Sunday, January 6, 2013

3849 Miles is Probably a Lie

Ok, FINE.  Fine.  Here are some stats about my 2012 in running.

(All are approximate, this is based on my math with numbers I wrote down in a Day-by-Day Calendar Log).

Total Miles: 3849 (What!?!?)**

**this number is confusing because it appears as though for the first half of the year, I was including "hiked" miles in my weekly miles total.  Then for the second half of the year, I was excluding "hiked" miles.  To be more precise I might subtract somewhere between 100-150 miles from this, to make my total miles "run" more like 3700.

**compare to 2011, total miles were 3162.  I definitely don't feel like I ran more this year than in years past....and I took time off on multiple occasions this year due to running pains.  I'm not sure how 2012 ended up significantly higher.  I'm going to go ahead and blame you.

Average miles per day: 10.55
Total number of days run: 259
Days not run: 106
Average days off per week: 2
Average miles per days that I ran: 14.29 (based on 3700 miles for the year)

Miles hiked:  204
Miles swam: 30ish?

Highest Mileage Week: 94
Lowest Mileage Week: 40 (excluding weeks completely off).

In conclusion, looking back on 2012 with a very introspective and analyzing eye, I run a lot and mostly go on long runs.  I like hiking too.

Speaking of hiking, for New Years Eve weekend and my birthday (haha, made you not wish me a happy birthday last week.  That's cool though because nobody cares about your birthday), we went up to the Northern coasts of California to a sleepy little beach town called Gualala.

California won't quit being gorgeous

Checking out the Gualala river where it meets the Ocean

Turns out I am an amazing photographer

Turns out the Gentleman tries to copy my photographing skills

We celebrated the weekend by walking around nature and beaches.  Van Damme state park and Salt Point state park.  I can't wait to go camping somewhere up here next summer.  Here is evidence that you will want to as well.

I was chasing a fairy

He was guarding the hobbit forest

Obviously, I found that fairy, and then turned into one

These are campsites.  Can you imagine waking up to these creepy beautiful trees!? I need to try it.

This meadow became a marsh and we had to turn around once our socks were soaked
 The only place to run here was up highway 1, which is dangerous as heck.  So despite the fact that I embrace running as the best way to learn about a new city/town while on "vacation," I saved my energy for two delicious hikes.

Literally, delicious.  We parked ourselves on a log for 3 cheeses, a jar of olives and jelly, a log of pepperoni, and crackers.

Since returning, the only notable runs to speak of are a 12 miler with 7.5 at "goal marathon pace" (between 6:45 and 7:05) and a 21 miler where I ran medium hard (just below a sprint) for the first quarter mile of each mile.  You better believe that by mile 19, it was damn near impossible to get below a 7:00 minute mile pace for that quarter mile burst of speed.  But it was a really fun way to mix some speed into a long run, and I'll take credit for inventing an awesome workout.

If there is one thing that 2012 wants you to know, it is this, and listen carefully because I know you will just brush this off.

Hide your wife, hide your kids, then get in your van and stop in the population 147 town of Valley Ford, California.  Park here.

And buy this.

Homemade beef jerky.  You AREN'T listening to me, you need to eat this stuff.  It is the best.  The best jerky ever known to man.  The flavors just melted...oh man.  It is good.


  1. Well, I care about your birthday :P So Happy belated one.

    Our mileages are quite similar for 2012...although all of my miles will be about 1 minute per mile slower than yours (at least) ;)

  2. (Jean Claude) Van Damme state park, plus home made jerky. A lady after my own heart.

    1. Nice! We made lots of Claude jokes too

  3. 1) holy shit, 3,849 miles. I'm not sure I've even driven that much this year.
    2) California is beautiful.
    3) based on the grease soaking through the bag, that jerky is incredible.

  4. That is a ton and that hiking intimidates me. I think I would enjoy hiking if it wasn't so darn cold. It's so much harder to hike with 3 feet of snow on the ground. Can I just move to the West Coast LOL? I can't wait to see where 2013 takes you! :-)

  5. OMG. Homemade jerky!!
    Is Gualala near Mendocino? Because it looks a lot like Mendocino. My bf and I went up there 2 years ago and it was SO great. That campsite looks phenomenal.

    I can't believe you ran 3700+ miles. And here I am, just trying to get to 1000. Awesome job...and HBD, btw. :)

  6. Reading about all that running has pooped me out. Gualalalala looked lovely and fairy fun. May your 2013 be marvelous as you are....

  7. Can we please go camping together this summer? Please?? Your pictures are making me crave some outdoors time.

  8. I tried to give you an awesome present, but you skipped town. Now i want to go to the fairy forest, too. My cousin used to live in Gualala. We used to visit and catch frogs and climb trees. Then he accidentally burned their house down while playing with matches. He was about 6. It was a beautiful place and fun even for kids.

  9. I really dig the idea of going at a tough pace for the first quarter mile of every mile on a long run. I'm going to give this a try during my next one. Thanks!

  10. I am dying at the idea of homemade beef jerky. I love my veggies but I'm a carnivore when I run higher mileage.

    I'm so impressed with your daily average of over 10 miles. That is really amazing! I run high mileage maybe a quarter of the year but I have a hard time believing I average more than 7-8 for the entire year. Nice work!

    I like that you and the Mr. hike. I always have these grand ideas that we will do that but it's happened maybe twice in 12 years.

  11. I use a really sophisticated training tracker, too.

    I love the footprints on the into-the-forest path. Very magical-looking.


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