Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Likeliest of Things

For the early part of last week, I paid some good attention to the foam roller that I stole from XLMIC months and months ago (literally, I've "borrowed" it since early March) and the likeliest of things happened: my body was happy with some extra miles.

I comfortably fit in several double days this week.  I swear my body completely forgets that it ran within 5 hours, so I can run before work and after work, with the after work run feeling fresh and fine.

By the time Friday was over, I had already hit about 65 miles for the week, and knew I would likely run another 20+ on Saturday, and so I thought....100 mile week? Maybe? Why not!

And then the likeliest of things happened.

On Saturday I was too tired for my weekend long run, and so I only made it 11 miles.  (I did run a few more miles later that day to try on a new pair of shoes I purchased that afternoon, the Nike Air Pegasus 29, I'll try to talk more about this on another post).  But overall, I was bummed that I gave up my weekend LONG run, which I so enjoy, just to get some useless extra miles in during the weekday evenings.  They definitely caught up to me, even if I felt fine as I was running them.

And then Sunday came and I couldn't run at all.  A little "niggle," as the elites call it, on my right hip (my good hip) caused me to take the day off.  I'll take my usually Monday off as well, and hope that the niggle was just a niggle and that it goes away.

Week in Summary:

Monday:         0
Tuesday:        12.3 a.m.,  10 p.m  (8.5 in one hour, staring at oysters)
Wednesday:   13.3 a.m.,   7 p.m.
Thursday:      11.4  (track workout, below)
Friday:           10.8 a.m.,  4 p.m.
Saturday:       11.2 a.m.,  5.7 p.m.
Sunday:         0
[total: 85.7]

Check it.

Thursday was a track visit.  I thought it would be unsuccessful because of tired legs, but happily I bumped my way up from 5x800m to 8x800m within just two weeks by set of 11x400m.   Even though I remarked that 400m repeats feel easy because they are done so quickly, they do seem to be the magic piece that helps all other track workouts improve.

2:56; 2:54; 2:53; 2:55; 2:54; 2:55; 2:55; 2:57.

Sweet.  This means I can run 4/5 of a marathon in two hours and 55 minutes, right Mr. Yasso?

As my milage died while the week progressed, so did my Garmin Forerunner 305.  It won't start on its own ever now.  I have to do a "hard power start" each time or whatever it's called where I press like four buttons at once and hold them down for 3 long seconds.  Has it run it's course?  It's a few months shy of 2 years old.


This morning we went to our friends' housewarming party-slash-baby shower.  Their awesome new craftsman home is in Alameda, the new hippest of hip cities to live in, and the baby shower games were actually kind of cool.

My cute dress and cute headband which I failed to fully capture.  It is a ribbon with multi-colored buttons on it that was used on an Anthropologie gift bag.  I now use it as an accessory cause I'm just SO CRAZY. 

Deceptive: she was actually only pregnant with one baby, not 30 babies.

I checked out the new home and gave it my most enthusiastic approval

Baby shower games: draw the baby on a paper plate on your head.

The Gentleman's

I also got to decorate this onesie.  The Gentleman made fun of me for my overuse of the word "button"

I celebrated having to take the day off of running Sunday by eating everything during the baby brunch party.  Why do I seem to eat the most junk on days I don't run? Anyone else?  I think being active actually regulates my cravings/blood sugar or something, because I usually don't need a croissant AND a cupcake AND two muffins AND two slices of blueberry bread AND a biscuit (etc. etc. you get the idea) at 11:00 a.m.  But then again, I guess I'm not usually at baby showers with awesome food spreads at 11:00 a.m.

....Seriously, "niggle"? There must be a better word to describe a minor running concern that requires just a day or two off.


  1. Ahh I love reading your blog. Too bad my life is crazy busy and I never read blogs until I post.. which seems super selfish but isn't meant to be.
    Anyway, you are getting so fast, girlfriend! And look at that mileage! With TWO rest days? I don't know how you do it! :) Still, I am proud of you!!
    Also I love the brown hair on you. You are adorable.
    Anddd I totally agree that exercise somehow makes your body not want crappy food! Idk what it is!

