Sunday, September 30, 2012

Locked Out

I'm feeling pretty boring and restrained in my blogging lately.   It's not as easy to write whatever I want without worrying about the reaction as it was when I first started.  I'm getting the vibe from people in my personal life that the internet sucks, you have to be careful what you make public, you should be boring and neutral.

First, I complained/joked about something personal on Facebook, and was warned by a number of people that despite the fact I can control my privacy settings and technically nobody should be able to see what I write if I don't want them to see it, that it was a risky move.  But I complain/joke in real life, so I don't really see the harm in acting like myself on the internet.....?

Second, the Gentleman said something that made me LOL that basically made fun of what he has perceived from the running blog world.  I asked if I could repeat it on the blog, and permission was deeeee-nied.  Judgment by strangers isn't his bag.  And I want to share bags with him.

So I'm feeling like there's a big basket of sensitivity out there and thus, bland posts only for sale.  Here's my bland recap of my days since my last post.

Sunday: 0
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: 13.7
Thursday: 12.7
Friday: 0
Saturday: 20.2 a.m., 4.5 p.m. (what!?!?)
Sunday: 0 (but 10+ miles of walking, for a very good reason, below)
[Total: 51.1 miles ran, 10 walked]

Possibly my lowest milage week of the year.  (I just checked, I had a 50 mile week in August, that was likely when my calf was bothering me.  The second runner up was a 61 mile week).  Not what I want while trying to whip into marathon goal shape, but given that at many points this week I dramatically decided that I wouldn't be running the marathon at all, 51 miles is a pleasure.

Saturday was whatever the 2012 word for "the bomb" is.  It was great.  I woke up at 7:00 a.m., checked myself, and decided that YES I definitely wanted to join trail and ultra runner extraordinaire Aron on a 35k trail run in Tilden Regional Park.  (35k = just under 22 miles).

Photo of part of the Tilden trails we ran, swiped from XLMIC's blog

This is something I had wanted to do for a while, but I held off because I wasn't sure whether my body or weekend plans would permit.

After the Dirt Inspires trial half-marathon, I knew I wanted to run another trail race to strengthen my quads, glutes, fear of mountain lions and poison oak, etc.  Plus, when you live in the Bay Area, you kind of reach a point where you have to admit that not taking advantage of the access to hundreds of beautiful trails makes you a moron.

I think I had originally imagined myself running the thing hard, to trash my legs and give them a good hard challenging workout.  The decision to run it purely for a good time was spontaneous and unplanned.  I started out running with Aron, who was beginning to pack on the miles for a 44+ mile weekend for herself, and within 3 miles realized I had no intention of trying to dominate the trails, or run ahead without Aron.  Why?  To be nice to my hip; to not get lost (Aron knows these trails backwards and forwards, and carried a map); to keep the great company; and to properly learn what to eat at the rest stops ;)

We missed a rest stop so didn't find one until somewhere past mile 9, at which point I was hungry and thirsty and hot.  The wise Aron taught me well.  I went for a boiled potato dipped in salt, and some fizzy cold Coke.  Oh my gosh, THIS is why people love trail running! So much more awesome than sprinting past some volunteers while grabbing a dixie cup of sloshing water that mostly lands on your shirt.  I also took some Clif shot-blocks and munched on my merry way.

The course was a bit confusing, and some vandalism led to a missed loop which is why we ended up with 20.2 miles instead of 21.7 (35k).  After 3.5 hours on my feet, in the heat, with some serious climbs, I was okay with the early finish ;) wink wink wink wink wink.  No more emoticons, promise.

The extra 4.5 miles that evening was an easy, flat, lake run with the Gentleman after he came home from work.  24+ miles in one day during a week when I am complaining of hip pain? Not wise you say? Yeah, I know.  But no exaggeration, the best my body felt all week was during the 20 miles of trails.

We watched Looper that evening.  I had a serious panic attack at about two scenes.  Movie is intense, and has some scenes that visually disturbed me enough that I now have new nightmare material for years.  But it was TIMELESSLY good. Geeeeeez, it's been a while since I left a theatre feeling so impressed by a script and acting.  JGL rocked the house, nothing surprising about that.  And it IS about time traveling, so let some of your logic take a nap.

JGL covered in make-up

Sunday wasn't supposed to be zero miles, but fate intervened in the form of us locking ourselves out of our apartment at 10:00 a.m. on our way out to brunch.

It was a slow motion disaster, where as I was shutting the door behind us, the Gentleman cried "nooooooooo" (slow mo) and I watched the door close after us.  First time in 4.5 years living together that this has happened....I usually ask "you got keys?" before closing the door.

Luckily, we had one wallet and one phone to work with (why be mysterious, it was his wallet and his phone because I hate carrying stuff and left the house empty-handed).  So we ate this amazing brunch at Flora while using Sherlock Holmes' skills to track down our landlord's phone number (we usually only email him) and beg him to let us in.

Fresh donuts....chocolate sauce, jam.



The landlord's response?  "mmm.  Maybe I can let you in at 4:30 this afternoon."  Shhhiiiiit.

