Monday, January 14, 2013

An Uhmazing Journey

It's Bachelor season!! You know what that means.  That means it is time for an amazing journey.  A perFACT date.  A strategically placed, "I think I'm starting to maybe fall in love with you."  A girl with a secret boyfriend back home.  A girl who didn't learn from seasons past that you should never be the one to tell the Bachelor that his front runner "is a completely different person around the house."  A guy who works out with his shirt off at the beginning of every episode.  A lingering close-up on the sexy stub of the one-armed girl.

Ah, I didn't know it was possible to love a show, yet love to mock it so hard.

Speaking of champagne and schmoozing...(admittedly dumb segue, owning it)

We went to the Gentleman's "holiday" work event this weekend (so brilliant that they do it when all the venues are open and people's schedules are more open).  We take photos of the four times/year that we put pretty clothes on.

Take One
Take "really capture the Orange Blanket"
The event was at the "Olympic Club" in San Francisco, which I think has a $1,000,000 initiation fee (guesstimate)--OR you have to know important people--OR you have to be a great athlete.  A great athlete I am not, but one of the lead partners at the Gentleman's workplace has bonded with me over our marathon geekdom, and he seems to think he can work me into the grand "Olympic Club."  It was the champagne talking.  But I'm going to entertain that dream for a few weeks and act like it might happen.  An exclusive indoor track! They fly you out to the Big Marathons on the east coast! Wow.

As for the rest of the night, there was a badass magician just "mingling" with people (so cheesy but SO good).  And then the food....I truly don't understand how people restrain themselves at buffets.  I love buffets.  I believe in going back for a second plate, but based on my first plate, you would never know it.

Stuff underneath you don't even know about.

Meanwhile my darling husband acts logically and tries "a little of everything" on his first round.

Now I know this doesn't look appetizing, but the lump of yellow was possibly my favorite thing in 2013.  If you have ever had rum cake, it is just like the rum-flavored cream in the middle of the cake.  And you can just eat it by the spoonful.....yes yes yes.

Oh sweet, beautiful, filthy crowded San Francisco.  There's nothing like leaving a glamorous ball on a Saturday night in a little dress when it's 40 degrees, and then cramming onto a BART train with 12,098,384 people who are leaving a 49er game, and then the BART train stopping due to a servicing issue for 45 minutes.

I have so much BART rage.  This seems to happen at least one out of every three times I travel on it.  Major case of claustrophobia when those things stop running and everyone's body is crammed up together waiting for the train to start while more people keep pressing in.

This is 100% normal for rush hour

If BART could be summed up in one expression

I'll share one remarkable piece on running.

I ran 20 miles on Sunday (wait--ahem--it was 19.88 miles.  Bet all you neurotic/OCD runners would have run the extra 45 seconds to make it 20.  I love landing odd numbers much more than perfect ones).

Okay so I ran 19+ miles, and just like last weekend, I made up a workout that would incorporate a little but of hard work and speed into my long run.

Spontaneous non-plan plan: try to hit goal marathon pace or faster at miles 5, 10, 15, and 20.


Mile 5: 6:22
Mile 10: 6:18
Mile 14: 6:05
Mile 18: 6:37

So, I went way, way faster than goal marathon pace, and I got really bored in between miles waiting for the fast miles, so I skipped ahead and did miles 14 and 18 instead of 15 and 20.

Mile 14 was extra fast because I happened to be running by a high school, so I popped in to run 6 laps around the track.

Mile 18 was a little slower was mile freaking 18, and because it was mostly downhill and running really fast downhill freaks me out.

Last but not least, I was so sad to learn that Claire Danes and I actually do not share thin straight drab hair like I thought we did.

Thin hair champion

Interrogation thin hair

It turns out she actually has bombshell hair.

You WIN Claire Danes


  1. So much great stuff going on in this post! First of all, someone worked on Claire's hair for a long time to get it to do that. Yours could, too, if you had a Hair Team. Second, the Gentleman's expression...I just want to hug him and say, 'there, there, little bunny." And lastly, I belong to the Olympic Club!

    Just kidding. hahahahhahahaaha!

  2. AND just to make everyone feel even worse, she (Claire Danes) had a baby a month ago.

    Whenever I see a buffet I seem to black out for a bit and then come to with, like, 20 empty plates in front of me. I blame evolution.

  3. The girls on the bachelor make me want to poke my eyes out. Nice long run... No pain? Love that you just throw in a 6:05 - no big deal:)

  4. Hahah....Claire Danes' hair was AMAZING, it was the best thing on the Golden Globes! Along with Jennifer Garner. I love Jennifer Garner.

    No Bachelor-ing here but SO much love for the Biggest Loser.

    I would be SO excited for you if you became a member of the Olympic Club!!! It always looks fabulous! But the thing that made me laugh most was you doing 19.88 miles.I would totally have run that extra .12 miles. I admire you hugely for having the self control and confidence not to have to do that!!

  5. Daaaaang girl, you fancy.

    Other side comments: BART continues to disgust me and always will. Don't touch the hand rails! Oh and Claire Danes, why are you so gorgeous? Even with all that fake hair?!

  6. My roommate and I have so much fun watching the Bachelor and mocking it, but still loving it.

    The BART looks like my everyday commute in NYC :( Don't ever move here...

    The Olympic Club sounds amazing.

  7. Gosh I love [mocking] the show too. But I don't have TV so I'm always watching it on Hulu a day too late. ALAS, we shall mock together!

  8. I think Claire Danes has major "thickening" extensions in. You, too, could have them if you want to spend hundreds (or maybe thousands) of dollars on them. Uh- no way!

  9. Ah The Bachelor. I am so so pleased that I now have something to do on Monday nights.

    Re: Claire Danes hair (to echo what everyone else is saying) - you KNOW that shit is fake fake fake. Us mere mortals do not have hair like that.

  10. That holiday party did indeed look uhmazing!! And you know that's probably fake hair on Claire Danes' head. Everything in Hollywood is fake - have you not learned that yet??

  11. Haha and I just read the previous comments and everyone seems to agree about her fake hair. Love it.


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