Monday, September 3, 2012

Climbing Back Up

Happy long weekend if you were lucky, let's review last week in running shall we!?

After not running Monday-through-Wednesday due to post-Dirt Inspires trail run angry quads, I still ended up with 60-something miles for the week due to a run-heavy Thursday-through-Sunday.

Thursday: 15.8 miles a.m., 4 miles p.m.
Friday: 13.7
Saturday: 21
Sunday: 12

Details? Sure.

I ran just under 16 miles Thursday morning, in my first attempt at waking up earlier and pushing my morning runs a little farther to build mileage.  Felt great, about a 7:45 pace, except my buttcrease pain was a little angry.  I will never understand why one day I feel completely whole, and then the next day I feel injured.  

Friday I finally visited the track again in, I don't know, a month.

I didn't know where to start with my return to the track.  400 repeats? 800's? Miles? Tempo? It's intimidating, because I know that I worked hard to build up my speed earlier this year when I first started visiting the track.  It's also intimidating because....obviously....when you are at the track, you are hitting lung-burning speeds.  Some days when the alarm goes off, the idea of running hard makes me want to gag and cuddle harder with my blanket.

On the other hand, I am excited to climb back up via kicking it at the track.  I know the results actually arrive quickly--I could tell the difference in my leg turnover after only about 3 track visits earlier this year.  I keep reminding myself: so what if it is harder right now? So what if I run slower splits than I have in the past?  I'm still working.  Climbing back up.

I decided to run 5x1 mile.  I love mile repeats because they mean less repeats.  I would rather do five 1-miles than ten 400m's, even though I know I am running way farther with the five 1-miles.  Brain trickery.

The results weren't terrible....everything felt right except my legs felt a little stiff--not used to moving fast on the track.

6:09; 6:12; 6:05; 6:17; 6:33

The first 3 were done on the track (faster), the last 2 were done while running home from the track (slower, lots of wind, careful sidewalk winding).

Saturday, I booked a long run, not anything too exciting to share about it.  21 miles that included a couple laps around Lake Merritt and some climbing into the Oakland hills.  I thought about it, and if I knew how to upload my Garmin information to look at the elevation climbed, some of my tried-and-true Oakland runs probably have elevation gain similar to any given tough trail run.  The obstacle is shitty drivers instead of roots and mud.

I ate 2 Luna bars right before the run, and some dried cherries throughout.  Somewhere along the past year, my stomach seriously toughened up.  I used to only be able to eat pretzels or a banana before a run. Now, anything seems to go!

Sunday, I was starting to feel the heaviness of running four days in a row (I usually, but not always, take a day off after 3 consecutive days of running).  I was craving a run anyway, and ran 12 miles that were sweatily tough, by throwing in 12 stair repeats on some stairs near Lake Merritt.  I can't say how many stairs there are, but usually by the last few steps I am begging to be done.

I think the glute strengthening is actually, finally, happening and maybe working.  My buttcrease/hip pain may be improving.  I've been wrong before...

ugh, that was too much writing about running.  so bored, let's talk about something else.

*****My Super Awesome Oakland Weekend*****

My plug for Oakland, land of purple mountain majesty, where the hipsters are taking over and police are laid off even though we need 3,000 more of them.

I had a memorable, wonderful, only-in-Oakland Saturday night.  Michelin-star restaurant (snob alert) Commis, followed by my freaking favorite band at the freaking best music venue in the whole wide world.  I could do this night over, and over, and over, until I had $0 in the bank, which would actually happen very quickly.

The mood:

I suited up in a Target dress, darkened hair, and a sports bra chafe line from my 21 miler.  The thing with me and hair is, I always imagine changing it is going to be "the thing!" that makes me the prettiest version of me.  And then I hate it and move on to the next thing.

The food:

or is it food?

This was an egg yolk in onion soup with balsamic and steel cut oats and....heaven

There were seven courses

and 7,000 flower petals

The music:

Yeasayer.  I can't describe music.  You fall in love with whatever moves you, and Yeasayer has topped my list for 3+ years now.  They always have a spot in my race ipod playlist.  If you want a list of their best songs to start with, to make your runs 10x more fun, seriously please ask.  I could talk Yeasayer all day.