So we moseyed around Oakland and Berkeley for 6 hours, 10+ miles, one slurpee, one Gatorade, one coconut water, one purchased bottle of sunscreen, and many "our landlord is a dick" before finally getting word from our landlord that he would indeed help us out.  We were let in just before 5:00.

I was toast from the sun, so a run wasn't in the cards.  And I always check with fortune teller cards before deciding whether to run or not.


  1. You crack me up. I love the way that you write. Almost like I am really inside of your head (i.e. "Many "our landlord is a dick" before finally... HA!).

    Sorry that you feel like you have to censor. Boo! I love when you don't!

  2. Oh wow, 5 pm? At the very least you had great company with you. I think after 3 hours out of my house I would have been tempted to find a park bench to nap on.

    I hear you on the blog restraint feelings. There have been many times where I've had things I've wanted to type, actually typed the whole thing out, then deleted for fear of repercussions. My family, my sponsor, my old coaches read my blog so I refrain from writing things that I think they'll frown upon. Being nice and professional can be boring though!!

    I've never seen people dip donuts in anything other than milk. I'm going to remember that chocolate sauce for next week (post marathon binge time!)

  3. I agree with the blogging thing. I love reading blogs like yours but it's kinda been really boring for me to write lately. A lot of people with running blogs and 'healthy living blogs' are just strange and obsessive. I'm curious to what the gentleman said I'm sure he's right.

  4. I think you are right to "censor" your personality online, although I hate to say that because your blog posts are always very entertaining, especially the snarky ones. Kris L. used the word professional and that seems right, too, unfortunately: adapt the same bland, slightly robotic veneer you would in the workplace. Bummer. I would be less worried about pissing off the blogging world (people who want to be offended will always find something to be offended about!) and more worried about the fact that anything you say can and will be used against you in the professional world.

    Well that was depressing. Let's change the subject: how cool that you got to run with Aron! I am jealous of your trail running options in CA.

  5. I like the metaphorical connotations of the post title, as well as its literal meaning. Oh crap, I've been working on my thesis for too long and have started analysing my favourite blogs :P

    I know what you mean about not wanting to be controversial any more (I just can't seem to stop myself though) yet feeling a bit of a fraud by posting 'safe' things. It just isn't the same, is it? I posted about something quite similar, only without the gorgeous trail running aspect!

  6. Too bad that you are feeling restrained, but I totally get it. I notice that I lose on average about 10 followers when I state my opinion. However, I do really enjoy your opinions, so please don't get boring on us, okay?

  7. Hey way to be yourself and be honest. I feel restricted too but then I just wrote a post on Sex and Chocolate...trying to branch out of pretending to be something I am not on the net...we will see how that goes...hang in there and shrug off the restraints!

    1. Interesting one....I've thought about how odd it is that we never refer to our sexy lives on blogs, even though for most of us it's a significant part of our lives....I worry that people who know me in real life would cringe. If you can pull it off, kudos!

  8. Seriously, such a fun morning running with you - so glad it worked out! ANYTIME you want to go wander the hills, you know where to find me :)

  9. I just read Aron`s story and discovered your blog (and love it). I also had no idea they served potatoes at races, sounds so, so much better than the stuff you get at regular road races. Just yesterday we got half of a wrapped, extremely sticky granola bar. Yum. And no water, because they were out.
    You did great, I could never run that much with hip problems!
    And your landlords ... well, don`t seem like they`d get out of their way to help. Next time go back to asking "got the keys?".

  10. Your posts are fun, thought provoking, and most important: they are honest. You are not rude or disrespectful or mean. It's sad, and annoying, that strangers have the power to jump into your space and dictate your expressions. The only issue I see across the board with electronic communications with human beings, whether its a blog or Facebook or email or text etc etc, is that too often emotions and facial expression and tone (all those intricate pieces of human communication) are lost or up for (mis)interpretation. I just hope you do not stop being and feeling free on your blog!!!!!!!

    1. You totally get it! The is tiring.

  11. First, your blog is one of the few that keeps me completely entertained and sucked in the entire post. I love how honest you are and I'm so glad I found it.

    I'm sad for you about it being your lowest mileage week but damn at that Saturday run. Holy schmee!

  12. Those donuts. Jesus. It's just rude to post those pictures.

    And I hate the slow-motion FUUUUUUUUUUUU....!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Who gives a shit what people think?

    Write whatchalike.

    Awesome on the trail run. Sucks abt the keys/landlord.

  14. Hmm...awesome to hear you had no hip pain even with 20 miles on Saturday. I have a hunch that the trail is a more cushioned surface for you and that is why you felt so good. Sometimes (when I have the time to drive to a trail head) I will do recovery miles on trails and I do feel that it is much better on my joints and muscles. Maybe you should see if you can add in some more regular trail miles?

  15. I love this post! Even though you are keeping it PC for possible prying eyes. Oh, and except for the part about you getting locked out, which sucks, but I loved the way you recounted the events that followed. Those donuts look amazing, and so does Looper which I really really want to see. I just had a feeling when I saw the trailer that it was gonna be good so I'm glad you confirmed.

    And um a salty potato and coke on a run? Now that sounds like my idea of exercise!


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