9. Sweet Roses! I had to check out the video. you look great considering you just ran a crazy fast marathon. I hope you are able to wiggle your way into this weekends race. Maybe you should tell them you are super cool blogger and you will write a race recap and review.

    I can't believe how much race fees have increased in the last 5-6 years. I was a big fan of registering for the race at the expo. In 2005 I registered for the Las Vegas Marathon at the expo and paid $90.00. Now that RNR has taken over this event costs almost twice as much. When did running become such an expensive sport?

  10. LISA FRANK FLOWERS! I need those in my life. They are amazing.

    I have decided to quit doing races with inflated fees (I'm looking at you, Rock n' Roll races). I'd much rather do a smaller race where they actually care about the participants. We are a little spoiled here in New England - lots of small town races with very reasonable fees. Example - I think we are going to a 10-miler tomorrow night in RI - and the on-site sign up fee is $35. The marathon I'm running in October was only $70. And we are probably going to do a half in September that is $45. And these races tend to have a better feel, in my opinion. We did a 15K in the spring where they have 30 different kinds of homemade soup afterwards (it was really cold) and homemade zucchini and banana bread. I'll take that any day over a 'bling' medal.

    It seems like RnR has bought out so many races that people think it's totally normal to pay over $100 for a HALF. I now realize it isn't normal at all. Especially to run their shitty courses!

  11. I tend to sign up stupidly early for races, then forget I signed up for them until the last minute.

    Those roses are amazing. I feel like I'm high just looking at them.

  12. Wow those are the coolest flowers I've ever seen. HA at Rose above me. I'm the same way about speedwork and running in general. I physically cannot run quickly or decently if I have not had enough sleep.

  13. Those roses are amazing -- best ones I've ever seen.

  14. I signed up for CIM a couple of months ago. It will be my first marathon so I signed up to have a reason to train for it. I used to sign up for races way ahead of time but I recently spent a month or so with an injury so I'm going to wait from now on unless it's something I have to train for specifically.

  15. I am so with you on the early registration / sell-out stuff. I can't commit to what I want to do tomorrow, let alone a few months from now. Plus like...what if something more fun comes up?

    It didn't used to be like that. Oh well. I hope SF works out! Alyssa may be able to direct you to the right person.

    Very mysterious you won't reveal the source of those amazing roses. I suspect they are from Robert Pattenson who is still reeling from his breakup with Kristen Stewart. Go for it, girl.

  16. Random note - I love that dress you wore to your niece's birthday! Its really cute!

  17. I'm torn on registering early. On one hand, I hate paying more when I KNOW how much cheaper the race was before. On the other hand, I hate feeling committed to things so far away. And I tend to forget and they sneak up on me and then I'm woefully unprepared.

    I'll be in SF this weekened!

    Your niece is super cute. I adore cute babies.

  18. I'm frugal as hell and so in theory would like to sign up early, but I also break easily, so I've recently decided that $90 on a race I run is better than $60 on a race I don't run. We'll see how that works out for me.

  19. Such cool roses! Your niece is a super cutie! And I have ideas for where you can pretty safely do your tempo work outside. Call me maybe.

  20. sweetest roses ever! I can't wait to hear about them

  21. Those roses may quite possibly be, the most amazing things I have ever seen.

    Loved seeing you in the video! What are those things they throw over you at the end? I thought you looked super pissed that someone was trying to cloak you. hehe.

    And Gemma's so cute! But you knew that already.

  22. I want that f*cking lollipop. I WANT IT. anyways, I wear the same pair of shorts all the time. When I become a celebrity (real housewives of Denver), then I'd care. For now...I'll walk around smelly.


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