I know, this is about 0.000000003% as cool as being there

Even in this sea of people, Chris Keating only had eyes for me, I could tell ;)

And finally, in miscellaneous thoughts:

  • I heard from multiple sources that while the Nuun blog chatter was mild, that's because people were vomiting Nuun all over Twitter.  Sucks to be on twitter.
  • Thank you for all of your thoughtful advice on whether I should run the St. George marathon this October.  The majority of you advised against it, and while I think some may overestimate how many eggs I am putting in the CIM basket (I will be more than fine if it is not a perfect race), I am probably not going to run St. George.  The cheapest plane flight I could find was $400.  
  • How do I get out of a parking ticket that I received on the labor day holiday? I assumed parking was not enforced on holidays.  I even looked it up online for the San Francisco parking, and misread that it was not enforced (turns out it was street cleaning or something stupid that is not enforced).  


  1. What a fun night! I'm jealous! I think your hair color continues to look amazing by the way.

    I thought parking rules were not enforced on holidays as well... Damn city!!

  2. I used to get sports bra chafing in that spot all the time. Now I always wear my sports bras inside out. The seams won't scratch you up. Yeasayer reminds me of Depeche Mode, pretty cool sounds.

  3. I like that dress, looks good!
    I have been reuniting myself with track workouts the past 6 weeks, and I agree that they give you results really quickly. Also, there is a special and wonderful kind of tired I feel from a track workout that I do not get from long runs on the road.
    I also get horrible sports bra chafing and am constantly trying out new brands to try and minimize that. The things we must battle with...

  4. COMMIS. I really have nothing else useful to say except that I love that restaurant so much, and as such I am jealous of your meal.

    1. I love that you can go to Commis any season and have a completely different meal! I will have to go back, even if it means using some $ that would have gone to a race registration...

  5. I really dont think I would ever say this but...Oakland sounds fun! LOL

    1. I've lived in San Francisco and Napa, two very loved NorCal cities, but Oakland is where its at! (when idiots aren't busy rioting downtown or killing people....yeah, that's a pretty big drawback I guess....)

  6. Love your blog and your intuitive approach to training! I am also a big fan of mile repeats.

  7. OMG, yay I LOOOVEE yeasayer. Try Deer Tick. :) You are welcome.

    1. Will totally be trying out Deer Tick tonight, I trust your judgment since you LOOOVEE yeasayer :)

  8. You are so pretty. Anyways-I'm glad you are building back mileage and going to the track. I totally understand about injuries being obnoxious. My foot issues have been very hit and miss lately. Every other day my body decides that it is going to not work for a few days and then go back to being frustrating HA.

  9. It's greT you got in 60+ miles even though your quads were wrecked. Love that darker hair color On you too

  10. that chafe was the pefect accessory to your hawt combo. ;)
    I do love the look. I would never have guessed Target, but I know nothing of fashion, anyway.
    Dinner + well-chosen concert = heaven. Made me want to plan a similar night, stat.
    Hope you're right about your pain decreasing. That would be awesome!!

  11. I would really really recommend Health on the Run's "The Core" workout for your glute/hamstring strengthening endeavour. The sumo squats are particularly good if you might have any ab/adductor involvement in the strain you are rehabbing. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I love that there are pictures so I know what the hell a dead lift is really supposed to look like. I may try an abbreviated version of is similar moves to ones I used to do with a Jillian Michael's video, and my running suffered because my legs felt so heavy, so after about 3 months I quit...

  12. Shut your mouth you look great, I think the hair change is bold and a good look. You're giving me the scary, holy shit I'm not training enough feeling. Which is good because it means I'm going to get out and do half the work you did last week and feel better about myself. First up, 10 miles tonight. I said it outloud so now this means I need to do it (even if it's snail pace).

    1. It's confirmed, you must run 10 miles tonight!

    2. And then life sucked and 10 turned to 2. F!!! I'm not going to stress, I'm going to stretch, fix my f'd up heel and NOT run with my stubborn dog. I can be so dedicated to running some weeks and the others are just filled with epic fail.

  13. I love it when you go to fancy restaurants...and I love how at fancy restaurants you forget everything they serve you cause it's not in english or any other human language cause sh*t is so fancy. And I think your target has different sh*t from mine cause I never see the dresses you wear. Also, come to denver and we'll rock out at a concert.


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