  2. Running definitely has an effect on appetite - people seem to fall into two camps of either being ravenous when they run or having their cravings blunted when it comes to food (particularly with sugar?) I'm on the fence a bit I suppose, as I tend to think I have earned food by running, but at the same time I eat WAY more when I don't run, mostly because running is my anti-depressant and the only other mood lifter I have is food. But at the same time I am convinced I'm truly hungry - often it takes starting to run to make me realise that if I'd eaten something I'd actually be fit to burst. I wish I knew why that was.

    I hope the niggle is indeed just a niggle. I always have random hip pains and issues since I had stress fractures there, and I was warned I'd probably get phantom pains for the rest of my life, so I'm constantly on anxiety alert worrying that one of the pains is 'real.'

    Good God, those back to back 20+ mile days are impressive. Never mind the 100 mile week - I think your mileage on the days you did run is more spectacular.

  3. I hope that niggle is nothing serious. 9/10 it will go away. Don't rush to get back like I always do. Take 2-3 days off if you need to. You have plenty of time! Honestly your legs ran some heavy doubles this week so the long run is not completely necessary. The first training cycle I ran higher mileage I only did 2 long runs. You are so fit right now, you got this.

    I've noticed I eat healthier on days I work out too. I never thought about the blood sugar thing but it makes sense. Also I eat a ton when I don't work out. Too much time on my hands and I walk through the kitchen 100 times a day. It's embarrassing.

    Your baby onesie decorating skills kill me. Start selling those on etsy ;)

  4. I wanted to swing by and see how your buttcrease is doing. My right one healed up back in May, but in the past few weeks my left one started to bother me. I have done more research into and and think it is actually sciatica. or the beginnings of. Anyway , I had it worked on, and the sciatic nerve released and that seemed to nip it! My last couple of posts are about it and have some links. But I really think this was/is my issue... and many runners are being misdiagnosed.

    I hope you won the paper plate drawing! Cute dress too!

  5. hope the niggle goes away. What a funny word and yeah I have heard some elites/elite coaches using it. Strange.

    That track workout is impressive. Great work. 2 days off and 8= miles? Le us not even pretend that you wouldn't easily hit 100m. Your training this week was awesome.

  6. Hehehe I totally thought that she was having 30 babies!

  7. Sorry to hear your hip is hurting! I have been dealing with PF in my right heel for a while, but refuse to rest it for more than 1-2 days at a time! This weekend I got hit with bad allergies and slogged through a horrid run yesterday, but decided to take a rest day today as I wait anxiously for allegra to do its magic...

  8. I too am in the camp of eating more on days off. I think it is too basic reasons. One when I run/workout I don't feel like eating as much. Two running kills time so you aren't stuck in the house with nothing to do but like Kris said walk through the kitchen a million times and eat something. I eat partly out of boredom.

  9. I eat like a crazy person on the days I don't run too. I hope your niggle goes away! Way to dominate your week of running!!

  10. I have been eating too much in general, with the rationalization that all of the running I'm doing counterbalances the caloric intake. The bad part is that it's almost all excess sugar and junk, not the nutritious fuel that my body actually needs. My first step is to stop gorging on the giant tub of chocolate covered raisins at work.

    Hope your niggle goes away soon!

  11. Oh no not a niggle! A day of rest is probably all you need.
    I too am a voracious eater of junk on my off days. Maybe it's calorie catch up.
    I was faithful Pegasus wearer for years. I'm curious to hear what you think about the 29.

    1. Was a faithful wearer? Did you find something better!?

  12. The Husband can't stand the word "niggle". Haven't come up with a decent alternative yet, though...
    This very day, I was contemplating how/why I eat like a moron on rest days. Sitting here, with a bellyache, understanding exactly what you mean.
    I'm impressed that your wisdom overpowered your desire for a 100-mile week. Way to listen to your tired body!

  13. And I'd be careful using a word like 'niggle' in converstion in Oakland. I agree with Kristen…some big doubles = not entirely necessary for a long run. You'll get a ball-buster of a long run this Saturday anyway :P And I'll bet you're super glad you did such an awesome shave job…maybe you knew ahead of time about the paper plate drawing game.

  14. You are so stinkin cute in your baby shower attire!

    Sorry about the hip... I hope it's feeling better.

    I just started an exercise class where we use a foam roller thingy to warm up with. I don't know if it's the same thing as yours, but I have to say it does help me when the old achin muscles are sore.


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